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You need to stop this WIPE thing so often on the official servers. WIPE should be at most once a year. Haven't you noticed that whenever an update is announced, the official servers are empty? This is because players who spend hours and hours on DAYZ, building their loot, doing their builds, get discouraged. You need to support the players who play DAYZ the most. Only casual gamers like to WIPE enjoy watching hardcore gamers lose all their progress. It's very disheartening to play a game that every 4 months, erases all your progress. Also, 5 updates a year, don't you think that's a lot? Let's do TWO major updates a year which is already good. Small fixes do it by hot fix. You discourage players with so many updates and the consequent expectation of WIPE for each one.


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Wipes are what makes this game fresh again and im looking foward to the next one so i can get back into it again.

Im not sure what you mean by Hardcore and Casual gamers, 4 Months is a EXTREMLY long amount of time to get geared on DayZ and if thats too hard for you then your doing it wrong.

Me and my group of 4 can go anywhere in basically 1 day or 2 and find enough gear to raid someone, give us about a week and we can kit a base - im curious to know how your playstyle differs because we don't kill people for our gear (no one is findable, but server is populated).

Actually i find the mini hotfixes to be a glory moment considering the game is getting content/fixes on a regular, if your complaining about that then your just nitpicking.

If a Mod is reading - do you know when the next Wipe is or do i need to watch the web?

SPOQSI added a subscriber: SPOQSI.Jan 12 2022, 9:45 PM

angelomonteiro1981, Dear, I would like to see as many updates as possible, so that there would be more changes to the gameplay that the developers have conceived. You haven't played RUST and haven't seen WIPE updates every week. There are no problems with this, please do not write this. Because of you, we have been playing for 10 years with a bunch of bugs, because you are waiting for updates TWICE a year

Ron added a subscriber: Ron.Jan 12 2022, 9:53 PM

I agree with SPOQSI.

You talk about GOING BACK to the Dayz. This is a casual player. Only someone like you, who doesn't play Dayz every day, waits for the cleanup to see regular players' progress get lost. In no game do you lose your progress every 3 or 4 months, only in Dayz. Ask players who spend a lot of hours in Dayz, building their loot, building and organizing their bases, if they want to WIPE?

Updates can be done over longer periods, big updates, not small updates every two or three months. With the announcement of a new update, the servers are immediately empty. Who's going to spend a month playing, only to lose all their progress the next? The problem itself is not in the update, but in the expectation that it generates in the community, that with it will come the WIPE. Nobody wants to lose their progress. We recently got into a big battle with a big clan. We took over the huge base of that clan. Do you know what happened? They won't start again now. They will wait for the 1.16 update, because along with it, will possibly come the WIPE. It happens to many, many. Wait for the official announcement of 1.16 and watch the official servers empty.

Dear, this is the problem of the players themselves, who leave after the destruction of the base. I would generally remove the ability to raid the base for everyone and leave only scroll locks. I've been playing Dayz since Arma 2 Mod to this day, so you're wrong about that. I don’t expect a wipe from the word at all, but it is technically necessary for the servers and the game itself.

Wipe is needed regularly because bases are easy to build and not so easy to raid, or they get raided and much is left for despawning. Same with loot piles. Once all this stack up on a populated server even series X players like me will feel abnormal lag around certain big bases (abandoned or active).

I play Rust [weekly wipes] since i started the game, i also played DayZ for like 40 hours a week when lockdowns was a thing and not once did i cry because a wipe was coming - i enjoyed the fresh start because who knows what can happen.

If you can't stand a wipe every 3/6 months go play community.

Wipes are what makes this game fresh again.
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