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Mar 24 2022, 10:43 AM (45 w, 6 d)

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Dec 14 2022

Perivision added a comment to T167694: Stealth attack on infected results in getting thrown the air (1.19 Experimental).

We're still getting reports on these, sometimes with only teleports, sometimes the players are clipped into/under the map.

Dec 14 2022, 9:23 AM · DayZ

Dec 1 2022

Perivision added a comment to T156746: 1.11.153721 - ScriptCallQueue.CallLater on server stops calling function at correct interval after ~4.5 hours.

Timer and CallLater have pros and cons. Switching to Timer is just workaround. Personally preferring fix already very good described issue.

Dec 1 2022, 9:24 AM · DayZ Modding, DayZ

Oct 10 2022

Perivision created T168127: Missing wall textures in Kopa Prison (Livonia, Version 1.19.155361).
Oct 10 2022, 4:53 PM · DayZ
Perivision created T168126: Player gets stuck between train wagons at train crashes (Version 1.19.155361, Livonia).
Oct 10 2022, 4:34 PM · DayZ

Jun 15 2022

Perivision added a comment to T165284: HUD parts still show when HUD Disabled Experimental Version 1.18.154845.

Hi, quick addition to this one. The issue is exacerbated by being in an environment that triggers a popup like, for example standing in a tree of bush. In those cases the popup just travels with the player view.
I've attached a short clip illustrating the issue.

Jun 15 2022, 2:19 PM · DayZ