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May 9 2016

Jan_Ka added a comment to T60414: [Feature request] Select underslung grenade launcher via menu / key (not via fire mode selection).

Let's see how this can function:

  1. Weapon Cycle (let's say the traditional F key)
    • switches between Weapons (From Carbine, to GL and back)
    • Should the Pistol be also included in this Selection Cycle? So -> Carbine -> GL - Pistol -> Carbine and so on?
  1. Safety Cycle (maybe tapping F twice)
    • Switches between Firing Modes and Safety
    • Carbine with Semi, Burst and Full is cycled as Semi -> Burst -> Full - SAFE
    • Should the Selection reverse then? Because you would rotate the Selector Switch in the other Direction SAFE (from first cycle) -> Full -> Burst -> Semi -> Burst (and so on)
    • Tapping the Key is already bound but there should also a Shortcut for setting SAFE for obvious reasons Pressing the Shortcut again would return to the last chosen Safety Mode

Maybe Safety and Firing Mode should always be treated separately because there are some weapons that do not have a switchable safety but two or more Firing Modes. Like the Glock 18 (No Switchable Safety but two Firing Modes)
This would mean there would be an additional Button for Safety (like the "Switch to Handgun" Command)

  1. Safety Cycle (on Grenade Launchers)
    • Using the Safety Cycle on a GL Weapon should cycle through available Grenades HE -> Smoke -> HE
    • Should Cycling through instantly start the Switching Animations?
    • Maybe a Good Idea would be that you have to "acknowledge" all Weapon Switches with pressing the Firing Button. Maybe also accommodate the "Lower Weapon" Animation. So if you switch Weapons you always end up with an "Lowered Weapon".
May 9 2016, 9:43 PM · Arma 3
Jan_Ka added a comment to T59889: Sound does not switch to USB headphones while game is running.

Replicateable with an Logitech G35 on Windows 8 64bit.

May 9 2016, 7:17 PM · Arma 3
Jan_Ka edited Steps To Reproduce on T59450: Primary Weapon put on Back first when switching to Backup Weapon.
May 9 2016, 6:56 PM · Arma 3
Jan_Ka added a comment to T59222: [Feature request] Really need a running vault.


Of Course there well be a Mod for almost anything that is nice and cool like it was with ARMA and ARMA2.

The Problem is - and I don't think that Steam Workshop changes anything at this - that many Servers will not use them or they rely on other Mods that you do not want.

Like ShackTacs Little Bird Enhancements do not function without ace.
Or much simpler - try to figure out which Version of JSRS & CBA a Server allows with nothing more than the Signature Shown in die Game Browser. :)

May 9 2016, 6:44 PM · Arma 3
Jan_Ka added a comment to T59222: [Feature request] Really need a running vault.

There should something like a Dive Roll for Infantry. Although there should be multiple Animations for multiple Gear Settings.

You simply can't roll over your Backpack most of the Time but in most cases it would be sufficient that you could "jump" into cover.
So instead of having to stop (halt) to drop to the floor, if a Player is running the Model would make a small leap forward and switch over to the prone state.

Without an Backpack you could make a classic Dive Roll which get's you over hip height obstacles and puts you into High Stance again which allows for running again.

A Good source of inspiration could be the ShackTac Bunnyhop Module (

About scaling Buildings: It is quite easy to climb a Wall with even a 40kg Backpack. This is a common training exercise with many Military Forces. All you need is a fast pace and your main foot pressed against the Wall in the right moment to lift your self enough to catch at least the edge of the obstruction.

But this should also lead to implementation of helping each other up and down on an obstruction.

May 9 2016, 6:44 PM · Arma 3
Jan_Ka added a comment to T59036: AI will not use proper weapons to engage vehicles (small arms not effective).

The AI should "understand" the Situation it is forced into if confronted to an enemy with such an Vehicle (or any vehicle it's fire is ineffective against).

It is okay that it tries to damage the vehicle in the first place (if for distraction only) but it should decide to either switch to higher caliber weapons / explosives or retreat if nothing can be done about it.

May 9 2016, 4:16 PM · Arma 3
Jan_Ka added a comment to T58874: MH-9/AH-9 low speed.

According to Wiki ( or

  • they should at least make 250km/h if not more since this seems to be the Littlebirds successor.
May 9 2016, 4:04 PM · Arma 3
Jan_Ka added a comment to T58529: Left CTRL Key in Helicopter always changes View.

I do not see how this relates to my issue.

My "Collective up" Control is bound to the >>Left<< CTRL Key - although my "Right ALT" is bound to "Freelook" I do not see why the Engine should not be able to tell them apart.

I would totally understand if it was the other way round -> pressing "Freelook" would cause the Helicopter to decrease it's Collective but that does not happen.

The only Combination I can think of is that the Engine understands "Right ALT" (ALTGR) as only "Left CTRL" - but it does recognize either keys with their respective Names when I set them to the Commands.
But from a Programmers View this must not mean much since the Code Parts could be wildly separated.

I do not know how the Engine handles Input but it seems that they use a CASE Structure (or a Cascaded IF / Jagged IF)to differentiate between the Keys pressed and "Freelook" is simply "above" the "Collective down" Command.

This assumes that "Right ALT" is understood as "Left CTRL + ALT" but not treated as a single Key Press (the Engine instead recognizes only "Left CTRL" as the valid Key, "ALT" being only a Modification). I have to test this because pressing "Left CTRL" and "ALT" at the same Time and moving the Mouse should then lead to the same Issue / Behaviour.

But maybe that is what you meant in the first place :)

EDIT: Right ALT (ALTGR) does not behave the same as Left Ctrl + Alt

May 9 2016, 3:19 PM · Arma 3
Jan_Ka edited Steps To Reproduce on T58529: Left CTRL Key in Helicopter always changes View.
May 9 2016, 3:19 PM · Arma 3