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Left CTRL Key in Helicopter always changes View
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It is not Possible to assign a Command to Left Control and Use the Mouse at the Same Time while in a Cockpit / flying a Helicopter

If for example, you choose to assign Left CTRL to "Collective down" you cannot steer while pressing the Key. ARMA moves your View around the Cockpit instead.


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Bind "Collective Down" in Helicopter Controls to Left CTRL, Take off and try to steer while pressing Left CTRL.

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A German Keyboard Layout is used


Bug appears only while in 1st person view (cockpit)

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It's a known issue in other (old) games!
In other simple words, to make users able to use the right ALT key (ALTGR) the CTRL key overlaps with ALT key in some combinations (ALT GR is usually "seen" as CTRL+ALT)

I do not see how this relates to my issue.

My "Collective up" Control is bound to the >>Left<< CTRL Key - although my "Right ALT" is bound to "Freelook" I do not see why the Engine should not be able to tell them apart.

I would totally understand if it was the other way round -> pressing "Freelook" would cause the Helicopter to decrease it's Collective but that does not happen.

The only Combination I can think of is that the Engine understands "Right ALT" (ALTGR) as only "Left CTRL" - but it does recognize either keys with their respective Names when I set them to the Commands.
But from a Programmers View this must not mean much since the Code Parts could be wildly separated.

I do not know how the Engine handles Input but it seems that they use a CASE Structure (or a Cascaded IF / Jagged IF)to differentiate between the Keys pressed and "Freelook" is simply "above" the "Collective down" Command.

This assumes that "Right ALT" is understood as "Left CTRL + ALT" but not treated as a single Key Press (the Engine instead recognizes only "Left CTRL" as the valid Key, "ALT" being only a Modification). I have to test this because pressing "Left CTRL" and "ALT" at the same Time and moving the Mouse should then lead to the same Issue / Behaviour.

But maybe that is what you meant in the first place :)

EDIT: Right ALT (ALTGR) does not behave the same as Left Ctrl + Alt

wok added a comment.Mar 25 2013, 9:28 PM

I discovered the same issue today while remapping my "collective lower" to LCTRL, it's impossible to land in 1st person with the mouse like this, because you can't turn. Holding LCTRL in 1st person in a heli and moving the mouse change views, and I couldn't find a way to prevent that.

I have the exact same issue using a razer blackwidow keyboard.

Happens to me all the time when communicating via TS, very very annoying. I don't think you can even set up this feature to another key binding too....

Very weird issue. I have it too. View changes with ctrl+mouse movement.
Seems like ctrl is hardbound to some change-view function, same issue as with the E key which is hardbound to "fast forward".

Something is wrong with these helicopter controls.

SgtFlo added a subscriber: SgtFlo.May 7 2016, 10:29 AM

Same on my PC. Really frustating problem. In 1st view it's impossible to land. Please fix this problem! The "collective down" on left ctrl is the best keybind for helicopter control in my opinion. (In Arma 2 it's working fine)

Having the same issue as well. Left CTRL bound as lower collective causes player point of view to shift over in the direction of mouse movement when held down and mouse moved at same time.

Zacho added a subscriber: Zacho.May 7 2016, 10:29 AM

Same here, hope it gets fixed soon.

not already fixed????????

ChuWie added a subscriber: ChuWie.May 7 2016, 10:29 AM

Please fix Bohemia!