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AI will not use proper weapons to engage vehicles (small arms not effective)
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AI will use small arms fire against lightly armored vehicles, and will continue doing so without effect. They do not use effective force.
I understand this is designed to be a multiplayer mission, and in that situation, I'm sure the squad would be much more effective, but I expect the AI act as they normally would.
Either small arms fire should be more effective against the target or the AI should use more appropriate force against that target.
It'd be nice if we were able to tell a unit to switch weapons/fire modes to help with this as well.


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Start the Escape mission as a LAN game, play as squad leader, wait for the enemy technical. All units will use small arms fire against the technical which continues un-deterred.

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The AI should "understand" the Situation it is forced into if confronted to an enemy with such an Vehicle (or any vehicle it's fire is ineffective against).

It is okay that it tries to damage the vehicle in the first place (if for distraction only) but it should decide to either switch to higher caliber weapons / explosives or retreat if nothing can be done about it.

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If AI has an AT weapon, GL, or other heavy weapons, they should switch from small arms and engage vehicle. Once threat has been neutralized they should switch back to small arms.

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KooZ added a comment.Mar 25 2014, 1:04 PM

Having AI gunners in the HMG sometimes screws you up. This just happenned 5 minutes ago.

I'm in a hill driving towards a enemy base in order to attack it, as soon as I reach the top of the hill, my gunner starts spraying the .50 . I quickly change seats to see what he was shooting at only to see a Kamysh on the other end of the scope... It pointed at me and I tried to go back to driver's seat and move away but it was too late... Wilson doomed us.