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[Feature request] Select underslung grenade launcher via menu / key (not via fire mode selection)
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I haven't read much on the reception of the hand grenade key, but I personally like it. It's one less item to cycle through on the Fire Select key.

I'd like to see this go further and have the Grenade Launcher/etc... removed as well to a separate secondary weapons key/scroll menu.


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Jan_Ka added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 1:08 PM

Let's see how this can function:

  1. Weapon Cycle (let's say the traditional F key)
    • switches between Weapons (From Carbine, to GL and back)
    • Should the Pistol be also included in this Selection Cycle? So -> Carbine -> GL - Pistol -> Carbine and so on?
  1. Safety Cycle (maybe tapping F twice)
    • Switches between Firing Modes and Safety
    • Carbine with Semi, Burst and Full is cycled as Semi -> Burst -> Full - SAFE
    • Should the Selection reverse then? Because you would rotate the Selector Switch in the other Direction SAFE (from first cycle) -> Full -> Burst -> Semi -> Burst (and so on)
    • Tapping the Key is already bound but there should also a Shortcut for setting SAFE for obvious reasons Pressing the Shortcut again would return to the last chosen Safety Mode

Maybe Safety and Firing Mode should always be treated separately because there are some weapons that do not have a switchable safety but two or more Firing Modes. Like the Glock 18 (No Switchable Safety but two Firing Modes)
This would mean there would be an additional Button for Safety (like the "Switch to Handgun" Command)

  1. Safety Cycle (on Grenade Launchers)
    • Using the Safety Cycle on a GL Weapon should cycle through available Grenades HE -> Smoke -> HE
    • Should Cycling through instantly start the Switching Animations?
    • Maybe a Good Idea would be that you have to "acknowledge" all Weapon Switches with pressing the Firing Button. Maybe also accommodate the "Lower Weapon" Animation. So if you switch Weapons you always end up with an "Lowered Weapon".
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keats added a comment.Mar 11 2013, 6:27 AM

While I love the new grenade physics and the lack of animation-lock, the "shoulder-mounted grenade cannon" is a bit unrealistic. As for weapon switching and safety, I like the A2 implementation (could actually be an ACE feature, now that I think about it):

  • F cycles through everything, but you really only use it for fire modes.
  • Shift+number (Shift+1) brings up the corresponding weapon (1 is primary, 2 is secondary/back (usually for AT or grenade launcher), 3 and 4 are frag and smoke grenades, I believe). It's a lot easier to use Shift+num in game, rather than frantically pressing F until you get the right weapon/firemode.
  • Shift+~ is safe, which would toggle back to the last selected firemode (currently in A2 it doesn't)

That eliminates a lot of mouse/button clicks, and doesn't accidentally ND anybody. :p

P.S. I feel ok with the current sidearm selection (add-action), but it could definitely have a Shift+num shortcut.

Varick added a subscriber: Varick.May 7 2016, 11:24 AM

Yes I like that feature in ACE. I used it a lot once I learned about it. The Problem was that switching weapons still effected your fire select. In my research to see if someone made a mod to change this is when I learned it was in ACEmod. They talked about how they tried to change it, but due to the way it was programmed all they could do was offer the number key solution as a work around.

I use semi more often than burst/auto. I'm not sure if switching weapons reset it to a default fire mode upon re-equipping, or if it was switching to the next mode during the process. It's just every time I had to switch between weapons, etc... the gun was never in the mode I wanted.

Well I brought it up here figuring if BI didn't want to fully address this, they might make it more workable for the modding community. (I'll have to have find where I read about ACE working around the issue in A2) Something like fire Select seems like it's something that should be apart of the foundation of the game and not need a mod it address.

Using the Shift+numbers would be expanded if say when you select things like GL or handgrenades, etc.., continuing to hit them switched between the types you had. Does it already do that? I'm starting to confuse myself. It just seems like something as foundational as this should be in the game and not need to be addressed in a mod.

keats added a comment.Mar 11 2013, 6:34 PM

That's an issue with default fire mode I think. Some weapons have it set for auto, others for semi. I also mostly use semi, and have to cycle through sometimes. I believe that when you switch to a weapon with shift+num it selected the default fire mode, but I'm not 100% certain of that.

It doesn't already do the shift+num type toggle (to my knowledge), but I agree. Could it also hypothetically be used for fire modes?

e.g. (Unit has one main weapon, AT launcher, one smoke grenade, and one frag grenade)

Shift+1 > selects main weapon with default firemode (in this example, semi). Pressing shift+1 again (or pressing F once) would cycle to the other firemode(s).

Pressing F (or Shift+2) would then select the AT launcher and trigger the relevant animation. I'm not sure how it would work with grenades (not being able to cycle grenade types easily is a pain), but in my perfect arma3 world shift+3 would switch to your main grenade (frag), and pressing it would cycle through other grenade types. I guess shift+4 would be utility (chemlights, SLAMs and other explosives).

I like it they way it is:

  • F cycles through semi-full-gl (or full-semi-gl)
  • Weaponswitches through mousewheel + middle mousebutton (so you can't accidential shoot somebody!)
  • If you want a safemode, get your freaking finger off the trigger!!!
  • The only thing I would really like to see is, if you're holding the F key, it should quickly switch to your pistol, maybe even dropping your primary weapon and yourself (backwards, to "pistol-prone-plus-ctrl-w") on the ground like a panic button in close quarters so you don't have to put yourself through the "primary-weapon-on-back"-animation to pull out your life insurance.
keats added a comment.Mar 11 2013, 7:11 PM

That would be interesting. There's another bug/feature request on the tracker about changing the weapon drop/switch animations to represent soldiers using 2 point / 1 point slings, since those are commonly used nowadays. That would be a lot easier than the somewhat-outdated "sling weapon on the shoulder" animation.

Agreed. Can be found here:

Also, I opened a request for the "Panic Button":

Cleaned up and removed the part about "safe" fire mode, as it has been requested elsewhere. In future, please make a new ticket for each bug report / feature request. :)

I have to say, I'd much prefer it if firemode was bound to the weapon and not the soldier.

Often I've expected to fire on full auto only to find that the firemode had been reset after I used my binoculars...

I'd also prefer a separate button for the underslung GL.

idea: 0006204

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Hanz added a comment.May 23 2013, 2:09 PM

This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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