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Sound does not switch to USB headphones while game is running
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As the title already indicates the sound output does not switch to the USB headphones if you plug them in while the game is already running. You have to start the game with 'em already pluged in or restart.


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I know it's a minor feature but it would be nice -comfortable- if this would be somehow possible and if it is not an "engine breaking" feature.

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Replicateable with an Logitech G35 on Windows 8 64bit.

This has to do with how windows handles sound devices as far as I know. I have never had a game that I could switch to a different soundcard/device without restarting the game.

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That's likely not a problem with the game but your PC.

Go to your control panel sounds & hardware > find your device & set it to your USB headphones by default.

This is a limitation of Windows and how the game people make the game. Most games will not do this properly, unless they do not bind to windows default. Most games bind to whatever windows default is during launch. If they do that, there is no way to change what the output is that is being used while the game is running.

Thing is the most games, programmes and applications i know have this feature. It is clearly not a problem Windows invokes. Windows and ArmA1-3 can handle the usage of different than default output devices. And yes, i could switch the usb headset to default while the game is running -via alt+tab- but i have to switch it back when i terminate the programme etc. Hence i declared it as a "feature" (severity below low), hence comfortable. Im inclined to belive that this, lets call it "auto-switch function while the application is running"-feature, must be defined within in the application rather by windows. You can count the games, programmes and applications which cannot do this.
This tiny want from me is just a want not a need, and i declared it as such; since i do not play with headphones/headsets by default. It would be nice if more people would realize this difference and stop slagging everything they come across and is not their 'want' etc.

Yep, this could be possible, as the OP says, it works with other games and apps.

I dunno, this also is an issue that frustrates me, but not just with ARMA, same goes for TS, so agreed it is somehow bound to windows, and not the games fault. Sorry, have to down vote


Sheamus, if it frustrates you, upvote it. Have a look at Skype - there it works.

doesnt work with anything =/ like seriously, I have never had an app or game that auto selected the audio device i plug in. I have to restart the program or manually set default adio device in sound panel, even tried after reading that, and still found it not true. I honestly think it's windows at fault.

But fine if you say it is possible to fix it for ARMA to auto detect output and use that, then vote up i will =)


At any rate, direct your votes over to #210, MulleDK is right, this one's a dupe.