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Heavy Armored Tracked Vehicles often upside down.
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I think, the reasons, that are cause this problems is:

  • too high speeds, where this should not be (for example at hillsides)
  • too small mass (at calculation collisions with other vehicle)
  • problem of game physics (sometimes the tank jumps up!)

Player get the feeling, that within game, the tanks made of cardboard, but not from heavy armor. Thus, armored vehicle, always has a chance to be turned upside down, if two such vehicle will collide. BIS, please give them more weight during collisions with other vehicle or obstacle.

Also the bad AI-driving has a specific attitude to the problem.
Today (v1.44) the bad AI-details in the game, which can be the reasons for this result:

  1. The AI-drivers is does not save formation, while moving. Thus, the AI-driver does not able to keep formation-distance with the allied vehicle. If this case are happen collisions on the hight speed and in the result, very often Armored Vehicles can be upside down. PLEASE, IF THERE ARE NO OBSTACLES ON THE WAY, TEACH AI, ALWAYS KEEP CURRENT FORMATION.
  1. The AI-driver is not able effective avoid the allied vehicle. In this case again there is a collision at high speed and in the this case, the Armored Vehicles can be flipped. When approaching with any allied vehicle, the AI-driver should to slow down to 30-40% from maximal speed. In this case, if a collision still happens, then the vehicle will not be upside down. PLEASE TEACH AI USE SLOW DOWN THE MAXIMAL SPEED, IF DISTANCE BETWEEN ALLIED VEHICLE WILL < THAN 3-5 m FOR EXAMPLE.
  1. If the vehicle is on a slope of a hill, the AI-driver, never slows down maximal speed, in this case, when making sharp turns, this Armored Vehicles can be flipped. PLEASE TEACH THE AI, TO SLOWN DOWN VEHICLE SPEED, IF THIS VEHICLE LOCATED ON THE ANY HILLSIDE. {F26252} {F26253} {F26254} {F26255} {F26256} {F26257}


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Most of the armored vehicles have this problem, especially going (slightly) downhill and cornering. Learning the crews how to break more gradually in the corner and/or drive slower would help.

As a work-around I set vehicle speed limiter to for instance 30 km/h with scripting: LIMITSPEED

Tracked is the term you're looking for, not Caterpillar

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Lex added a comment.Aug 7 2015, 3:45 PM

The game still sometimes get damaged incompatible with life, before the explosion. And without rotation, it can occur at any time just stopped and went.

Their mass should be increased, so they wouldnt flip so easly, upvoted

They are flipping now much more asly than in 1.48 (BTW), one again i'll write - major issue, highest priority.

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how can this have no priority at all???


I've also pointed this problem in 0026372.
So, it actually feels like a cardboard car.

Would be cool to hear new engine roars as well!

Still not fixed (v 1.62) A large part of the reason - jump of the tanks

Lex added a comment.EditedSep 22 2016, 7:49 AM

There are results, change this behavior?
Why for 1,5 year didn't solve this problem?

mickeymen added a comment.EditedSep 22 2016, 10:11 AM

Why for 1,5 year didn't solve this problem?

because 1.5. years is too short a period. We have to wait more.
first, the BIS must make another DLC with new bugs

Lex added a comment.Sep 22 2016, 1:25 PM

There are results, change this behavior?
Why for 1 year didn't solve this problem?
How often leave info here?
What period of recall it?

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Lex added a comment.Sep 22 2016, 11:27 PM

If this problem came to an end only with that we receive the turned tank. To turn the tank back, there is a tool in mission. But often the tank explodes. It on video isn't present. The accent should be put on it. That is maximum, this problem arises in the cities, losses of the tank to 80% there.
There is no video where revolution of the tank come to an end with explosion.

Lex added a comment.EditedNov 15 2016, 10:07 AM

Yesterday in DEV of the version has received some defect. The turn of a tower of the tank reproduced the case of the tank to jump. Change from the driver to the shooter reproduced wheels to sink in soil.

To be precise:

  • tanks in A3 1.68 still have wrong physics, they rebounce at obstacles with unrealistice force when bumbing/clipping into. This is since OFP like that, sometimes BIS fixed it a little bit, but generic design oddity was never cured. (guess why we had expressions like "BMP-soccer" during OFP times)
  • on rebounce on a wall/stone 50-60 tons MBTs flying 1-2m or sometimes 50m into the air (depends how late the collision was detected by engine and hence how deep the tank was "diving" into the object)
  • taking this root bug as "normal", the tanks are rather to seldom up-side-down because the anti-roll-over scripts preventing in many cases that on sharp turns or bumps the MBT stays up-side-down if there is still some rolling momentum

There will be fix in arma 4 :D Its really ridiculus that bugs like this are for so long in this game. People responsilbe for this should be fired right now. How they could apply not working/wrong working physx in game production phase and continue work? This is unacceptable behavior of programmers, specially, beacuse they knew its gonna be unfixable - if they decide to fix it, they gonna break tons of other things. Very inmature and unproffesional behavior, things like this happen in Greenlight, early access, and "forever beta" games, arma 3 is the one for me, that qualify in all 3 groups.