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Tanks - flipping / jumping / rocket / or whatever
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No Mods were used!

Tanks are flipping / jumping like a rocket.

This seems to happen to most tracked vehicles also as very rare to some wheeled, like the AFV-4 Gorgon (only happens twice till now, seems to be randomly, not reproducible).

Often Mod Vehicles/Tanks also react similiar.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce just drive a little bit around, using WASD and left Shift (Turbo).

Often using left Shift in Combination with W and A or D provocates this error.

Additional Information

I made this Videos in the Virtual Arsenal: (error appears twice from 1:50)


I only use WASD in this Video:

(Error appears right after starting the Editor Preview)

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It happens very often while pressing W and S. But maybe with A and D... i dont know, it should be highest priority same as disabling volumetric clouds as an option.

Same opinion here.

This jumping Tank bug destroys everything... :(

Goddam.... No word about this from devs, problem exist since i can remember, and game is named simulator. Simulator of what? Of rockets? Cant you undertsand its impossible to play comfortable ANY mission that contains tracked vehicles? How much time do you need to fix most gamebraking issue in whole arma series?

Yes they are focused on things less important, like "new size variations of particle effect for destroyed windows" or "sounds for turret movement on x vehicle" and spoil very important things like this or like Memory alocation or like imposibility of saving/loading a broken street lamp in single player (please vote up). If I could choose what update I want to install, as in retail version of the game...But in the Steam version I do not know if it's possible.

For all people having this issue - PLEASE TEST 1.52 RC ( Arma3Update152RC) Problem seem to be gone, but i was making speed test, today i'll make deeper research.

After second update of RC tanks are jumping more often., please revert to previous state (first 1.52 RC, from yesterday)

Problem seems to disapear, i'll test it more today, please do not close this ticket yet.

No the PROBLEM IS NOT DISAPPEARED! I still see the jumping tanks

Vanilla or modded? I havent started to deeper testing yet :) Remember - 1.52 RC

Even if problem is not solved for everyone, i think its big step forward, beacuse on my computer, PROBLEM IS 100% GONE. If this may be helpful for developers i share my specs:
Gigabyte Radeon R9 270 OC (2GB)*
i5 4690, 4 x 3.5 Ghz**
8 GB RAM 1600 Mhz (2 x 4GB in dual mode, HyperX)
1 TB HDD 7200 rpm

*,** - i think it have biggest meaning here. AMD dont like PhysX, from other hand in Arma 3 PhysX is taken on CPU. Great work gentelmens, now i can make some combined ops mission.

I have still jumping tanks, mine or even AI. In Pilgrimage (SP, moded) I met a few abandoned tanks by AI, overturned, last night.
I have related specifications like yours:
Intel Core i5 4570-3.2 Ghz Processor
8 GB memory 2400 MHZ (2 x 4GB in dual mode, HyperX)
Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X Graphics Card with 2 GB DDR
Installed to secondary HDD on 1T partition.
I can say that only lately has emphasized this trouble, a few updates ago.

Fighting Power, how you solved the problem?

"Vanilla or modded?"

Only one mod (sound mod!). NOt dev version

I noticed the TANK JUMPS DURING LONG TURNS or if IT ENCOUNTERS OBSTACLE IN ITS PATH (when this obstacle some time stop this tank, in other words, when the tank is stalling and cannot move because obstacle prevents its movement)

@Pershing - overturned... you mean on the roof right? I guess it was RHS escalation. I'm playing with it as well, but they are jumping beacuse collision objects with barrel. No more jumping while turning, or rotating on the open field for me.

@mickeyman give us your PC specs. Nvidia? On the obstacles = it was since first arma so its good (better than it was). Describe more "while long turns" - on turbo, without etc. Also try without mod (i know it mas sound stupid, but i'm sure its JSRS Dragon Fyre SP 1.0 - and developer says it have lot of bugs, for now i recomend DragonFyre LITE as it have no scripts.

PS: This is what i actually done :
In UEFI BIOS i turned mode "performance" instead "normal"
In game video options i disabled anisotopy (no more on CPU now), and enabled full anisotopy in Catylist Control Center (now it use GPU)
Disabled CPU parking thing in any program - i setted to use max frequency - 3.5 Ghz.
Installed Radeon PRo, and created profile there for Arma 3, from most important tweaks i switched [visual] teselation to OFF, disabled VSYNC, [Advanced] turned ON Triple Buffer (open GL) ,[Tweaks} forced ON dynamic framerate control up to 60, disabled aero, forced use of all cores of CPU, and high priority of arma3.exe. In Radeonpro settings i disabled API [general] i DISABLED all.
But RC was released 3 times, first time problem was gone, after second time it back ( as you can see from my previous messages) and third (53mb) fixed the problem again. I think they are on the right way. What more i do before play - always disable internet connection, disable Nod32 antivirus, using gamebooster - playing mode, and some changes from My documents/Arma 3/arma3.cfg :

And from game launcher i use 4 cores, with all 3 options under it, using TBB4malloc, max vram 1921, nologs, skipsplash, nointro and... thhats all, i hope it helps.

"@mickeyman give us your PC specs. Nvidia?"

I have arma3 on the two computers. notebook and stationar. Both nvdia and both have these glitches

"In UEFI BIOS i turned mode "performance" instead "normal""
I think the player should not change the base settings of the system for getting the normal physics in the game.

"i know it mas sound stupid, but i'm sure its JSRS Dragon Fyre SP 1.0 - and developer says it have lot of bugs"
Yes, I used this mod, but I don't think this mod can affect the physics of the tanks

@mickeyman - ok, you've got Nvidia - good to know, what settings of PhysX you are using - forced to GPU or standard?

UEFI bios is so simple to use, so it wasnt so hard - just one click and save. It not change system settings, just hardware work conditions. Its nothing bad to use "performance"mode, it will not kill your pc, but will use its full potencial (its not overclocking!).

About JSRS - i had strange bug with JSRS - muzlle from MG's in tanks was still in same place, even after turning the turret. It disable turret movement in RHS Escalation mod for humves - thing with it have nothing to do, but ONLY IN THEORY.

And give us full pc specs, it will help to solve problem.

Fighting Power all my settings set in standard

notebook: Windows 8.1x64, Intel(R)Core(TM)i7-3537U (quad) CPU@2.5 GHz, Memory 6GB, Video - nvdia GeForce GT 740M

my stationar is poweful CPU, with 12 core processor and 16GB Memory, Video-GeForce 670GTX, I can't give more precise information, today I am in the enother city

Fighting Power, yes, on the roof, upside down. Moded but now only with: cba_a3, CUP, AllInArmaTerrainPack, remove stain, remove fatigue group, ASDG_JR. I disabled RHS... and many others mods because of the "Error STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xC0000005) with CTD" bug introduced by 1.50 update.

And it happens even on the open terain, if I make some maneuvers.

Damm... Its may be problem when they crash into each other. Try to observe them, what will be this trigger forcing them upside down. (previev mission in editor, hit [esc] and click camera, set acttime bar to 1.0 and watch them.

My tank jumped :( But one time and for small distance :D But still, it jumped. I dont know what Bohemia actually done/changed, but they are on the good way

I think this problem may somehow be related to this:

I was testing a Slammer UP, just driving around. I was consistently able to produce the bug - the tank was suddenly propelled forward at an angle which sometimes causes it to flip. This is just from driving around and turning the vehicle.

I decided to see if changing its mass would help. A Slammer UP has a mass of 70000. I set it to 90000 using setMass. After doing that, it seems to prevent the jumping from happening so regularly.

Then I thought of the issue linked above. AI-driven Hunter MRAPs sometimes won't move (I have a repro mission on that ticket, try it out). So I tried the same thing: when a Hunter wouldn't move to its waypoint, I set its mass to 2000 (default 8000). After doing that, it went on its way.

I don't know what any of that means, but its as if the hunter is too heavy for its wheels or something.

i was writing about mass changing long time ago, but BI not taken it into account. I really hoper they fix it soon, as i reverted to stable branch problem is still present.

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There are results, change this behavior?
Why for 1 year didn't solve this problem?
How often leave info here?
What period of recall it?

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This is only one part of the big problems for Arma3. Tanks not just suddenly take a run and jump, but can roll over there where you don't need) Lol!

On this video tanks look like cardboard boxes. Of course a tank could turn on a steep mountain slope, but not with that physics.

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A good movie. The center of the weight of the Tanks, and other combat vehicles, should be located below the axis of the geometry of the machines.

The center of the weight of the Tanks, and other combat vehicles, should be located below the axis of the geometry of the machines.

This is not enough to solve the problem. Perhaps your decision to reduce the chance of a somersault, but this is not enough. Also need normal physics. In the Arma3 the heavy tracked machines there is no enough weight