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After the upgrade 1.44 player sees a lot of ambient rabbits.
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I always wondered, how many snakes and rabbits around!
However, after the update 1.44 they added even more!
BIS why are you doing this zoo!? It can also affect performance. I think in a military simulator should not be a zoo.
In the game so there is no module to edit the number of ambient animals!
Please give module with this ability (to edit the number of ambient animals) or reduce the number snakes and rabbits around player/ {F26206}


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Today(v1.44) Rabbits are everywhere and they also do not react to the soldiers. This is also is bad and not realistic moment.
I think the rabbit, should afraid of humans and run away from him.

Also should be a free areas from animals in the map. Today, the animals are spawned near the player anywhere on the map. It's not right!
Not very realistic to see snakes/rabbits, in the cities, between buildings or on the city roads or airports. This is nonsense.
I think, all settlements, cities and airports in the game should be without this animals!

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Confirmed, they're absolutely everywhere!
They're also totally fearless and don't move when you approach them.

It used to be like this when the alpha was released and they reduced the amount of wildlife. But it looks like they have all snook back in again.

I wish we could just switch it all off in the settings.

Confirmed, very annoying. Affects Altis and Stratis, not community islands.

Can be disabled with

waitUntil {time > 0};
enableEnvironment false;

Note that this will disable all ambient life, so no snakes, no bunnies, no butterfly's, flies, mosquitoes and other pests etc..

Yeah, they are everywhere - I like it though :)

The problem with that script is that it also disables the ambient sounds in ARMA 3
Unless they've recently fixed it so you can separate them?

What sounds? Arma3 haven't got any ambient sounds.

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If your looking into this one, pls check this also:

broken since Marksmen Release. TY


Ambient environmental sounds like insects, wind etc...
All these sounds are connected to the visible ambient wildlife.
So disabling the visible wildlife also disables the audible environment making the world silent.

I opened a request a while back on this...

i have mid end pc and i hate this zoo wich affect game performance... PLS FIX ASAP


I am not aware there are any wind ambient sounds or anything related present in Arma3. If you think waves and stuff that comes from the boats config ( vehicles ) so that is not ambient. Even swimming comes from soldier config when interacting with water, so its the same as in boat example.

It does not make sense to disable ambient animals and have sounds related to them. However I do agree it is a dirty "fix" to disable some feature in this way, but in absence of any other sounds related to it, seems legit.

This needs a fix or be removed until fixed. Having objects spawning on the server without the possibility to reduce it or turn it off makes no sense. Like you forcefully made something and impose it to run on our machines without even asking or saying anything about it. I'd have a kiss rather before, if you know what I mean.

I think the rabbit, should afraid of humans and run away from him.
Today(v1.44) Rabbits are everywhere and they also do not react to the soldiers. This is also is not realistic moment/

BIS also make free areas from animals in the map.
Not very realistic to see snakes/rabbits, in the cities between buildings or on the city roads.
I think, all settlements in the game should be without this animals!

Just hop into an APC gunner, turn thermal vision on and do a 360... They are just everywhere!!

And induced problem is: rabbits, snakes (agents in general) + garbages + any objects are FPS killers. In a game where everyone looks for FPS, please parameter these ambient life/ objects as any other game display. Thanks

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Soon!!! On all seryer of APMA3 - "The Silence of the Rabbit". You will not hide, rabbits everywhere, they unut you....)))
If without joke,In such quantity there is a falling of FPS. Maybe on the server it will worse affect.

This is getting out of hands

^^^ to test for nearby rabbits

It was reported that in the 1.46 update has been fixed, Yes,like them became less, but I still see a lot of rabbits.

Please give the player module with settings of number ambient animals
and remove ambient animals from airports and cities. These places do not need ambient animals.


Please give to player module with settings of number ambient animals
and remove ambient animals from special areas(airports, cities). These places do not need ambient animals.

Ambient animals are also in MP servers, logged for cheating. I suggest Battleye kicks or bans rabbits and snakes...
Or snakes setfriend [rabbits,0]

Voted up, really funny and annoying thing. I live near forest, and i never seen so much rabbits :D There must be some way to disable them or make them less. I keep killing them on the roads by vehicles - in the cities, on the open, everywhere. Most funny part is that rabbits are very scared animals, and this in game is very brave - he see i'm driving at him and he is standing on two legs like he wanna fight :D


Probably, it will never be solved. Ignored, Ignored, Ignored from the time of v 1.44.
How fortunate, that at Tanoa player does not see any animals!

Problem is: when something is created, it's too late. BI will never go back for that lame duck idea. Just because it's harder to tell a developer he's wrong than forget one or two posts. All animals should be inserted in the existing module or in a environment tab on Eden , but... it' far above BI consideration.

new extended syntax will allow to switch ambient life off

Thanks. I hope that, now the player can use this to remove all the animals around player, without losing sound of environment

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