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Ability to remove single items from crates without the need to clear all items and reload them all again.
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At the moment Arma3 does not have the functionality to allow a scriptwriter to remove a single weapon, magazine, item, backpack from a cargo space.


An ammo crate contains 300 magazines of ammo. I want to reduce the magazine count by 1. To do this I am required to clear all magazines in the crate and then reload all the magazines again minus a single magazine.

The simplest way to allow this to happen without much effort would be to allow negative numbers to be 'added' to the cargo container.
_CrateWeapons = weaponCargo AmmoCrate1;
if("MegapewpewGunofDooM" In _CrateWeapons) then
AmmoCrate1 addweaponcargo ["MegapewpewGunofDooM",-1];


can we PLEASE have
your own removeweaponcargo command from VBS2

your own removeMagazineCargo command from VBS2

and could you create a
removeitemcargo (for items, uniforms, backpacks etc)

I hope you guys add this capability because at the moment I am going to have to design an entire GUI and container system because these functions do not exist.


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clearMagazineCargoGlobal, clearWeaponCargoGlobal, clearBackpackCargoGlobal and clearItemCargoGlobal all could do with alternative syntax

clearXXXXCargoGlobal ARRAY

where ARRAY is [type, quantity]

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Or simply BIS integrates the functions from ZEUS, where you can drag and drop items you want and/or you don't want.

The need of scripting simple things like that is pretty old school and time intense.

This is important.

Come on guys, when can we get this or something with the same functionality please?

Can we get any news on this? Its been almost a year. It would still be a fantastic script feature.

Love the Heli DLC btw, firing from vehicles OMFG yes!

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This is very much needed!

Bump, still an issue BIS

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Definitely needed!

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If you have some time...

While you're at it (or not), if you could add a command to remove one specific container (uniform, backpack...) from a box... We are far from Christmas, I know.

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Also take a look at for another possible approach on how BI could tackle this issue!

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That would be very very useful

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+1 again. Can we please have this command(s)? Its now been 3 years ago since the issue was created...

Nothing new under the sun...

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Yo. Bohemia. This is a little important. It's been 5 years, can we get going on this?