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Changing terrain details causes strange "anomalies" in the distance.
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I just noticed that the lower your terrain settings are, the more the terrain literally fades away making everything from static ingame objects to people and vehicles look like they would be flying in mid air.
I noticed this when I wanted to attack somebody at the Kamino Lighthouse with a GM6Lynx while standing at Camp Rogain, sequentially I found out that you can fix this with setting your terrain details to Ultra, however some people might not be able to set it to Ultra due to insufficient hardware.

I uploaded two screenshots showing the Kamino lighthouse with Ultra and with Low terrain settings:
Ultra settings:
Low settings:

A developer asked me to upload my video settings. Well, here they are:

Edit: This problem has even got worse now, currently the terrain details have NO impact on the terrain level and everything's flying around in midair in the distance. {F19593} {F19594} {F19595} {F19596}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Set your terrain details to anything except Ultra.
  2. Look at anything in the distance.
Additional Information

The relevant stuff in my PC:
Intel I7 2600
Corsair 2x4GB 1333Mhz Ram
AMD Radeon HD 7950 with ASUS cooling unit

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Akinari-san could you send us a screenshot of your video settings. There might be more factors to this issue than the terrain setting.

I will upload pictures of my video settings in a couple minutes, they will be linked in the ticked itself.

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Thank you for you input Akinari-san, this issue is being forwarded for further verification.

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I also have a similar issue -

Nvidia 560ti

video of effect

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This do happen since Arma1(not sure if it's from OFP1).
Need some changes in terrain LODs indeed

Oh so that's what was wrong. I have terrain set to high, stuff floats on hills (Beta)

Better screenshots (mine) i5 3570k gtx 660,GGGeQxJ,pOf7rpn,ymt1Lsi,KLt619G

All settings from low to ultra

For snipers its just too bad.

Yea me and my friends all got the same problem, uploaded pics on this issue.

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Is this problem being fixed? Because when I play multiplayer, let`s say Wasteland. And I finally finds a Good sniper rifle with a good thermal scope, I can`t snipe from distant like 900-1400 meters, because it looks like the rocks and cars or whatever are floating over the ground! And I run the game on ultra high settings with view distant at max of course.

EDcase added a subscriber: EDcase.May 7 2016, 2:15 PM

This is because reducing terrain quality reduces the number of polygons drawn and thats what gives better performance.

The objects on the terrain remain in their proper positions so when the terrain has low detail the objects appear to float.

Not much can be done about this.
Best to keep terrain at highest detail level.

roy64 added a comment.Oct 16 2013, 1:38 PM

Yeah, but as I was saying, I play the game on ultra high settings. It is kind of stupid of them to make it like this. With a 12.7 you would be at long range and not at short range to be a sniper.

Sure something very meaningful can and should/must be done:
Split grass/clutter detail from terrain detail, and make TD very high the default setting (for MP).

This can be a real game breaker. You can see pretty deep through the hills when you set it on low. This is pretty bad in Altis in some places. Just check this picture for example:

Can ruin PvP because those guys are other side of the hill. This realy needs to get rid of.

Anyone who is going to comment that it can ne fixed by adjustimg terrain/video settings please realise you are incorrect and as it stands the adjustment of terrain/video settings will not fix this anomaly

Haven't heard anything about this in a while. Is this still being worked on as it is still a serious problem.

any news on this?

Hello is this getting Fixed ?....

This is an issue, many conflicts in multiplayer happen over longer ranges and one side usually draw benefit from getting information they should not if the terrain was drawn correctly.

Are you kidding me? This will never be fixed!
This is when DEVS answered: 2013-05-24 16:43

They dont give a flying F*** about anything anymore! Freaking shitty man!

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A military Sim like this with Floating Objects and Invisible Terrain. The terrain is the most basic component of the battlefield. What the hell? why have you even put this algorithm in it should be UNCHANGING, the terrain should be the ONE thing that is purely static.

I really dont know what you guys are doing sometimes....

How is this possible it is reported so long time ago and still not fixed? What are you doing out there BI?

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Please finally fix this, its gamebreaking. I cant hide anywhere on the hills.

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setTerrainGrid to something detailed like 3.125 fixes it