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Analogue throttle only using half its range
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I'm using a Thrustmaster warthog to fly the helicopters. like previous versions of ARMA, the game only recognizes the analogue throttle once it passes 50% of its range. which means the neutral collective on the helicopter sits at about 75%. i know you can use the thrustmaster software to set a custom curve to correct this, but it'd be nice not to have to.


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use the throttle and push it up to 50% and get no reaction from the game

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rogerx added a comment.Jun 4 2014, 5:10 AM

I think I recently recollected within another similar bug, using Battlefield 1942 under Wine from within Linux a long time ago, this bug of having only less than 16 buttons was non-existent when simply using Linux USB drivers.

Very likely this throttle issue would also be non-existent or more easily worked around under Linux. Shrugs...

oukej added a subscriber: oukej.May 7 2016, 1:29 PM
oukej added a comment.Jul 22 2014, 5:04 PM

Hey, thanks for the feedback.

You have to map both, - and +, part of the axes on the throttle action (when in the binding dialogue push the throttle all the way up and then all the way down. You should see 2 inputs mapped.)

I agree it is a bit unintuitive. We'll see if it can be improved somehow.

We also keep loosing throttle (or thrust) when text chatting. Sometimes even when viewing the main map.

Sounds like whenever the text window is opened, or sometimes the map and other GUI windows; joystick events are blocked, ignored or dumped.

de added a subscriber: de.May 7 2016, 1:29 PM
mik4409 added a subscriber: mik4409.May 7 2016, 1:29 PM

related to ?
but,it's about analog stick for steering cars,track heilo,boats

Throttle issue still present no matter how it is bound to the axises

oukej added a comment.Oct 28 2014, 7:13 PM

Throttle issue still present no matter how it is bound to the axises

Mare sure your axis is present like this in the action mapping (both halves of the throttle axis must be mapped).

Works for aircraft but it doesnt for helicopters, thats where its really needed!

Wow. I can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet.
And the Helicopter DLC is coming out so soon.
<Mind BLOWN>

oukej added a comment.Oct 31 2014, 9:52 PM

Works for aircraft but it doesnt for helicopters, thats where its really needed!

Unlike the airplanes for helicopters you actually have to map half of the axis on Collective raise (analogue) and the other half on Collective lower (analogue)

Wow. I can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet.

Please read previous comment about how to map the controller.

It doesnt work for helicopters, you still only get the upper 40% of controllers axis as usable.

Oukej, the thing is, there should not be collective raise AND collective lower. As an analogue control, it should just be collective. Think of a real heli, they dont have a seperate collective stick to lower and one to raise. Collective control should be analogue from 0% - 100% none of this + -. I also tried mapping the joystick as you said but it doesn't actually fix the problem at all. Play DCS with the UH1 pack. THAT is how helicopter controls should feel.

oukej added a comment.Nov 1 2014, 1:39 PM

I've already acknowledged it and we are completely aware of the unintuitiveness. It's a legacy issue, arisen due to how things have been added over the time and it doesn't only relate to collective/throttle, but generally how controllers are handled.

I'm trying to explain how to make it work using the configuration as it is now.

Does it mean it's something you are going to try to fix?

"I'm trying to explain how to make it work using the configuration as it is now"

But, as people keep saying it doesnt work, yes the controls can be mapped as you said, but the problem is the lower half of the traverasble area on the throttle stick is not usable.

oukej added a comment.Nov 1 2014, 3:01 PM

Ok, let's sum it up. To have the full extent of one axis used on an action it has to be mapped this way:

  • Airplanes
    • Throttle - both halves of the chosen axis have to be mapped on Throttle (Analogue)
    • Airbrake - both halves of the chosen axis have to be mapped on Brake (Analogue)
  • Helicopters
    • Collective - half of the chose axis has to be mapped on Collective raise (Analogue) the other half on Collective lower (Analogue)

(This way it gives you exact control over the collective in 0-100% range both with Standard and Advanced flight model. For example with Hummingbird a hover can be maintained with collective around 60% with SFM and around 50% with AFM.)

@bickpickle - I've noticed you are using x55, which afaik handles throttle as a X/Y axes, not a slider. Make sure you are mapping only one of the levers and you have it set as linear in its full extend. If you still experience problems, please send me ( a screenshots of your mapping in A3 and settings in the Saitek profile. I will try to investigate what may be causing the issues.

rangoon added a subscriber: rangoon.May 7 2016, 1:29 PM

From oukej: "- Helicopters

  • Collective - half of the chose axis has to be mapped on Collective raise (Analogue) the other half on Collective lower (Analogue)

(This way it gives you exact control over the collective in 0-100% range both with Standard and Advanced flight model. For example with Hummingbird a hover can be maintained with collective around 60% with SFM and around 50% with AFM.)"

This is not true for the BFM (only AFM). I tested this as recently as this morning (Nov 18, 2014) and it doesn't work this way. You only get one half of the physical collective throw affecting the in-game collective. The whole forward half (or back, depending on how you have the axes set up) has zero influece. Full down collective is achieved at 50% physical controller travel. The closest solution I have found is to map both + and - to "Collective raise (analogue)" and just - to "Collective lower (analogue)". This gives you the most physical influence, being from 100% up collective to 30-40% down collective having an affect, with the remainder having no effect (in Basic Flight Model). The input throughout is still inconsistent, but it gives you more physical control. In BFM, the climb rate of the MH-9 is capped at 2300fpm in a hover, and descent rate is capped at 1750fpm in a hover.

You can test this by hitting auto hover, centering pedals and cyclic (or disabling) and then noting the VSI on the 3D panel as you climb and descend, while cross referencing the physical collective controller travel. Note precisely when the VSI needle stops moving at 2300fpm positive rate. The collective (controller) will be full (100%). Note when the VSI needle stops moving at 1750fpm negative rate. The collective (controller) will be at 50% with oukej's setup and at maybe 30 or 40% with what I'm using. But the rate of change will be inconsistent as well, throughout the travel. Still, at least this way you will see immediate results when going from full collective downward a miniscule amount. But if you bottom out the collective, you will not see any change until you reach about 30-40% travel on the controller. With oukej's setup you will have to wait until 50% travel for results.

If you switch to Advanced Flight Model, the collective works basically as you would expect, and with climb rates past the VSI's max reading of 3000fpm either positive or negative. But you can note torque changing (beyond the VSI limits) as the indication you are getting immediate and full-spectrum results from collective changes across the entire physical throw of the controller.

I am using CH controllers.

Gundy added a comment.Jan 12 2015, 3:23 PM

So, being one of the HOTAS users that has always been plagued by the issue described here (60% loss of throttle axis in SFM), I did test this again today and to (probably) no ones surprise it is exactly as Ragoon reported.

Using a Thustmasters Warthog Throttle (both Throttle and Joystick are combined via TargetGUI), I have assigned the right throttle + and - axis to Collective raise (analogue) and only the + axis to Collective lower (analogue). This does improve things a little, but I still have about 33% of the axis not being responsive at all. It is still really difficult to be precise enough with the throttle around the point of hover.

It also so happens that when I open a dialog (in my case opening cTab) that uses "createDialog", the helicopter immediately starts dropping out of the sky at maximum decent rate, even though the throttle was pushed all the way forward.
It is rather interesting that opening the inventory (also a dialog) or the map, does not share the same result, so I assume there is a way to construct a dialog in a way that it allows mouse interaction without killing HOTAS input to the helicopter. Please, please let us know how to do this (or if there isn't a way to do this currently, then please fix scripted dialogs the same way you have fixed the pre-defined BI dialogs)!

JC_ added a subscriber: JC_.May 7 2016, 1:29 PM
JC_ added a comment.May 22 2015, 7:43 AM

Anything going on with this issue or is BI still claiming the sky is full of flying sheep ...

Pro tip: rewrite controller handling for ArmA

The topic and this thread seems to state this bug is related to Thrustmaster products. If so, the summary should explicitly state this to avoid rewriting working code for other controllers.

I do not see this bug occurring with Saitek products, but nor do I use their software for configuring the joystick anymore due to significant bugs with the Saitek direct input driver. I configure my Saitek controller directly through ARMA 3's controller settings.

oukej added a comment.Jul 28 2015, 4:56 PM


If I map it this way:

  • Helicopters
    • Collective - half of the chose axis has to be mapped on Collective raise (Analogue) the other half on Collective lower (Analogue)


  • it works purrfectly in AFM
  • it gives higher max. climb rate in SFM than digital input (here's a BUG)
  • the half-axis mapped to Collective raise (Analogue) works in it's full range
  • the half-axis mapped to Collective lower (Analogue) only affects the descend rate down to 0.5 of the 0-1 input (here's a BUG)
  • but there it gives the same max. descend rate in SFM as the digital input

(mapping both halves of the axis to Collective raise only spreads the upper half of the collective range in game to the whole controller axis)

Don't judge by how the helicopter lifts off earlier or later than in the AFM - it's a different model and simulation. Even if we tried to bring it as close as possible there's still a big gap.
I'd recommend starting in a hover in 2km altitude and observe how the input affects climb/descend rater.

MOR added a subscriber: MOR.May 7 2016, 1:29 PM
MOR added a comment.Jul 28 2015, 7:40 PM

Can somebody help me with the steps for ppjoy and glovepie again? had it in arma2, was fine, but I remember it was weird to set it up

Thanks for your little guide. So currently you have to use two complete different neutral collective point when switching between flight modes. Thats why most guys just change the assignment and map both axis to the rise collective (Analog).
When can we expect the two bugs you are describing to be fixed? Next hotfix or 1.50?

Any chance you could take a look at other axis related issues? 0024027 and 0024820?

Thank you.

Same issue than 0024864.

3 other players have the same problem in my team.

doveman added a subscriber: doveman.May 7 2016, 1:29 PM

If the differences between SFM and AFM require different mappings to utilise them effectively, perhaps the best way forward would be to have separate mappings for each mode in the Controls page?

Using version 1.50.

With two rudder controls connected, a Saitek X52 and Saitek rudder peddles, I'm also seeing the analog brakes and analog rudders only using half their range when using either one of the controllers.

To apply full rudder or full brake, I have to use both the joystick rudder and the rudder pedals at the same time to get full speed brakes or full rudder!

I use the game for mapping the analog input of the joysticks. (I disable the Saitek input mapping software.) When the axis are mapped, the game only detects "-" (minus) and "+" (positive) movements.

I've found a fix.

In game, create a new player profile and remap all your controls.

It's painful but it work.

@Partix87, I presume you mean that fixed the "Throttle only uses half-range" problem, not all the other problems reported in this thread?

It's good that you've found a way to fix it but there must be a less painful way of doing so, either by editing the user profile files, or backing them up, deleting them and then pasting the contents (or most of the contents if a particular part is causing the problem) back into the newly created file.

For those non-believers wondering if this bug is even valid, here's how to further validate this bug. (Boy am I surprised this bug has yet to be fixed!)


  1. Use 3D view mode after entering jet pilot seat. (NUM ENTER)
  2. Take off and get airborne, and activate the air brakes using the mapped joystick analog axis.
  3. Once air brake is activated, turn your view (using NUM pad keys) and note the air brakes are only open at 40-45 degrees or less.
  4. If you have a second controller (ie. rudder peddles with brake axis.) or likely any second joystick plugged in and configured to the activate air brakes, activating the air brakes on the second device will open the air brakes to their full position of around 80-90 degrees.


  1. Again, get airborne as pilot using the A-164 is best.
  2. Switch to pilot view and zoom in on the display.
  3. First, activate the rudder using the joystick. Take note as to how the angle of attack very slowly moves left or right.
  4. Second, recenter and using the keyboard now, apply rudder using the 'Q' & 'E' keys. Take note as to how more quickly the angle of attack is adjusted to the right or left!

What I figured is that since 1.42 I think *(not sure about when) but they changed the configuration of the config file. Axis values have changed. Unless you want to painfully convert all the old values to the new one. I strongly recommend you create a new profile in game and remap your controller on that new profile.

Another solution that also involves creating a new profile and remapping everything but that will solve 99% of the issues with any controler is to use VJOY :


It is quite painful to install and configure but it is very flexible. It can merge 2 axis into one or split an axis into 2. It basically take your controller input, manipulate the values and simulate another virtual controller that is then mapped into the game.

@Partix87, I'm not suggesting manually converting the old values to the new ones but if you just delete the lines in the profile relating to the axis, won't it recreate them with the new values automatically?

If creating a new profile fixes the problem, why would we need to use VJOY as well?

At the end of the day, this needs fixing properly so we don't have to faff about. Loads of players probably aren't even aware of this ticket or realise there's a bug and are just wondering why flying in A3 is so hard!

I agree that it should be "fixed" but if the fix was to clear all the old profiles I agree that it's a good thing that they didn't do it.

I'm talking about VJOY for those who have splited axis or multiple controllers.

I personnaly don't have one but I'm sure VJOY can fix that. I've also not tried the fix suggested by the dev which was to map both axis to the same control which might also work.

But VJOY is great if you have an odd configuration of multiple controllers or a very old joystick. For me it fixed the joytisk problem I had with unity based games like KSP.

Ditto. Please clarify whether users need to delete their entire profile or just manually edit/delete the specific lines within their configuration file relating to the specific joystick axis for resolving.

In my experience, using the game's graphical interface for remapping the axis seems to do nothing toward resolving this bug.

Ditto about VJOY, as it seems like Saitek's joystick remapping interface. Except that Saitek's joystick remapping interface uses an additional direct input driver for apparently intercepting input, and is extremely susceptible to lots of bugs. However on Linux, there's qjoypad and have found the application pleasant, except unfriendly with Saitek's axis/buttons and constantly reporting some axis/buttons as active 100% of the time. (Ah, vjoy is another device driver implementation!) But if it works for you, great!

I think I've found the areas to remove from the $USER.Arma3Profile using CYGWIN diff and VIM.

Looks like these are the offending lines, and appear to be removed when creating a new $USER.vars.Arma3Profile:


One of those are likely the problem line from the original config, but subsequent versions of Arma 3 no longer appear to add these lines? In the meantime, would love to attach my $USER.Arma3Profile.diff output, but can't do that with this bug database for others to view the diff output of the config files. At least everybody has instructions on how to diff files to try to find the offending lines on their own if I didn't find the resolution.

NOTE: Annoying how the program takes it upon itself to delete any lines within the configuration files starting with "//" (ie. C style comment line).

Nope, the above wasn't the solution.

I did find deleting the line entry of the Arma3Profile referencing the mapping to my throttle controller axis for the air brake and starting the game and reconfiguring the axis for the air brake does allow the axis to fully open the air brake, including after successive game restarts.


Notice, "keyHeliThrottleNeg" is the name for "Air Brake" variable. (Sigh! Are you serious?)

At this point, there doesn't appear to be anything the user can do to manually edit their configuration file, except for deleting all variables referencing an analog axis as I did above. It would appear, Arma 3 is reading the configuration file, editing the variable definition, and then writing something elsewhere in relation to this variable. If the variable is not completely deleted from the configuration file, then the second file or stored location is not likely updated to a proper reflection of the joystick axis capability.

At this point, I'm just going through my configuration file and removing all variables that can be or have been mapped to a joystick axis. Upon restart and reconfiguration of these axis, everything should be working as expected. (Author of this bug, you might want to reference this paragraph into the description as a possible workaround.)

A side effect with manually editing the configuration file, the game will rewrite the deleted variable names towards the end of the file, instead of grouping similar variable names together.

Another idea is just to remove all lines or variable names prefixed with "keyHeli" and the few other lines or variables referencing the Helicopter and Plane class. After the game rewrites the configuration file, then these variable definitions will all be grouped at the end of the file.

Another idea, just move the new variable definition lines back to their original place within the configuration file using an advanced editor such as VIM. ;-)

After further troubleshooting, I've found also just having two joystick controllers configured to use the same air brake or rudder axis, will inadvertently cause the axis to only be used half way.

Shrugs. I was initially concerned about this scenario, and do think I initially debugged with using only one joystick controller connected and was still plagued by this bug. I'm guessing the real cause is the fact there's two mappings to the same axis within the configuration file is the true cause of this bug?

So out goes the rudder pedals (w/ braking) in favor of only having the joystick attached.

This bug has to be something with how the program is reading the axis input, as we're already using two input devices, the keyboard and joystick. I think I've got the answer, with two axis connected, the program is reading the combined value of the axis bandwidth of both controllers! As such, the program requires both controllers to have their axis extended at once, for full deployment of the speed brake or rudders. (ie. I do not appear to have this problem within Linux flight simulators, so likely a programming error here.)

JC_ added a comment.Sep 13 2015, 10:05 AM

This commentary looks like it's ran out of acid again. Here, I got a couple of spare liters on my shelf I'm willing to contribute some more of ...

@rogerx Didn't you hear? It works PURRFECTLY already as it is. No need for trouble shooting. It's just the same old ignorant ungrateful whining from the community that keep failing to understand how to set up their controls properly.

That's some serious truth right there!

Again see Comment #0098841 for when two or more input controllers; throttle controller or axis using only half it's range within the game.

As I slept on this, I realized it is possible the currently bugged controller (ie. Thrustmaster) axis plagued by this bug, might be because the game is treating the (Thrustmaster) axis as really two separate axis, and the in game's algorithms are not properly written or the game isn't using the axis properly.

So two scenarios likely need fixing:

  1. Thrustmaster's axis might be being treated as two axis
  2. Using two or more controllers, and the game will improperly tend to divide the full range of the competing axis amongst the other controllers. Hence to input full range of an axis, both (or all) controllers need to be at their full range instead of just one of the controllers being at full range.

I have still the Problem. I use the Saitek x52Pro and I want to fly jets.

when I put my throttle from 0% to 1-50% the engine starts but the plane dont move. when I go over 50% the speed of the jet rise extreme fast so its very dificult to taxi. So I only can use the upper 50% of my trottle.

I bound both axis (z- and z+) to analog throttle. Problem still exists... any solution?

same with helicopters. Its unrealistic if you have to use 60%throttle only to stay in the air. You need up to 90% enginepower and maybe 10-20% throttle.

Make sure you have no other joystick device attached or another input device that can be also mapped to an analog axis such as the throttle or speed brake. (Except maybe a TrackIR device.)

See my above post concerning conflicting input devices. But this is for when the axis is not completely being used to it's full extent. You appear to have opposite of my previous stated problem.

But with that stated, I too now realize with your information, I may also have the same aircraft taxing or aircraft ground rolling problem too!

NOTE: Larger applications or programs tend to have a command line switch providing filtered debugging, preventing viewing unrelated debugging info or trying to discern relevant debugging info from other debugging info. If there were a filter and more verbose debugging via the input devices, we could see in text exactly what is occurring instead of just guess here. (Then again, Europeans love exactly how things are now.) Instead of just dumping all debugging to stdout, should probably provide an additional filter switch per each class. (ie. Input Devices, ...) And with a verbose option, provide the axis sensor information. Although I see all debugging is being lumped into one file, viewing is like starting to clean house after a very large party. I don't want to even look at the large mass of disorganized text.

I will sound annoying but, did you create a new profile and remapped your controls ?

At least just to make sure it does not solve the issue.

The other thing I've found is in the config file.

The offset of the controller is 512 in the old file and 256 in the new one.

Try to change it to 256 in your config file.

example :

class Joystick1

		name="SideWinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick";


One last thing, make sure you map:

Collective Raise Analog to your z- or z+
Collective Lower Analog to your z+ or z-

One on each and nothing in the non-analog settings.

Yes because it will create a new config file with a the version 2 instead of the old one.

I've explained it earlier in the conversation but do understand that you probably did not read the whole topic.

I did but Im from germany and many technical things are hard to understand.
Ok now I disabled all other Joystic devices, created a new Profile and I have this settings now. And I still have the problem with flying jets. Only above 50% the jet starts moving.

class JoysticksList
class Joystick1

		name="Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System";


In games like DCS UH1 or FSX I dont have Problems like this...

hellkn1ght added a comment.EditedOct 31 2015, 9:38 AM

Still buggy in 1.52
I'm using a standalone throttle to control collective in SFM helicopters and this is what happens:

The game sets the maximum descent point around 40% below the controller's possible physical range. The neutral position isn't at 50% as you would expect, but somewhere around 20-30%. However, deadzones or changed sensitivity are applied correctly, meaning they affect the physical neutral position of the throttle (at 50% physical travel). This f***s it up even more because then you get a deadzone somewhere in the middle of the virtual descent range instead of the virtual neutral position.

X- Axis is set to raise (analogue)
X+ Axis is set to lower (analogue)

– I used to be able to fix this and other joystick bugs by deleting the joystick settings from the .Arma3Profile or creating a new profile, but this time nothing helps.
– I disconnected all other gamepads/pedals/joysticks and created a new profile without effect.
– I split the axis with Vjoy and evilC's Universal Joystick Remapper, same result.

It might be worth trying this A2 workaround with GlovePIE and PPJoy.

You shouldn't have to of course but until such time as BIS decide to sort things out it might help. I haven't tried it myself with A3 yet but did with A2 and found it helped a lot.

Outlord added a subscriber: Outlord.May 7 2016, 1:29 PM

I am having the same issues but a bigger problem as well. I have tried centered and non centered calibrations and all combinations mentioned in this thread but I cannot map a key in config for Arma 3 without the slider axis - or + depending, being combined at the same time. Only work around is to disable controllers, assign keys and then re enable.

The slide axis +/- sounds like a Saitek controller? Try centering the slider. Also, I think the slide addition to the key mapping during activating the axis or button activated while within the key mapper, is something that happens after being in the game after while.

Just after starting the game, I usually do not see an additional "slide" in conjunction with the joystick button or joystick axis activated during key mapping.

I too have long seen this bug, but just haven't gotten around to reporting it as there's obviously an easy workaround and there are far more important features or bugs to worry about. If I'm right on the ball on this Outlord, feel free to open a bug and report the bug number here so I can join in. Or if there's already an open bug, let me know.


The PPJoy workaround fix the Problem to 100% but it DONT work anymore because battleeye anticheat dont allow windows testmode anymore! PPjoy dont have a driver license so you need the testmode to run it.

JC_ added a comment.Nov 26 2015, 3:57 PM

@firefall70 @doveman

Pretty much the same thing works perfectly with vJoy without Windows test mode.

You might have to find your proper joystick device number so if it doesn't work off the bat, you have to find your proper joystick device number and replace the '2' inside the square brackets with it.

if starting:
joystick[2].setRange(-vJoy[0].axisMax, vJoy[0].axisMax);

vJoy[0].y = (joystick[2].y)

I have this problem as well, I use a thrustmaster hotas x, only real work around is using thrust increase and decrease, but that's a bit meh.

What version are you using? I'm using Tanoa/Developer snapshot and am starting to see some anomalies with the thrust axis again on a Saitek.

What version are you using? I'm using Tanoa/Developer snapshot and am starting to see some anomalies with the thrust axis again on a Saitek.

I'm on the dev branch, you think that's what's doing it?

Having major problems with plane thrust with my MS FFB2 on current stable and Tanoa RC.

With both halves of the throttle mapped to Analogue Thrust, as is recommended, I can start the engines by pushing the throttle up but it will never start the plane moving and I have to press W to get enough thrust to take off or stay in the air.

Sometimes I find that if I just map Throttle- (i.e. one direction) to Analogue Thrust it works and I can take off without pressing W but then when I try again later I find this isn't working either, so I have no reliable way of mapping it to make it work. With Helos I have no such problem and can increase and decrease the Collective with my FFB2's throttle slider.

The strange thing is on the Controllers screen with it showing the input, it shows the full range of the throttle from -100 to +100. In Xpadder it shows the DirectInput as 0-65535, which would seem to be more precise but either way, I can't understand why I can't increase the plane thrust to max with the throttle slider.

goldblaze added a comment.EditedJun 18 2016, 6:03 AM

figured out the issue, but it's weird, basically, the sensitivity is too low on the throttle default sensitivity, you have to push it 75-100% to get it feeling like the throttle is doing anything, (you also need to make sure to make sure the + and - sides of the axis are set to thrust.)

Yesterday, the developer branch dumped my joystick settings. Wonderful, @#$@#$.

For my Saitek X52 customized settings, I've had to reduce the sensitivity on all axis to 0%. With the deadzone, the main axis are close to 0, with the thruster to maximum or halfway. Other axis deadzones are halfway. Yes most users will not be knowledgeable and just play expecting a rubber band effect while maneuvering.

With zero deadzone on the main joystick axis, you may find your 3D person turning always in one direction when parachuting, thinking you have improperly mapped left/right turning controls. When instead, the joystick is pushing improper input with not enough deadzone threshold.

I think vectoring for the vortex aircraft is currently permanently enabled within the Developer snapshots. Vectoring seems to be always enabled at 98-100% thrust. Enabling/disabling vectoring seems to have no effect... shrugs.

The problem I was seeing a few days ago, applied thrust seemed no effect, but this may have been due to a slow multiplayer server. I wish Bohemia would stage 1-3 developer snapshot servers for us to use. I think currently Bohemia only stages servers for RC versions... but I would think there are no official servers for even RC versions.

@goldblaze, I know the recommended practice is map both the + and - directions of the throttle to thrust but as I mentioned, doing that made it impossible to generate enough thrust to takeoff, whereas mapping only - made it work. Although even then, it seems to stop working some time later, like the next day or so when I next run A3, so that's not really a solution either.

B93 added a subscriber: B93.Oct 24 2016, 4:55 PM
alef added a subscriber: alef.Jan 15 2017, 1:50 PM
alacazain added a subscriber: alacazain.EditedMay 10 2017, 6:07 AM

I have this issue on the new jet dlc, i can only use 0-89% throttle. If i want to go to 100% throttle i have to hold left shift. Anyone knows how to fix this? Please please explain, this seems to only be happening in the jet dlc. Please explain in steps and in real details. Im not so good at scripting etc.

Try disabling third party mapping software.

Ensure there's no limits within the MS Windows joystick axis configuration

Check the ARMA settings > controls menu joystick axis for any anomalies. (I have Saitek hardware and find it necessary to perform the above, as well as configuring ARMA controls for minimal or 0% sensitivity, while keeping the throttle and another axis as 50% sensitivity.)

Not sure if this helps, but may get you started in a possible correct direction.

Chubbs added a subscriber: Chubbs.Dec 14 2017, 11:57 PM

This issue has been solved. The solution is to map both the + and - directions of the axis in order to achieve full range. This task can be closed.

MOR added a comment.Feb 21 2018, 9:35 AM

eh what? Adding both + and - to analogue throttle? I'm pretty sure that won't work..Ima try that out

I think it also depends on the flight stick you are using. I have an expensive $400 TM Warthog/Stick and a very bottom of the table $30 TM T.Flight Hotas X. I had more joy (control although still not as it should be) with the T.Flight.

Using the Warthog right throttle as collective (I have tried the left ND) this is the result. Move my throttle from 0 into the - zone e.g -1, -2, -3 it jumps to -100. Move from 0 into the + zone e.g +1,+2,+3 it jumps to +100. There is no control the only way I succeeded in getting any kind of incremental movement is by rapidly jerking the throttle from 0 into the - or + zone and back to 0 and hope it stays somewhere in between +- 0 - 100.

What is needed is the ability to switch the through range into a J curve (slider) from an S curve (split -/+) with the option to make it reversible so push the throttle from back to front or front to back 0 to 100. This would make a world of difference to the game and it's not that difficult.
Anyone who has set up a new profile with the Thrustmaster Target software or has DCS World flight Sim will know what I mean. As it is helicopters in this game are a waste of time for most types of hardware I think you would find just about everyone has this problem some have learned to live with it others don't bother with Helo's and that's a shame when they've paid for it.

There was talk a while back of DCS expanding the world to include FPS and vehicles. If they do well say no more. I don't expect any real solutions and I'm not hunting around 3rd party software and fiddling about. I'm illiterate when it comes to such things I don't want to be anything else nor should I. The solution is about the developers putting it right.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

I bought a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and had to map - and + axis to digital throttle. My throttle input isn't registered as analog, since collective raise (analogue) and colective lower (analogue) only use %50 of full throttle axis.

Yes, this has been solved. If you are getting 50% throttle then you need to unmap your other analog device. Only map the logitech otherwise it will split the input with the another analog stick (50% + 50% = 100%).

Yes, this has been solved. If you are getting 50% throttle then you need to unmap your other analog device. Only map the logitech otherwise it will split the input with the another analog stick (50% + 50% = 100%).

Unfortunately Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is my only joystick, I have none other connected.

If you verified that the slider -1 is the only thing mapped to collective raise (analogue) and the slider +1 is the only thing mapped to collective raise (analogue) then try looking in options > controls > controller and disable anything not Logitech, if any. If that still doesn't work then select the logitech and click the Customize button and then Unmap and try again.

This guy on Youtube recommends not using the analog slider with the analog controls which I find odd. Maybe there is something wrong with the Logitech slider?

Make sure you don't have more than one thing mapped to analog throttle or collective. If you do, then the game will take half input from one, half from the other.

I solved this by mapping both sliders + & - to Collective Raise (Analogue), albeit a bit confusing, Works like a charm. Thank you all.

Just so I can understand this....this is on a warthog hotas...

The Throttle has two "sticks", and a little grey slider on the right side of the two sticks. What you are saying to do is go to the collective raise (analogue) , then push the two main throttle controls all the way forward and then all the way back. Correct ? Do we delete the mapping for the other collectives as well ?

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