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Jun 22 2016

rangoon updated the task description for T118456: Car Fast Forward and Car Slow Forward cannot be rebound.
Jun 22 2016, 3:22 AM · Arma 3
rangoon created T118456: Car Fast Forward and Car Slow Forward cannot be rebound.
Jun 22 2016, 3:07 AM · Arma 3
rangoon added a comment to T74424: Inconsistent behaviour of zoom in/out, zoom in/out toggle and zoom temporary controls.

This is reported as fixed, but it is not. The same behavior occurs:

Jun 22 2016, 12:56 AM · Arma 3

May 10 2016

rangoon added a comment to T77447: chained vehicle(tank),boats are can't be steered by car left,right (analog).

Yes, please fix this. I am using HOTAS controls for flying and driving whenever possible. All wheeled vehicles steer fine with analog controllers using car left/right analog. Arma 2 worked fine for wheels or tracks, but Arma 3 treats them differently. Apparently boats, too, though I hadn't tried them yet. Arma 3 doesn't allow analog steering of tracked vehicles with car left/right analog. Presently I have to use mouse and keyboard - car left/right with keyboard and care more left/right with mouse.

May 10 2016, 8:26 AM · Arma 3
rangoon added a comment to T74424: Inconsistent behaviour of zoom in/out, zoom in/out toggle and zoom temporary controls.

Thanks for outlining this issue so well. Not sure if exactly my problem is included in the thorough description of this problem, but it is absolutely a part of this issue. I just posted in Troubleshooting, but found this issue here already posted. My common problem is that if I am infantry and have toggled zoom in, and then bring up the sights ("optics"), ACO, etc., the view is forced "zoom out". I then must toggle zoom in twice in order to get back to my zoom level. Also, if I release the sights and go back to "crosshair" I still have to toggle zoom in twice to get to a new zoomed-in state.

Another issue is that if I am in the gun's sights, then toggle zoom in, there is no way to zoom back out except for holding "zoom out" (can't toggle back out). My next step is always to go off sights, but then again I must toggle twice to get back to a zoomed-in state. It's very disorienting and, while it's predictable, feels very unpredictable in the heat of battle.

May 10 2016, 7:11 AM · Arma 3
rangoon added a comment to T65252: Analogue throttle only using half its range.

From oukej: "- Helicopters

  • Collective - half of the chose axis has to be mapped on Collective raise (Analogue) the other half on Collective lower (Analogue)

(This way it gives you exact control over the collective in 0-100% range both with Standard and Advanced flight model. For example with Hummingbird a hover can be maintained with collective around 60% with SFM and around 50% with AFM.)"

This is not true for the BFM (only AFM). I tested this as recently as this morning (Nov 18, 2014) and it doesn't work this way. You only get one half of the physical collective throw affecting the in-game collective. The whole forward half (or back, depending on how you have the axes set up) has zero influece. Full down collective is achieved at 50% physical controller travel. The closest solution I have found is to map both + and - to "Collective raise (analogue)" and just - to "Collective lower (analogue)". This gives you the most physical influence, being from 100% up collective to 30-40% down collective having an affect, with the remainder having no effect (in Basic Flight Model). The input throughout is still inconsistent, but it gives you more physical control. In BFM, the climb rate of the MH-9 is capped at 2300fpm in a hover, and descent rate is capped at 1750fpm in a hover.

You can test this by hitting auto hover, centering pedals and cyclic (or disabling) and then noting the VSI on the 3D panel as you climb and descend, while cross referencing the physical collective controller travel. Note precisely when the VSI needle stops moving at 2300fpm positive rate. The collective (controller) will be full (100%). Note when the VSI needle stops moving at 1750fpm negative rate. The collective (controller) will be at 50% with oukej's setup and at maybe 30 or 40% with what I'm using. But the rate of change will be inconsistent as well, throughout the travel. Still, at least this way you will see immediate results when going from full collective downward a miniscule amount. But if you bottom out the collective, you will not see any change until you reach about 30-40% travel on the controller. With oukej's setup you will have to wait until 50% travel for results.

If you switch to Advanced Flight Model, the collective works basically as you would expect, and with climb rates past the VSI's max reading of 3000fpm either positive or negative. But you can note torque changing (beyond the VSI limits) as the indication you are getting immediate and full-spectrum results from collective changes across the entire physical throw of the controller.

I am using CH controllers.

May 10 2016, 1:53 AM · Arma 3