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[Request] Walkable Interior for Vehicles like Boats, Planes
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I know there are no Planes or bigger boats yet but I was wondering if the new Engine could handle Players walking inside a flying C-130 for example or Even walk on some Fishing Boats / Aircraft Carrier while it moves?

I´ve seen some attempts on ArmA 2 Already and it kinda worked. Would be great to have such thing in ArmA 3.

for reference:


Hammer {F18274} {F18275} {F18276}


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that be neat. for the boats, you might be able to shoot out of it with your rifle

A player ( [APS]Gnat ) said, that this Feature already Exists in VBS so this would be mainly possible!

Don't want to wait another X years for this. Dear BI, make it happen

Please, even the small boats are easy to get on, so it just ruins it that he can't move when he's on the top of it.

Yes please, +1 and monitored.

Attached some screenshots of walking inside some helicopters with mods.

Agree, players should not be locked down in such a way where they cannot move. Adding a movement system allowing players a more realistic freedom within/on vehicles would be better. Large helicopters, planes, ships, hovercraft, etc would greatly benefit from this.

It is definitely possible, something like that was shown in one of the VBS2 Trailers that you can see on dslyecxi's youtube channel.
Just btw: VBS2 is literally the "military" version of ArmA, it is used as a training simulator in a few militaries including the USMC.

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Joint Operations

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It would be nice for this to happen, the ability then model actual planes interiors would be relevant, you could even have gun fights in a plane etc.

But this is not vital.

The more vital one is definitely boats, as currently when you disembark you jump into the water, imagine lets say that ive pulled up to a pontoon.

Why would I jump into the water lol.

Added more youtube links...

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

There is mod called German Army Forces, one of its creators is BISim dev and is working on walkable ships. What he said that it is possible with physx if not then theres scripted alternative. In my opinion it is one of the most vital features that must be added to A3 - heavily linked with shooting from vehicles.

It was possible in VBS and ARMA may run on a different engine but that means that people at BI know how it works and what it could work with.

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Would definetly love this. ALso the community would greatly benefit from it

I think it works to a certain extent currently in arma.

I placed a civilian vehicle down. I then placed a quad bike in the back of it. While the vehicle is stationary i can move back and forth in the back on the quad bike. While the vehicle is moving, the quad bike is pushed to the back on the civilian vehicle, cannot drive forward or backwards.

So the basic functionality is there, we just need to be able to move on/inside vehicles.

C130 walking inside?!?! YES PLEASE! I downloaded a mod for ARMA 2 that was a C130 with a open back so we could all walk around inside and stuff.. only problem is. when it took off with us in the back we were propelled as if shot out of a cannon. So, that would need to be fixed somehow.

Updated Youtube Links.

This would be very useful. In addition it would allow you to walk to the back hatch of the Mohawk and walk/jump out that way instead of just hitting eject.

I support this, but I wouldn't want to be working at BI if they decide to do it :P

Alright +1 and good luck to bis if the are gona implement this. You must understand that the collisions between vehicle and caracter are seen as static. Its kinda hard to explain but pretty mcuh what happends once you move is in A2 the collisions glitch out and proppel you forward(Note this also accounds for BF3 try jumping on a tank when its moving). In arma 3 this would actually be funny just image with the ragdoll physics people getting launched out of the backs of trucks enc. Now for an example of such walking system here is a link to a paradrop script by DAP it allows you to run in hte back of 3 types of planes mainly interresting for the C130H. This script proves to be awsome but also really glitchy at the same time. (Jerking animations and movement no collisions on caracters enc). Im currently working on a stryker model for both A2 and 3 with workable animations and walkable interior while on the move. This proves to be amazingly hard to do in such tight spaces. But there is always a way to do somthing as proven into the script above.

Just put this in BIS. like seriously there is allot wrong whit this game like glitches and bugs.... you guys had 6 months to fix allot now you guys have annother 4 or 6 months to fix what is still broken and putt in stuff you want and theeeennnn you can put in stuff we want... Good luck

Please add this to the final/beta version of the game. It would merge with so many of the current top requested features (shooting out of vehicles, diver deployment, HALO jumps, fast roping, and others). Just imagine jumping out of the back of a Mohawk, or providing support to your mates on the ground, or walking out the door of an armored vehicle. You guys probably have tons of crap to implement and bugs to fix, but this would greatly add to the immersive part of this awesome game.

Voted Up

Most Novel Idea since the invention of pants.

very important. Arma3 would be served well by the ability to walk around on boats/ships. Most important are the bigger ships. We don't have a huge need to walk around small boats, but being able to walk around on civilian merchant ships would be amazing. It would open up a whole new arena of possibilities if we could board and search merchant ships.

Agreed ^but still we want to walk in all vehicles. Small armored large planes boats enc.

Would BIS ever implement this? Or will they VBS2 have all the stuff the community wants already implemented?

Lol @programer i dont think they would do that only for VBS that would be a rape move by them.

I have added an Independence class LCS and it suffers some problems because the current GEO and Road LODs have a measurable limit of around 60 meters. This is (strangely) only appliable to class Man, not for other PHYSx compatible vehicles.

Although there are some problems with the movement of ships and helicopters it works quite well.

Me I would like two things:
1st: Improve the interaction between Road LODs and other vehicles so the transported vehicle over a Road LOD moves at the same speed


2nd: GEO LOD and Road LOD improvements so the size limit of 60 meters dissappear.

Make a new tread about it and give the some more info. Just relate it to this one. But yhea i dont know what you mean well i gues that i know and it seems somthing crucial to be fixed only doesnt seem to be related to this atall

It is related, believe me.

Walkable ships are not possible unless:

The GEO LOD and Roadway LOD are big enough so the entire ship is considered "Solid" by the game engine so a class man (a character) can walk upon it.


PHYSx are correctly applied so the velocity of a given entity is both that of the vehicle AND the relative speed of the vehicle being transported by the other vehicle (in this case, a ship)

Okey fair enough thanks for the explenation now i understand it. Yep seems like somthing to work on. I'd sugest making a new post regarding this explaining this to the bone and relating it to this so bis knows how to begin.

LOLOLOL @ mankyle this engine can easily have walkable ships all it takes is making the new models and configuring. i''s very simple 100 percent fact

The Know-How is there, sighting right there by BIS, even if it is BI Simulations...Could you guys not implement this ONE feature that would open up millions of possibilites for players, modders and mission makers alike? It's sitting right under your noses BIS please do it

This would be bloody brilliant, and I'm not even British.

This is a great idea, even just if you can "get out" of a boat, like the dingy, without jumping overboard and be able to shot off it or something.

With the new island based maps some sort of naval DLC with this in it would be awesome too. Battleships and some small classes of attack Submarines would be great too. All these possibilities need the player to be able walk around inside the vehicle.

This feature has major value

I don't really know how easy it is phyiscs-wise to achieve something like that, plus there might be an issue with "get in" command, or "moveincargo" (in scripting), though a good solution could be to keep the "get in/ride in back" command, and when you "get in"side it, be able to move freely in it. And, if you'd want to get out, you should have to use the "get out" command.

In HALO, Planetside 2, VBS 2, etc., you can stand on moving vehicles without problems. Someone should look into the vehicle files, find out how it works, and port it over to Arma 3. Without plagiarism or copyright infringement of course :P

May not be possible with this engine though :/

It's possible with the engine, it was in VBS.

The way it would work is so simple.

Currently units and vehicles are constrained to world space.

World Space:
Terrain: Straits for example
North East South West in relation to Stratis where Agia Marina is in the west and the Spartan symbol is to the south.
Units and vehicles follow the ground, are attached to the world space.

To get this to work you would need units to be attached to the local object space.

Local Object Space:
Vehicle: Large Aircraft Carrier for example
North would be the Forward moving direction of the vehicle south would be the backwards direction (reversing) for the vehicle.
The runway runs from south to north (back to front obviously). The control tower is to the west (or the left side).

The aircraft carrier is facing east in the world space. But your character's north is the Aircraft carriers east in relation to World Space.

When the carrier moves, you stay still because you are attached to the local vehicles local space so you are not affected by the world space gravity and physics. So in theory the aircraft carrier is not moving in local space so you can run around on the deck no problem.

Obviously collisions that occur between World Space and Local space should affect the object and the things on it.

The problem we have is how do we shift from world space to local space when we need to?

Maybe if your feet/wheels touches the carrier you are automatically transferred to the object space but when you walk off the edge touching nothing you are moved to world space and fall in the water.

Wow I seem to be talking about "Spaces" alot, not just on this ticket... damn i may be obsessed with the idea without realising it... :/

To add my method above is one way of doing it. The other method is using PhysX, movement velocity etc etc. A painstakingly possible way to do it.

Edit: Mankyle already mentioned that, my bad:

The problem with halo and planetside is when the vehicle was moving you would have glitches and die. One of my favourite parts of Crysis 3 was standing ontop of someone's mech thing while it walked around, jumped and shot at people while I rode it shooting at other people without gltiching off the vehicle. Crysis 3 also allowed what we want with vehicles on a static spaceship flying around the map which you could stand on.

I have created a ticket not too long ago for a Polygonal Pathing System AKA Navmeshes.

My idea would work for vehicles and it attaches the Polygonal Pathing to the vehicles and the units would be in a position the whole time.

Here is my ticket:

Can say this could be somewhat related?

It would be awesome


This will NEVER be implemented, you know?

okay is it just me, or was this already in Arma 2? I vaguely remember the parajump tutorial where you were walking around in the back of a C-130

In A2 there was a dedicated static model of a C130 with walkable interiors for halo jumps and such but, as i said, it was a static object.
Anyway this would be really cool, it's absurd BIS spent all that time on water physics and such and then we don't even get proper simulation to actually make it worth it.

I support this feature also. Upvoted.

This would be awesome.

Not sure if this helps at all, but here:

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