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Vehichles blowing up without any warning is a bit unrealistic, isn't it?
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In real life I've never seen a car crash and then the cars exploded... but in arma I have, but that's okay and cool. But however i think the vehichles should begin to burn before they just exploded with unrealisticly little warning. Add some smoke coming out the engine and fire, the fire causes the last damage needed to make the vehichle explode and grilling the crew inside.

So: Damage-->Smoke-->exposed fire-->buummmm.--> vehichle burning out. <-- realistic

Instead of: Damage-->whatthefu-boooommmm. <-- unrealistic

you decide..


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Shoot a Hunter(blufor car) 20-25 times in the bottom(fuel tank)with an assualt rifle.

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Would be cool as fuck, also field manual should describe vehichlas weak spots, such as the one i mentioned, why not.

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this would add some realism, but you would have to separate normal damage or gunfire from for example AT rockets hitting a car cause that would cause an immediate explosion still....

Maybe vehicles could monitor how much damage they accumulate over time. If it's a lot of damage very quickly (e.g. getting hit with a rocket), it could cause an explosion. If it's some damage over a longer period of time, then it would burn out, and possibly get a chance for an engineer to start repairs.

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Okay i haven't explained it good enough. With the system i made, an AT rocket would make it explode right away, because damage exceeds the maximum, im talking about it bursting on fire before it exceeds maximum, and that fire will make it reach maximum damage eventually. But that'll be up to the devs, they will probably make it in a different way or else i should be doing their job :P

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with incediary ammo shot into the tank or engine, explosions might happen without warning, however as it is in the game right now it's just like GTA's "explosive barrels on wheels"

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Zombo and Tholozor do not understand.

If a vehicle receives high damage (such as from an AT round or a burst of incendiary or whatever) it will most likely immediately blow up the car anyways because they do enough hitpoint damage to the cars different parts to bring them down to zero at once.

What TTc30 is trying to explain is that this effect would be purely visual, it would only display the fire and smoke when vehicles are close to critical existence failure which causes them to burst into a ball of flames like they already do.

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A vehicle with 0 health should not automatically explode. As for cars, they should only explode if some one blows then up with an explosive, rocket, satchel, rpg etc etc.

Would love to have a system similar to ace where there was a percentage chance for a vehicle to explode even when hit by an rpg.

Agreed whit house.

well, we still don't know if there will be armour simulation for tanks, so idk if they will add this...

I dont see any fire. VEHICLES SHOULD NEVER EXPLODE FROM CONTACT ALONE, only from explosives

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I would like to see no explosions AT ALL, especially for civilian vehicles that carry no ammo. Deflagrations yes, after catastrophic damage to the vehicle. But current detonations are annoying.

Vehicles should only explode if their gas tanks get hit with tracers / explosives / AP rounds. Not when their hull reaches "0".

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Only armoured vehicles explode when their hull-damage value reaches 1.
Cars on the other hand will explode only when their fuel-damage value reaches 1.

Arma 3 does support some sort of armor simulation. However, it is not configured. Addons can enable it though (and need to configure it).

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Same happens with helicopters, fliying low and at low or minimun speed and you hit the ground and they just explode. Shouldn t be like that, they can explode or not, depending which part is afected.

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Just about everything should not blow up in a huge fire ball. Even RPG hits to light trucks should not blow it up, that only happens in the movies.

it's realistic, arma is a parallell universe

What if when the hull was red the model would turn to something like the "Blackfoot Wreck" model or Van wreck model, with no explosions or insta-death. Then if the engine was red there would be an engine fire, maybe a very very low chance of explosion. Very low. And if the fuel was red then you would just have a fuel leak, with a very low chance of a fire.