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Crashed helicopters and destroyed buildings have invisible fire
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When a helicopter crashes, there apparently is fire around it, but it is invisible. So, if a helicopter crashes, you have to stay far away from it to avoid dying. Found out after a helicopter downed, wanted to get near it because there was some of my items under it, and it killed me.


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Another helicopter crashed, one of my friends I was playing with got too close to it before I warned him, and he died. Dovafox made this video to show it:

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Unable to reproduce. Could you please try to find better repro? Thank you.

You have to wait for the fire to "burn out", but the heli will still kill you if you get near it.

Still unable to reproduce. Are you able to reproduce it without any mods/user made missions? How often are you observing this issue? What version of the game are you using? Thanks

Just played and recorded randomly in wasteland and this happened.
Played in latest patch in DEV, since it happens so often I don't think it's the wastelands problem.

Happens to me too. Also occurs around blown up/burned out vehicles as well.

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Thanks for the reproducing, I completely forgot to add the steps. Hopefully they fix this, cause this was really annoying me in the showcases and wasteland.

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I can't reproduce in SP, does this bug occur in MP only?

Not sure, will have to test.

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The invisible fire around KA-60's is only about 50 feet at most. Within this invisible fire range, your screen will turn red and if you back-out you will not incur damage. However, if you keep moving forward into the flames, your player will die after seeing a brief medic emblem.

This is using the latest developer releases, tested a week or so ago.

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Just to confirm, this bug still exists as of today's update.

The KA-60 was in a charred blackened state without any fire or smoke during day time. I walked up to this KA-60 and was apparently injured and/or killed by the invisible flames.

This doesn't apply only to helicopters, destroyed buildings have this "invisible fire" too. Very annoying.

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This issue is still present and requires attention. I have only encountered this on MP servers. Chopper wrecks, even if they have been around for hours, deal damage over time, as fire does.

I am surprised this hasn't more votes.

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Yes this kill me every time. The invisible fire lasts forever and needs to be fixed, impossible to get near a downed heli.

Cannot repro, needs simple repro mission.

What I did:

  • Created a player unit
  • Created a manned helicopter, FLYING
  • Killed the pilot in init (driver this setDamage 1)

What happens:

  • Pilot crashes in front of the player on mission start
  • I run to the helicopter, fire is burning the player
  • setAccTime 10 (10x time acceleration)
  • wait until the fire stops burning
  • setAccTime 1 (back to normal)
  • I run to the helicopter, nothing burns me

Tried the same in MP (host server) and two players, no invisible fire.

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Happens to te in MP only, I&A type mission.
Looks like is involved the multiplayer code only.

Same here within multiplayer.

Could also be due to players playing with additional mods/modifications and/or scripts, whether server or client. I for one, do not use mods or modifications at the client end here, and really dispise when I have to at the client end.

(I've also seen server bugs where all players would eject out of their vehicles at once, but again I've heard it was due to the customized scripts at the server end.)

I tried my simple repro within multiplayer (2 players in a host server) and I was unable to reproduce it.

Maybe it's limited to DS or packet loss (e.g. the event that it stopped burning is dropped).

This is a pressing multiplayer issue. It happens on most wasteland servers for me. Most helicopters have this issue every time they blow up. Invisible fire tends to burn for 10 minutes and can have a very sporadic radius size. PLEASE RESOLVE ASAP

DarkDruid, if you want to reproduce the issue find a fresh chopper crash on most Wasteland servers. I know it is an issue in the WS.ARMA.SU servers, I usually only play on those

This is happening with the most recent version of the game, the 1.10 hotfix or whatever. Confirmed as of last night.

This seems to be a mission issue (i.e. Wasteland). BI devs are not responsible for fixing custom missions.

Fireball, for having developed Wasteland missions for nearly a year now, I can assure you that this is caused by the engine, and not mission scripts.

A vehicle fire lasting more than 10 minutes? Sounds realistic to me. Maybe instead, the fire should not be invisible and instead be switched to a low-level fire?

AgentRev, then make an easy repro please. I tried and failed. Had one player and a helo crashing on a dedicated server as soon the mission started, and then tried walking around the crash site a couple of times and it was always visible fire or eventually no (damaging) fire, after it stopped burning visually (I used time acceleration).

There are no repro steps at all, the video is gone, plus Wasteland is simply not acceptable as a repro mission in this case. We need a 30sec to 2 min repro and not multiple players to start from opposite ends of a map in a fully fledged mission.

Please upload a very small mission with appropriate repro steps, which ONLY reproduces that issue, if you want to see any progress.

Alright, I will try. I did notice in the past that it happens somewhat randomly. Sometimes, a heli crash is perfectly safe to approach while still visibly on fire, yet another one with no fire at all can silently start killing you.

Also a couple weeks ago, it happened with a tank. A physics bug had caused my tank to flip over and explode, which killed me, and when I tried to go take the gear from my corpse 5 mins later, invisible fire killed me once again even thought there were no visible flames, and I was standing at least 10m away from the wreck.

I've also seen this issue with either stable or dev branch, on TF1776 map servers.

There was a fix for in exe rev. 115141 which is already on Steam dev and it should also fix this

Can you please check if this is still happening thank you.

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This problem still exists. When online playing Domination, a chopper crashes and burns for a bit, the fire affect disappears and you try to go over to revive the dead crew but you still get burned by invisible flame.

It may be connected to the mission (dynamic and heavily scripted), I cannot reproduce it in simple mission on a dedicated server. Could you please provide more details? What helicopter should I use? Were you using any community mods?

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Iceman, it has nothing to do with dynamic and heavily scripted missions. You can't script invisible fire or anything related to fire anyway... And yes, it still happens.

rogerx added a comment.Dec 8 2014, 8:11 PM

I second Xeno's thought. It would seem from my point of view that the only way a heavily scripted mission scenario is involved, is the fact the heavy usage of scripting eventually imposes enough stress on the engine code for it to eventually break at some point. (What Iceman seems to want is for the bug to already be traced and found, and reproduced. For which can likely be performed much easier in house by developers versus by consumers on closed source code.)

The next step to debugging this is likely to single out each script to find the one script passing a value back to the core engine (or C/C++ code) that is causing this anomaly. (It could also be two or more scripts, and maybe the fact the code is compiled with optimizations and not having enough time to accept a second value being passed back to it.)

Else, run the code through a debugger or tracer, for which is increasingly difficult within the closed source world and the number one reason people do not see me devoting more time to debugging closed source, or debugging anything within Windows! :-/

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