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Need some way to discourage team killing
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Please implement anti-tk features.


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how about you kick him and get a server with pw

This has always been a problem, a problem solved by kicking teamkillers. Stop your whining and either leave the server, or kick the teamkiller if you're admin.

Stop whining and deal with the fact that some people are assoles? You can also not clutter up the bug reports with an issue you mark as urgent, that cannot be fixed by the devs. Your all caps and obvious lack of reflection on the issue is pointless.

There are scripts out there that automatically kick teamkillers. This is an alpha. Give the rest of the testers some time.

For every teamkill you could take all of his money, if the server is running a map where you need cash for guns. You only leave him with as much money for a nice pistol or something not so dangerous.

"You can also not clutter up the bug reports with ... that cannot be fixed by the devs."

You seriously don't think the DEVS could at least easily implement a multiplayer option for punishing habitual teamkillers and leave it up to the server admins to leave it turned on when creating a new server???????? If they don't implement a server side option Didn't Counterstrike have a player voting system 12 years ago so at least the TEAMATES could deal with it?

Maybe this report shouldn't be marked as urgent and the caps are unnecessary, but I absolutely disagree with your assessment that nothing can/should be done to implement a punishment system.

Oh, and really, go get and host and administer your own server is your answer? There are scripts out there? Wow, that accommodates the fraction of the community that has the time and interest in hosting their own server, great suggestion.



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Think there are several other problems associated with this specific bug.

A lot of maps are not problem free, creating boredom because of lack of mission clarity or other factors such as unclear teammate tags/icons.

As such, debugging the maps might be the most rational approach, prior to escalating this bug. Trying to fix this bug alone, would cause more problems for people accidentally killing others -- such as negative scores or negative money. The killed teammate might also not be able to type "!forgive" fast enough either.

So, team killing will continue to be a prominent issue with buggy missions/maps/scenarios.

I think the best method ever, has been to automatically kick players with more than five team kills. While still allowing 1-5 accidents to happen.

I think a few map server spawn points, were having a sport of team killing, and if I would have checked the player statistics, one would have seen players with -20 kills (or +20 team kills)!!!

"I think the best method ever, has been to automatically kick players with more than five team kills. While still allowing 1-5 accidents to happen."

Amen. No matter how much they fix the maps, there will always be trolls TRYING to kill all their teamates just to be a jerk. 5 TKs = kick, 2nd kick = 24 hour ban. Admins can manually ban beyond that.

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^1+ this! You contra guys fail to realize not everyone is in a dedicated community and BI should not expect every player to be in one. "Only play on passworded servers!" is a elitist view that is not reflected by the majority of the player base, and probably not an attitude shared by the devs.

People are getting trolled by Kids/noobs that logg into a server, just shoot at everything that moves and generally just trying to be an ass.

Admins can't be on 24/7 and nobody should expect them to. 1-5 Kills - setting serverside is the way to go and I bet not even that hard to make. Other stuff like "TK't in the first X seconds/minutes of join = Kick/Ban" or "TK in base = Kick/ban" could be added later on.

Edit: Also "DOWN VOTE BC CAPS OLOL", I get this OP had the TK-Rage still strong in him as he created this request - and should by all means edit it if possible. Your answer is to a) Ignore the issue completely in spite of it being a valid problem plagueing the community. or b) Create ANOTHER request just so you don't have to be annoyed by capslock? meh! Vote this up boys.

Yes, an automatic TK tracking system with autokick/ban and a voting system would work out nicely. It also means server admins could choose an option that suits them best. +1

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u guys are trolls for down voting this. to pretend that the average server has active admins who can ban or kick players is absurd. Arma 2 it was a huge problem, playing this years later and its worse anywhere I go.

^ Yep, +1

Plus, I've actually seen Admins coming online, seeing the base blown to sh*t, everybody killing each other: and they (admins) deal with it by disconnect without doing anything.

Not every Server admin actually cares about public sessions, as long as they can lock it when they have their own private sessions, many servers are kept a trainwreck to scare publics away, and only maintained when they are having a playtime themselves.

There should be a server option to kick/ban players that do more than x TK's. This would made public server way more viables.

Nice rage post. thanks.

  1. Admins
  2. Note the ID of that guy, go to the servers website and report him (best with screenshot)

If the admin does nothing... change the server and look for another community.

This is an issue, but not an important one as stated.

Stop whining, this is Sparta! ... I mean ... an alpha.

Didn't they release alpha so we can try it out and give feedback? Up voted.

There should be a built-in automatic system for this instead of expecting additional scripts. Who wants to spend the time to kick out endless flood of assholes when there's a game to play?

"they (admins) deal with it by disconnect without doing anything."

Apparently not many.

i no bit fu#### off when i posted this if i could edit the Severity of this post i would sorry for the rage post guys but i do believe we need a voting system

just give it some time and servers will start banning em etc.. I support all TEAM KILLERS..why? because they give money to my favorite developers like Bohemi...then my favorite communtiy(arma) ban them from playing!! so thanks you hacking and TKing idiots for giving money to them and now u cant play..or soon u wont! yippie

What ever is imposed, I just strongly urge server administrators to be rational and recognized not everybody is perfect. Even I have 1-3 friendly fire kills, especially when somebody ditches a chopper by accident with a full load of 5-10 members, which would immediately exceed a 5 team kill limit!

So again, be rational and recognize it is just a game, but 20+ team kills within the spawn zone is likely a red flag. ;-)

Don't forget, the competition such as EA developers will want to team kill at the spawn. ;-)

It is possible to votekick using the "#vote kick [userName]" command. THIS IS NOT COMMON KNOWLEDGE HOWEVER.

A friendly fire option would be good.

Also, I believe you can stop the enemy from spawn killing if you set the mission up in such a way.

Maybe they could have a higher level of fidelity on this.

eg. allow enemy kills but disable TK in spawn area (or any other area)
disable both
enable both

Sure it occurs in battle, but for mine the real issue lays at spawn.

Ditto. But what about a chopper returning with soldiers and crashes at spawn?

Lots of variables to consider, else you'll end-up kicking the good players. ;-)

I'd say three or five team-kills until auto kick/ban.

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Why don't you ask the mission maker to make an autokick-function? That has nothing to do with the game, unless you play the missions of BIS (wich would explain, why you are writing in capitals).

Team killers, kill team mates because they are

2)Can not find vehicle

  1. Pissed off by other team mates
  2. 14 yr old COD fan by whose mother dates Xbox user in canada

So my solution is to ......................Walk with my my son.

Edited the title and description to remove all-caps. :)

Even better... allow the option somewhere to have it so that if a person teamkills, it drops their weapon on the ground. They can pick it back up again and will continue doing so while they are team killing.

It works because if a person accidentally team kills, they dont need to be kicked or have a timer and be froze on the spot. They just pick up the gun and carry on (assuming that it is possible to only allow that player to pick up the gun and noone else).

The TK'er will get so annoyed with the weapon dropping that he'll just give up or quit.

Woodpeckersam: Great orginal idea concerning auto dropping the gun on friendly fire, but in the real world this probably isn't a good idea!

A girl on the front lines, would drop her gun so many times, she might as well just hand the enemy her weapon!

The friendly kill counter seemingly does a really good job so far, at 20-30, it's a no-brainer they're doing it purposely and it's really easy to single them out from other players on the list. This does great until you get to aircraft transport pilots who might only ditch the aircraft two or three times, and end-up with a really high friendly kills by chance. And their score won't be great, as they're spending the bulk of their time piloting.

I always hated piloting and getting shot down in one of the other games with passengers. The poorly scripted servers would then kick me for apparent team killing.

Lots of variables to mull over. ;-)

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This has nothing to do with the arma3 devs, it depends on the game mode you are playing. If you don't want TKers don't allow random people onto the server, or kick the ones that do..

I'd say go find a script or 2 since this game is not only meant for CQB but also for long range(500-700m)engaments were you might not be able to see who it is that is shooting at you(side) but just know were the fire is comming from. And i know that there is scripts for Arma 2 that makes a TK limit and no spawn camping ect.

So, your solution is add something that takes away from realism and forces people to use it no matter how realistic they want the game to be? Think about it, in the future when they have planes dropping 500lb bombs, imagine someone accidentally dropping in the wrong area and kills a group of their own team. That's something that happens in real life and should be allowed in game. Much like someone not paying enough attention and shooting one of their own teammates by mistake.

This isn't an oversight, this was on purpose.

This is only something that mission makers can fix, if needed. Hence closing down.