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setOvercast command not functioning
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When using the setOvercast command, i.e. "0 setOvercast 0" to immediately set the sky to 0% overcast, there is no effect. Changing the setting in the editor does have the proper effect. setFog and other weather-related commands appear to function correctly.


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Make a mission, create a Radio Alpha trigger, in its "on act" field type "1 setOvercast 1". Calling the trigger from in game will do nothing.

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I don't confirm in absolute the ticket description.

In my testing the overcast value does change (responding to ie. "50 setOvercast 1"), but it apparently ignores the first term, the duration for the transition set by the command.

I have confirmed this problem as my dynamic weather system sets initial weather conditions via script but is not effective in regards to overcast settings. Does seem to work later in game session though.

I am noticing the weather settings to be kind of "temperamental". There are thresholds of certain settings in order for the others to take effect. Some of these are pretty obvious (ie. it must overcast > 85 to rain > 0, as constrained in the INTEL panel in editor). Also try your dynamic weather system with "manual" and "auto" and see if it gets more responsive for your scripted settings.

I had trials where wind was responsive, but later on changing into a halt where it does not accept more setup anymore.

The current weather engine is probably under heavy tunning, i suspect.

I have tried both auto and manual settings in the intel dialogue. It seems to me that set to auto my rain/wind settings seem to operate fine via script. It's only in the beginning of the mission that the setOvercast seems to completely fail, but I can't say with certainty that it works exactly as it should later on in the mission either. There is no doubt that it fails in the beginning though.

Now I'm starting to wonder if the setRain is working too. In the newest dev version I haven't been able to set overcast, fog or rain. I tested by setting up a couple of triggers with different weather conditions for each and running between them to see if anything changes and nothing. I really hope the weather issue gets some attention.

both setOvercast and setRain do nothing for me, either in the init.sqf or later in game executed by trigger or debugger command.

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a) Using 0 or 1 for the time interval
b) running the code at time 0 or time > 0
has no effect on the following commands.

0 setovercast 1;
0 setrain 1;
0 setlightnings 1;

They simply don't work as expected or used too in A2

I know rain has been switched off for now for some technical reason

wind/fog/waves works as expected

There is no explanation as to what "simulWeatherSync" does and I see no effect from it other than it seems to reduce fog

Using the editor weather sliders does work, except the purposely disabled rain ofcource

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

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I looked at the rate in which the overcast changes. Seems like it is set to about 2500 - 2700 seconds till the overcast is changed.

_initialOvercast = overcast;
_targetOvercast = 1;
0 setOvercast _targetOvercast;
_count = 0;
while {true} do
_over = overcast;
sleep 1;
hint parseText format["Current Overcast:%1<br/>Change in overcast per second:%2<br/>Time running(Seconds):%3<br/>Estimated time:%4",overcast, overcast - _over, _count, floor((_targetOvercast - _initialOvercast) / (overcast - _over))];
_count = _count + 1;


these forums do not display my < b r / >


This command does work ok after a 1 hour skipTime

if you put this in init.sqf the overcast will change as expected:

skipTime 1;
0 setOvercast 1; this sets overcast to 1 correctly
hint (str overcast);
this outputs 1, or very close like 0.9997 as expected

if you remove the skipTime 1, the overcast will not change!

Any skiptime less than 1 (1 hour) will not work, for example:

skipTime 0.5; 30 mins skiptime
0 setOvercast 1;
hint (str overcast);
will return overcast only around 0.5

Issue summary:
It seems to take at least 1 hour for 0 setOvercast 1 to take effect, when it should take 0 seconds.

Ed added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 5:03 PM

Perhaps that 1 hour is the time in which the weather setting from within the mission editor changes to the forecasted weather setting.


Actually the mission still had the default setting of 30 minutes.
In ARMA2 any setOvercast or setFog always overrides and stops any mission forecast changes.

Has anyone check to see if this has changed in the recent updates? Would love to see the weather working correctly and have voted this up.

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Joris (DnA) has added a note to the setOvercast BIKI page:

"Arma 3's volumetric clouds cannot be instantly changed (it would take up to a few seconds to do a full recompute). Therefore, 0 setOvercast 0 will not have the desired effect. You can use skipTime to get to the desired cloud coverage - even 0.5 seconds will usually do the trick."

A skipTime 0.5 is not 0.5 seconds but 30 minutes! And setOvercast currently needs 30 minutes for the changes.
This makes it virtually impossible to add dynamic weather to missions with JIP.

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Xeno is right, a few second recompute is not a problem for weather sync with JIP-clients.

The skipTime hack doesn't work for me. If anyone has it working could you please post the exact code I can copy and paste in debug console and test it?

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@KillZone Kid
0 setOvercast 1; skipTime 1;

Since setDate does not change current overcast weather or forecast, could this code be used in MP?
0 setOvercast _serverOvercast;
skipTime 1;
setDate _serverDate;

@ceeeb This is weird. I tried this yesterday a dozen of times and it didn't work. It works today. (could have been the needed restart)

I have edited Joris's note with working example:

Still not working in release version ....

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not working as expected (not working anymore like in A2) first parameter is totaly useless.

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The skiptime trick seems to work with the setrain, setwind and setfog ... but not setovercast.

RRRR That just make impossible to create a single mission that is executed over few days (with cutscenes behind the stages). You always end up with the same overcast. That is a serious deal killer for immersion mission maker :(

@frag I saw your thread on the forums so I tested the trick just to make sure, it works for me.

Have you guys tested using skiptime? Because these commands are not instant. They take time to change the weather so it looks realistic.

Works for me with skiptime. We need repro.

frag added a comment.Oct 27 2013, 7:26 PM
  • Create a new mission set at noon, sunny sky.
  • Create a Alpha Radio trigger with the "On Act Code" hint "Overcast 1";skipTime -24; 86400 setOvercast 0.75; skipTime 24;
  • Start the preview. Its beautiful outside.
  • Activate the trigger with 0-0-1.
  • Now you will notice that the time in darker, BUT THERE ARE NOT A SINGLE CLOUD IN THE SKY.
  • If you start the mission with an overcast of 75 directly, you will get a lot of cloud in the sky, but not if you change the overcast value during the game.

I have attached my little mission if you want to test it out yourself.

Here is the link to the quick mission.

There was a command to set cloud cover simulSetHumidity which worked great but has been removed for some reason. simulWeatherSync will add clouds but is not as good as simulSetHumidity was

hint "Overcast 1"; skipTime -24; 86400 setOvercast 0.75; skipTime 24; 0 = [] spawn {sleep 0.1; simulweathersync};

We should be able to set the time it takes new weather to take effect to 0, or be able to use a command that bypasses the 30+ minute wait time without using ugly skipTime tricks.

Alex72 added a subscriber: Alex72.May 7 2016, 12:05 PM

The in game forecast option only changes it from something to something and then stays at the forecasted weather right?

I always wanted a true randomized weather that can go back and forth and in between continuosly available in the editor (tick box randomized weather?). But i guess the random weather mod is what i have to look foward to. :)

This command is still broken in 1.17.116467

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report bug on this doom tracker is useless. You will never go out.

Hum that's really sad


thank you for submitting the ticket. It has been assigned to our program department.

Have a nice day.

Any updates on this issue?

use: 1 call BIS_fnc_setOvercast

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SETOVERCAST Timing is broken IMO.

Start at 1, then use "0 setovercast 0":
0 setovercast 1; forceweatherchange;
0 setovercast 0;

Result: Overcast consistently goes down. It has reached the level of 0.9 in 280 seconds.

Now lets try to tell setovercast exactly what was measured above:
0 setovercast 1; forceweatherchange;
280 setovercast 0.9;

Result: After 17 Minutes I skipped the process. The overcast level is at 0.96 at this point. The process does take ultra long and not the expected 280 seconds.

Also see Meatballs measures:

please fix the timing so we can use 60 setOvercast 1

Assigned 2014-04-28.... hmmm whats wrong ?

Any update on this?

BIS releasing new terrain but not fixing major bugs. Slowly I lose the desire to play this game or building missions for it.

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Any updates on this issue? Several years later, and weather commands are still buggy and an issue.