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[Suggestion] Ability to repack mags
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I would like to see the ability to repack mags.


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Repacking mags gives you full mags, cleans up inventory, and helps shed excess weight. ACE for ARMA II handled this very well by making it take a long time (something like a minute). This made it so that you only really did it once you were in a completely safe area taking a break or riding in the back of a vehicle on the way to the next AO.

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I would love this feature to be in game.

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This sounds like it would be a nice feature.

Is it easy to do in real life? How much time does it take?

It's pretty easy to do in real life, ye.. You can push the bullets out of the mag from behind with your thumb.. Although it does take a little while, having to take out the ammo and put it in other mags =) But ye, definitely a feature worth looking into =)

okay, +1 then ^^

I swear I remember hearing something about this actually being added to the final version of the game. I'm not entirely sure.

If they decided to make the full animation of picking up the mags, sliding out the ammo, and putting it into other mags.. That would be so amazing

Nice idea!!


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This should had been in the game by default. The ability is as essential as the ability to repair vehicles. I'd suggest making it so that dragging and dropping one mag on top of another combines the rounds. I know this is possible in Day-Z, maybe Arma 2.

Why is this.. So essential ? Does nobody use their magazines fully and just discard them mid-way through ? I can sort of imagine the use in hefty environments, but well, I should add I don't play any multiplayer (aside coop-scenarios, developer-made and custom ones)

Been wanting this in a game for the longest time. I like the idea of drag and drop. It should work like this:-

If you reload with any rounds left in the magazine, the magazine should be kept in your inventory. Then, when you have time, you can drag and drop the magazines you want to combine. It should then take 4 or so seconds per round to combine (assuming 1 second to eject, 2 seconds to put in, and 1 second for swapping mags, hands, putting magazine in webbing, etc. Maybe a little less time.

This is definitely useful because you don't waste rounds from reloading "early", so there is less fear of running out of ammunition.

To SNT_Michael, yes, often you reload when a magazine is not fully depleted, because if there is down time then you then know you have a full magazine. I.e., you might have 4 rounds left and want to reload before moving on because who would engage the enemy with 4 rounds?! But, likewise, you might not have time to combine magazines.

it shouldn't take more than a second per round. As a test, hold two magazines side by side in one hand. Now, using your free hand, drag a round out of one magazine and slide it into the other.

Once you get the hang of it, this is a really quick way to combine mags. Also, this method makes animating the action a lot simpler.

empty mags aswell, so another reload animation schift + R for long reload keeping the empty mag so you can refill it instead of droping the empty mag

Definitely like it taking lots of time. Repacking mags irl takes a while to..

I've wanted this since ARMA 2.

Though, I'd prefer a manual way.

Eg. say you have 1 mag left, but you're 2 guys. Then you could grab an empty magazine, load half your bullets from your mag into the empty, and hand it to your friend.

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I saw a young lad on armaholics make a mod of this. I find it such a great idea! /up voted. Being a automatic rifleman and reloading takes awhile and it's not good when you end up with a mag with 12 bullets and another with 88.

Still hasn't happened? :(

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ACE has it.

Look at my post. Theres allready a mod doing this.

This is being done in DayZ standalone but not ArmA3? Sad

Repacking mags should have been in the game from day1

So, after someone very unhelpful shouted me down about my post about this topic being a duplicate (without referencing what it duplicated, I might add...), and after combing through the search function I managed to find this post finally. To my own surprise, someone posted another duplicate with nearly the exact same name as the post I had just made, a while previously.

So apparently duplicates also don't show up on search, because I would have avoided that whole mess entirely if it had.

The amazingly awkward search function aside, upvoting this. I feel that it should be part of the base game. Especially considering so much of the campaign dialogue goes on about how ammo is so rare, it seems silly to be constantly throwing away bullets left in mostly-empty magazines.

Good idea but it should take time. So players could have something to do in the back of trucks and in helicopters...

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There's a mod that does this, but I'd like to see it implemented in the core game so everyone can use it regardless.

I don't imagine repacking one magazine takes very long, maybe 30-35 seconds max but that's just moving 30 rnds from one mag to another, dealing with less rounds would be even faster.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.May 8 2014, 6:37 PM

no, it does take long, because the bullets are small and you can lose them, it takes some effort to take them out of the mag, and it takes some effort to put them again, if you are quick you can repack an M1911 mag in like 20 seconds i think

Have you actually put bullets into a mag in the first place yourself?

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.May 8 2014, 11:33 PM

no, have you? because even though i haven't i can be pretty sure you cant change 30 rounds from a mag to another in 30 seconds

Just hold both mags in one hand, strip them with your other hand and shove them into the other mag. It's not complicated. And rounds aren't THAT small. The process could be made to take more time if you want by wearing gloves.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.May 9 2014, 2:28 AM

you are forgetting that you have to take and add the bullet one at the time

No I'm taking that into account. Pistol mags might be slightly more fiddly because you have to insert them from the front, press down and push it in again, may require some thumb skills. Rifle and carbine mags on the other hands are super easy to shove rounds into straight from the top.

Either way if you hold two mags in one hand then one mag holds the rounds for you making it easy to strip a few into your hand at once, or one at a time then simply shove them into the other mag in short order.

If you check on youtube you can find tutorials on how to load magazines, these are of course slowed down so that you can see the basics of how it is done. But you can easily see the potential for speeding up the loading process once you have the right touch.

In reality however any reloading for game purposes will probably have to be limited to 10-15 seconds because it doesn't add anything to the experience to sit and wait until you start sighing. If you make it take too long you'll find yourself sitting and playing a mag-loader simulation all of a sudden. And that's not ARMA, it has never been 100% realistic and for good reason, it doesn't work in terms of game design. It is better to leave the overly anal things to the ACE community.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.May 9 2014, 4:03 PM

what about making the time to repack mags be dependant on how many bullets you have on both mags?

There is already a mod for this called Outlaw Mag Repack, so I don't see why the devs just ask him if they can use his mod in the game, with credit of course.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jul 24 2014, 7:54 PM

Its sadly not just "hey, can we use your mod?" "yes" its WAY more complicated