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Please use the crosshair from Arma1/2
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Hello Developer from Arma 3
first i want to tell you that your game is in Alpha great but i hate the new crosshair because if i play arma i DONT want play Call of duty or other ego shooter i want play Arma i millitary simulation so please , please take over the crosshair from arma 1 and arma 2.
i bought the supporter edition o support you and i hope you really read and understand this and i am not alone with this meaning
otherwise good job
Yours sincerely
Mikel Dewitt


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Nothing its always there

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Old crosshair were actually pretty cheaty, since the middle point directly pointed to the same direction than the muzzle...

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Please remove this error report. It is unnecessary.

This is a feature request, it's not of urgent priority of major severity.

Choosable Crosshairs (between Arma 1/2 or 3 should be the best Option)

The new cross-hair is more realistic, no more magic dot showing exactly where the bullet will go.

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"Choosable Crosshairs (between Arma 1/2 or 3 should be the best Option)"

Which in my opinion would create an unfair advantage given to anybody using the old crosshairs, unless it was set specifically by the server or avail in single player only.

I prefer the new crosshairs over the old.

Stop disliking guys if you arent the same opinion write somthing like FX2K its a good idea choosable Crosshairs
And the new crosshairs are not more realistik its same like COD and i dont want that arma is like COD

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I didn't like it at 1st, but now that I've gotten used to it I prefer it

@Pitchblack: I'm voting down because people need to learn to use the tracker properly.
This is neither urgent or a major priority...learn to use the tracker correctly and more people might actually agree/upvote.

Oh, and the x-hair isn't like CoD because 99% of the battles in CoD are within 50-75m; while most in Arma are well beyond that. Try to hit something over 100m just using the x-hair and see how well you do

No more middle point + new crosshair is now WIDER = incline!

I like how there's arguments over which crosshair is more "realistic" as if we have these things etched into our eyeballs...

No crosshair would be preferable, but if there is one, id rather it not be Arma 2's cheathair that could be used to better effect than sights at range.

Downvoted because the ArmA2 style crosshair allowed the shooter to perfectly know where the next bullet would have ended (the middle line floating between the 2 brakets).
With a standard dynamic cross, instead, you can't know that information.

Ok, I also prefer the old crosshair, but since there are a lot of people who prefer the new, would it be too dificult to give us the option to choose between the two? This feature is available since Quake 2 (or before) and it may not be so hard to add to the game...

Please, every time I open Arma 3 I immediately remeber CoD or BF...

Can someone give an other reason than "it looks like CoD/BF" to dislike the new crosshair? I mean, something technical, or realism related?

There is no realism whatsoever in a crosshair... If you want realism simply disable the crosshair (period).

What I mean is that since I got to know Arma (Arma 2) I loved the crosshair because it (among other things) took me out of the CoD/BF world...

Technically the old crosshair would give you a better idea of the position of your shot, like a soldier with years of training (I guess) would have, the new crosshair gives you nothing but a slight idea of where it will land...

That's my opinion... Is there a soldier here who could give us a better point of view?

Amended title.

The OFP/ARMA/ARMA2 Crosshair, actually was PERFECT to snipe!
The middle line floating between the 2 brackets was the exact initial point of the bullet when you did fire.
With the "traditional arcade-ish cross" (as someone calls it) you can't know that kind of information and you still get the general area where you are shooting: the exact same thing that you feel in real life while shooting without looking trought your sight

totally disagree with bringing back the old crosshair, i like the new croshair, but i like no crosshair even more.

basically the iron sight view is pointless if you have a crosshair, especially one that shows the exact location of where your shooting at. Crosshair should be disabled, use the iron sights if you want to shoot.

the current crosshair in A3 is really only good for third person to have an idea where you are shooting at, though even in third person you can aim down the sight.

I rate the current crosshair should stay the way it is.

"Choosable Crosshairs (between Arma 1/2 or 3 should be the best Option)"

As for this, it would be warm welcome for nostalgic reasons, let those who liked the ARMA 2 crosshair have it, but remove the dot that points to your exact location where the muzzle is pointing. They should be using the iron sights for this.

The old crosshair gave us a better idea of how tired the soldier was... The new crosshair opens and that's it...

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This should be a low priority, and ArmaII and arma crosshairs were way to accurate.

if you want to play a military simulator, play on difficulties without a crosshair...

The sound is another issue Kid, if using another feature is the way to fix a "problem" (which this one is not) what is the meaning of releasing an Alpha version and using the tracker/feedback?

And what if I prefer a more accurate crosshair? We all know the game can never be as real as real life, so what's so wrong with that? If you want realism, take out the crosshair, the zoom option, and many other things...

"Would it create an unfair advantage given to anybody using the old crosshairs"? Yes, but isn't Arma about coop anyway? I know there are PvP or TD, but that could be set as a parameter to that server in particular...

That's why I'm not, repeat, I AM NOT asking to CHANGE the crosshair, but give us the option to choose which one we want to use. Choosable crosshair, as mentioned above... That's it...

Moderator, please change the title to Choosable crosshair, the actual title is giving people the wrong idea about what we really want...

It could work, but only if the choice is server side.

You may prefer something over something else, sure, noone here is forcing noone to prefer what i (or anyone else) say.
The votes say enough though

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No. This isn't suppose to be ARMA 2. This isn't suppose to be an exact duplicate.

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I really like the A3 crosshair. I think that it's more realistic and reacts nicely by eg. becoming larger when moving because of the worse accuracy.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Thanks Khan for response, always nice to get feedback from the devs.

Bringing in a variety of crosshairs is a fine idea, as long as the principe remain the same. Most like the new crosshair for the fact that it points directly where one is looking at, and not where the bullet will land. If all optional crosshairs follow the same principle the new A3 features, then i think you can satisfy everyone =)

The new crosshair is actually much more realistic than the old one...

Since OFP you could easily hit something hundreds of metres away just by zooming on the crosshair. It didn't make sense to aim down sight in most situations with the crosshair on, which was utter bullshit.

Be aware that in ArmaIII your gun is "floating" between the four lines of the crosshair, so you never know the exact direction of your barrel unlike in previous Arma games. In ArmaIII the crosshair is only useful in CQC as it should be... It would be stupid to come back to the old crosshair.

Quote dunadan: "The new crosshair is actually much more realistic than the old one..."

I play ArmA as a simulation... in MY RealLife, no cross hair is guiding me the, how "realistic" do you want it???

Don't like the crosshairs - turn it off. There's a difficulty option for it. Any crosshair is unrealistic - it's a game simplification. The new one is much more convenient.
And, as for CoD reference... Really, it comes down to ridculous levels. Soon we'll be getting tickets "I don't shoot weapons in real life, remove it from the game"

Just here to say that arma 2 cross, also is a direct hit

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I agree with this. Since the Soldiers are ALWAYS looking through the sights, even if you're in third person. They also do that in real-life. And even if they aren't, it's really easy to hit stuff, even if you're firing from your hip.

Very interestingly, who those who voted against it? Those who have not played the previous games of the series? Whenever you play with the crosshair it is not realistic.

With ArmA1/2 cross hair..i could execute an MG in 100m with a Macarov.
With ARMA3 cross hair..i find it difficult to kill a Macarov holder with an MG.

ARMA3 cross hair=less exploit=>Win.

This ticket made it into Top 3 most downvoted on the tracker :)

Seriously, THIS is the kind of bullshit tickets that get the Dev's attention? Give me a fucking break. The Crosshair is perfectly fine, you can even change it to be dynamic or not, something you couldnt in OFP CWC, Arma 1+2 and OA.

"Any crosshair is unrealistic?"
You know what's unrealistic? having no idea where you're gun is pointing without aiming down the sights. The crosshair is a great representation of the sense called proprioception, which is what allows you to know where your body is in space. It also is the sense you would use to know generally where your weapon is pointed, even without aiming down the sights. If you use a laser at night, you will see that your weapon is always pointing somewhere in the area of the crosshairs at all times. This is realistic.
Knowing exactly where your gun is pointed without looking down the sights is not.
If you can't remember, the A2 crosshair is actually *more* accurate than iron sights because the reticule is extremely fine, allowing for pinpoint aiming where it should not be available. Devs, please put your energy into more important issues than this.