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setViewDistance doesn't override overall visibility in video settings for guided rockets/missiles
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All guided rockets/missiles in the game, are directly and only connected to overall visibility in video settings, that overrides or doesn't take into account what overall visibility and objects are set via setViewDistance/setObjectViewDistance in the mission.

100% reproducible even in the editor, just by placing a heavy AT soldier, setting desired setViewDistance/setObjectViewDistance and then just lowering/increasing overall visibility in video settings.
P.S. - objects visibility in video settings and setViewDistance/setObjectViewDistance via console doesn't matter at all, only overall visibility in game video settings matters.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

In my video repro you can see that:

  1. overall and objects visibility is set to 3000 m in game video settings for both and one can't even see Pyrgos village on my right, on the other side of the bay
  2. I set setViewDistance/setObjectViewDistance to 6000 m for both via console and one can see that it works, since one can now see Pyrgos village
  3. I open video setting to demo, that 3000 m overall and objects still hasn't changed
  4. I shoot with Vorona at a house 2057 m away and I hit it
  5. I lower objects visibility in video settings to 500 m (overall still 3000 m and forced overall/objects still 6000 m) and shoot at the same house and still hit it
  6. I now also lower overall visibility in video settings to 500 m (forced overall/objects still 6000 m) and shoot at the same house and the missile simply flies away in a random direction
  7. I increase overall visibility in video settings again to 3000 m (objects still 500 m and forced overall/objects still 6000 m) and shoot at the same house and I hit it again

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Anybody? Hello?

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Thank you for the report. WE will have a look at it.

I just can't imagine how many misses this issue has caused!

No wonders why most players believe armored vehicles to be quite overpowered in Arma 3

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any news on this? really annoying to tell all the players all the time to set the overall view distance in video settings to 12000 m, despite them having the slider in our mp mission itself, so the missiles/rockets can hit the target

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Also keep in mind setFeatureType might make things render and visible even outside of any view distance setting.

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By things you mean the vehicle being tracked by the missile? Or the object that the missile is going towards? Because the bad things here are two: That the missile looses track a of target just because you lowered your viewdistance and the fact that if you shoot your rocket towards an object if you reduce your viewdistance the missile just goes randomly anywhere instead of the original direction of said object. If the missile looses an object it just needs to continue going straight towards the last known position of said object or the direction it was fired at and not any random direction or perhaps position [0,0,0].

Discovered this one recently, and thanks to Groove's explanation, I was able to make sense of what had happened. Here's a video showing just how crazy it can get:

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@Groove_C have you seen this since it was set to resolved?

@Tankbuster been working reliably since.