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Barbed wire deployed on gate gives damage when gate is open where barbed wire would be when gate is closed.
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Barbed wire gives damage when the gate is open.

I believe this is upper and lower barbed wire deployed states.

This is on current stable release, and EXP builds.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Build gate (frame metal wall).
  1. Deploy barbed wire on gate. (either upper or lower)
  1. Open gate and stand where the barbed wire would be if the gate is closed.
  1. Stand and receive damage. (if only upper installed jump and receive damage).
Additional Information

NOTICE, This bug is nasty, will make you go unconscious instantly sometimes and your character will continue to receive damage untill you die whilst unconscious!

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Same problem in 1.04

@Geez hi!

Please check this issue

Upgrading severity.

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Hello everyone.
Do you also experience this issue on the latest Experimental version of the game?

@Geez Yes I have confirmed its still present in EXP 1.04.152166 patch, Its quite nasty, I have updated description and reproduction method.

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@Geez Added video to help with description

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Thank you.
We have confirmed the issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

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When is this set to be fixed as this has completely ruined the game for me. Lost many hours across multiple characters and bases to this glitch. I think the severity can be changed a substantial amount for this glitch

Currently still destroying characters in 1.05 on xbox, gate was open, walked through and took damage so I instantly moved back five feet, went unconcious and died. I had full kit, and died to my own metal wall. Happens on private servers and public, will uncon you faster than a bambie with a knife will stab you.

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