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Invisible Barbed wire on Gates/Fences.
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If you mount barbed wire to a gate in the closed position and then open the gate, the barbed wire model and gate will open, but in the closed position there will be an invisble barbed wire still. The model on the gate does you 0 damage, but the invisible barbed wire in the closed postion gives player damage.
If you leave the gate in the open postion and restart the server, the invisble wire is gone and the model on the open gate does damage as it should.
Its made it very difficult for player to enter their own bases.
Also if you remove the barbed wire from a gate or fence, invisible barbed wire will remain until server restart.
Classing this as a major issue as it prevents players using bases they have built, also makes raiding unfairly difficult.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Build gate, attach and mount barbed wire with gate in closed postion. Open gate and try to go through, you will be dealt damage by the invisble wire.
Build Fence attach and mount barbed wire. Remove wire with pliers. Stand where the wire was removed and you will recieve damage from invisible wire.

Additional Information

Here you can see the issue for yourself.
I had built 2 gates and mounted wire, then gone to get more logs. When i return i open the gate and then as you can see and hear i take damage from invisible barbed wire, while the barbed wire model on the gate does nothing.

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WiiDEVil created this task.Jul 1 2019, 6:09 PM

Still so no acknowledgement to this issue anywhere, or the other issues that exist with Barbed Wire.
I see nothing in the 1.05 patch notes and im worried this is going to make it into its 3rd update unfixed

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Duplicate of T141393

@Geez please close this ticket

Duplicate of T141393

@Geez please close this ticket