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Barbed Wire Hitbox Bugged
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Version: 1.07.153006

While building a base on an official server In the southeastern most apartment building of Novoselky located at 6882.54 / 3423.64 on Izurvive's Chernarus+ Map, I was adding barbed wire to my fence blocking off the second from top floor's apartment. Crossing through the gate while OPEN caused me to bleed, whether standing up, crouching, or prone. I tried 3 times to figure out if I was just walking too close to the barbed wire, but I was absolutely nowhere near it, simply walking through the gate in a normal fashion caused me to bleed. Also, this only occured when I had the barbed wire on the bottom slot of the gate, not on the top.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Not Relevant
Steps To Reproduce
    1. Build a gate blocking off the second from top floor entrance doorway of 6882.54 / 3423.64 diagonally into the bathroom, with the barbed wire facing into the room, on the bottom section of the gate.
  1. Walk, Crouch, or Prone Crawl through the gate.
Additional Information

Occured on DayZ US - LA 5978 (1st Person Only | Persistence ON) official server