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Eden Editor event handlers don't execute when started through launcher parameters
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If the game is started with the "Mission File (Editor)" parameter the game won't run event handlers listed in (configFile >> "Cfg3DEN" >> "EventHandlers" >> _x >> "init")
An example is shown in this screenshot
The status bar script "bis_fnc_3DENStatusBar" didn't run when the editor was started.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Create SQM file and load it on game start thorough the "Mission File (Editor)" parameter in the launcher.
Launch game and see that status bar is blank with no information.

Additional Information

Currently I can only confirm that the 'init' event handlers don't run. I haven't testing any of the other event handlers.

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  • The controls hint UI is also not properly initialized. A scrollbar is shown everytime the assets browser is focused. If

Eden Menustrip -> View -> Interface -> Controls Hint

is deactivated the scroll bar disappears

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