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[Feature Request] Locally Mute Player Script Command
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Client-side (local) script command.
<object> mutePlayer <boolean>;

{ if ( player distance _x > 500 ) then {_x mutePlayer true; }; }forEach allPlayers;


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

PURPOSE: I'm working on an addon-free radio script which utilizes the in-game VON feature with scripting commands. The script introduces distance as a factor when communicating via VON: being too far away means you can't talk on the radio / voice comms in certain channels, such as Group. However, without this local mutePlayer command, I cannot effectively mute players who are too far from you (but in the same channel) who may be in radio range of another player.

My radio script currently can only disable voice comms in VON channels when the player is too far from another friendly player (1050m). However, in an environment of more than 2 players, this becomes exploitable; despite one player being too far from the other two (or more) players which are both standing near eachother, the player who is alone and too far can still hear voice chat in his channel with disabled voice chat.

In another similar scenario, let's say there are 4 players in a mission, all of them are in the same group and in Group channel. However, two are together on the west coast of Altis, while the other two are on the east coast of Altis. An exploit that exists in my script is that all 4 can still communicate with eachother because there is at least 1 group mate near each of them and thus enabling Group channel's voice chat.

What I'd like the mutePlayer command for in my case, is to use it in my script to mute players who do not meet the necessary parameters to be heard by the individual (Too far away, dead, incapacitated, underwater without a rebreather, etc.)

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Phronk created this task.Mar 30 2017, 10:47 PM
Ezcoo added a subscriber: Ezcoo.Mar 30 2017, 10:56 PM

Upvote from here :)

Sjakal added a subscriber: Sjakal.EditedJun 11 2017, 3:59 PM

Another upvote, following some reading of the workarounds wyattic has been looking for, without much luck so far.

This would be quite useful in several situations.

Phronk changed Category from Feature Request to VON.Jun 22 2017, 10:46 PM

this would be a much appreciated addition to the game

This would be more than useful, i am actually surprised that something like this was never included in the game.

Just a bump. Devs - The community can't find a way to achieve this via a work around. Surely this isn't hard to do?

The biggest thing I want this for is to give my player an option to auto-mute mic spammers. That and make it so that stealing a dead enemy's radio does something.

+1 upvoted

And btw, it's a shame that, in 2018, AIs can speak on radio even without radio, sim disabled and unit hidden!!!!

Inqie added a subscriber: Inqie.EditedApr 13 2019, 6:59 AM

+1 another upvote years later, BI please add this.
One reason is for the mod Addon-Free ArmA Radio, though I know that is pretty particular.

wyattwic added a subscriber: Astaroth.EditedJul 8 2019, 6:47 AM

@Astaroth Would you happen to know how we can get some attention to this? This feature request has been open for years unresponded to and regularly boosted. This small improvement opens a ton of possibilities to unmodded co-op campaign and multiplayer. One major script based improvement this command would bring is a system to help curve player harassment cases as well as non-mod alternatives to task force radio.

Adding to the feature request, a matching "getMuted" to return all currently muted players makes sense too.