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To submit a report, click on the star in the top right corner of the page and select "New DayZ Xbox Bug Report" or "New DayZ Xbox Private Bug Report" (if you are handling sensitive information)

DayZ is a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game, in which players follow a single goal: to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape as long as they can. Players can live through powerful events and emotions arising from the ever-evolving emergent gameplay.

This space is used to report issues from the Xbox version of DayZ standalone.

Create a new issue and clearly label it as a crash in the title. For example:

"Game Crash - Dropping a protector case crashes the game"

Next, provide insight into how you got your game to crash. Include as much information about what you were doing around the time the game crashed. Every little detail can help us fix the problem. Remember to mention whether this happens on the stable or experimental branch of the game.

"The game crashed when I dropped a protector case on the ground while playing on an experimental server. I had the protector case in my backpack and drag and dropped it into the vicinity window. The case contained a canteen and a pack of rice. I have tried this several times and it happens every time"

"Game crashed when I dropped a protector case"

Include steps to reproduce if you think that they are necessary and aren't obvious enough from the description. Always describe reproduction step by step.

Open inventory
Place the protector case in your backpack
Drag and drop it into the vicinity tab
Game Crashes
Don't forget to include the game's version (can be found in the main menu).

Recent Activity


Ivanzuvela added a comment to T136330: Needs more loot.

Need more guns and ammo spawn on coast to give fresh spawn a chance

Sat, Jan 19, 11:04 AM · DayZ Xbox
Ivanzuvela created T136330: Needs more loot.
Sat, Jan 19, 11:03 AM · DayZ Xbox
Ivanzuvela added a comment to T136329: Days needs to spawn players with a loaded pistol,knife,backpack.

Pls put better loot in game more often ,& game will be better more people will continue playing dayz if they can spawn with loaded pistol or find one soon as we spawn ,the game will give us fresh spawns a chance against gangs with fully military gear that patrol the coasts & kill fresh spawns!! Pls put much more basic guns everywhere for us to find & fight back with.

Sat, Jan 19, 10:57 AM · DayZ Xbox
Ivanzuvela created T136329: Days needs to spawn players with a loaded pistol,knife,backpack.
Sat, Jan 19, 10:49 AM · DayZ Xbox
korbinscott33 added a comment to T136327: Everything Is blank!.

I fixed it by killing my character over and over, So learned my lesson DO NOT crawl under boats.

Sat, Jan 19, 9:20 AM · DayZ Xbox
korbinscott33 triaged T136327: Everything Is blank! as Immediate priority.
Sat, Jan 19, 9:16 AM · DayZ Xbox
tripyghost added a comment to T136326: deaths.

would like to have this fixed or help with this...

Sat, Jan 19, 9:06 AM · DayZ Xbox
tripyghost triaged T136326: deaths as High priority.
Sat, Jan 19, 9:05 AM · DayZ Xbox
Pove515 changed the status of T136324: Inventory Menu from New to Feedback.
Sat, Jan 19, 12:04 AM · DayZ Xbox


mccartneac25 added a comment to T136308: BARREL’S CRASH .

Also having this barrel issue but only when 2 barrels are next to eachother.

Fri, Jan 18, 8:38 PM · DayZ Xbox
MadTeo created T136308: BARREL’S CRASH .
Fri, Jan 18, 2:53 PM · DayZ Xbox
Kxshuu added a comment to T136300: Game Crash.
Fri, Jan 18, 5:43 AM · DayZ Xbox
Kxshuu created T136300: Game Crash.
Fri, Jan 18, 5:43 AM · DayZ Xbox
MRPROFE55IONAL added a comment to T136299: Can't rejoin Specific Server.


Fri, Jan 18, 3:30 AM · DayZ Xbox
MRPROFE55IONAL added a comment to T135999: Xbox duplication glitch.

They will. Its only a game preview ATM

Fri, Jan 18, 3:09 AM · DayZ Xbox
MRPROFE55IONAL added a comment to T134796: Sewing kit not working..


Fri, Jan 18, 2:51 AM · DayZ Xbox
MRPROFE55IONAL added a comment to T134799: AKM mispelled.

Well that's just lame.

Fri, Jan 18, 2:48 AM · DayZ Xbox
MRPROFE55IONAL triaged T136299: Can't rejoin Specific Server as Normal priority.
Fri, Jan 18, 2:46 AM · DayZ Xbox
SimplyTroy changed the status of T136297: Invisible entity hitting me.. from New to Need More Info.
Fri, Jan 18, 1:28 AM · DayZ Xbox
Coconutjack92 triaged T136296: Day Xbox bases despwaning and buried bags as Immediate priority.
Fri, Jan 18, 12:42 AM · DayZ Xbox

Thu, Jan 17

iyoshix6 changed the status of T136284: Serverhopping from New to Feedback.
Thu, Jan 17, 4:16 PM · DayZ Xbox
Gabcouts created T136280: What the heck just happened?.
Thu, Jan 17, 6:14 AM · DayZ Xbox
chavez444 created T136279: Game crashed.
Thu, Jan 17, 4:03 AM · DayZ Xbox
devondeithorn created T136276: Game crasg.
Thu, Jan 17, 1:30 AM · DayZ Xbox
Bossmanjr92 triaged T136275: Server hoping as Wishlist priority.
Thu, Jan 17, 12:49 AM · DayZ Xbox

Wed, Jan 16

Keyridia added a comment to T136259: Frame rate.

On xbox one s

Wed, Jan 16, 4:40 PM · DayZ Xbox
Keyridia changed the status of T136259: Frame rate from New to Acknowledged.
Wed, Jan 16, 4:39 PM · DayZ Xbox
luke.rathburn updated the task description for T136255: Standardized suppressor not working.
Wed, Jan 16, 2:29 PM · DayZ Xbox
luke.rathburn created T136255: Standardized suppressor not working.
Wed, Jan 16, 2:28 PM · DayZ Xbox
Aphrodytii created T136254: Inventory, Tent Inventory, Lag, Trouble joining servers with roommates..
Wed, Jan 16, 1:50 PM · DayZ Xbox
Geez closed T132900: Switching between party and game chat since 9/25/2018 update Bug as Resolved.

Hello Kynero.
The issue has been fixed internally and will be fixed on the public version in the future.

Wed, Jan 16, 1:43 PM · DayZ Xbox
brage.aarset added a comment to T134795: URGENT: Nightime Has Never Been More Broken, And It’s Not Due To Longevity!.

This struck me as a measure to prevent abusing gamma settings on graphics cards/monitors/config files to be able to see during the night as though it was daylight. If you yank the gamma all the way up you will just get noise. This is a critical measure to prevent abuse from dishonest PvP players and I support it wholeheartedly.

Wed, Jan 16, 1:17 PM · DayZ Xbox
friedJOKER420 added a comment to T136249: Xbox 4x4 truck.

While playing days on Xbox platform I come across a vehicle that was half way under the map. I could not do anything with the vehicle I took a screen shot of it.on my Xbox

Wed, Jan 16, 5:51 AM · DayZ Xbox
friedJOKER420 triaged T136249: Xbox 4x4 truck as High priority.
Wed, Jan 16, 5:50 AM · DayZ Xbox
Shadyinc.16 created T136248: Base despawn within hours of being in proximity.
Wed, Jan 16, 4:59 AM · DayZ Xbox

Tue, Jan 15

yeaimlegacy triaged T136240: GAME BREAKING as Immediate priority.
Tue, Jan 15, 11:06 PM · DayZ Xbox
fundogthrillionaire added a comment to T136226: Duping/ghosting.
Tue, Jan 15, 11:04 PM · DayZ Xbox
charles166216 added a comment to T136226: Duping/ghosting.

Yeah I agree that there needs to be something done to fix ghosting. Someone ghosted into my base and took things out of barrels.

Tue, Jan 15, 8:43 PM · DayZ Xbox
blairjprice97 triaged T136227: Door ways. Y button. COMMUNITY as Wishlist priority.
Tue, Jan 15, 4:03 AM · DayZ Xbox
jpetendra created T136226: Duping/ghosting.
Tue, Jan 15, 2:47 AM · DayZ Xbox
Rtairgun updated the task description for T136218: New update bug.
Tue, Jan 15, 12:40 AM · DayZ Xbox
Rtairgun added a comment to T136218: New update bug.

Please fix

Tue, Jan 15, 12:40 AM · DayZ Xbox

Mon, Jan 14

Gatroot created T136221: Camera view.
Mon, Jan 14, 11:32 PM · DayZ Xbox
Rtairgun triaged T136218: New update bug as Immediate priority.
Mon, Jan 14, 7:59 PM · DayZ Xbox
Keynando changed the status of T136215: My stuff disappeared from New to Feedback.
Mon, Jan 14, 5:29 PM · DayZ Xbox
cheeze41 changed Severity from severity:none to severity:major on T136210: Help!.
Mon, Jan 14, 11:24 AM · DayZ Xbox
Thunderpants_AU added a comment to T136211: Watchtower RT Crashes Game.

Crashes game. Not good.

Mon, Jan 14, 11:23 AM · DayZ Xbox
Thunderpants_AU triaged T136211: Watchtower RT Crashes Game as Normal priority.
Mon, Jan 14, 11:22 AM · DayZ Xbox
cheeze41 created T136210: Help!.
Mon, Jan 14, 11:11 AM · DayZ Xbox
Brettosthefresh changed the status of T136209: Lag from New to Feedback.
Mon, Jan 14, 6:02 AM · DayZ Xbox