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Some building return cursortarget NULL & disapear from map on altis since 1.54
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Since 1.54, some building are not shown on the map,

& they return cursortarget = NULL.


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hint format["%1",cursorTarget] on a Land_i_House_Small_03_V1_F or other building.

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Confirmed. They still seem to be in the game world but are missing from the map.

Probably related to this, the markers and the buildings for fuelstations are gone from the map aswell

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yes same for fuelstations

Also noticed that some of the store owner guys in Wasteland have shifted. Most noteably the Pyrgos gunshop, West Coast vehicle store, NEW airfield nehicle store - and yes some of the map items have disappeared.

microbe added a subscriber: microbe.May 8 2016, 1:12 PM

It is possible to retrieve object via nearestObject[s] commands. Next step - use reveal command for retrieved object. After that cursorTarget returns correct object.

My workaround script:

_curTarget = cursorTarget;
if (isNull _curTarget) then {

_nearestProblemHouses = nearestObjects [player, ["Land_i_House_Small_03_V1_F"], 20];
  player reveal _x;
} forEach _nearestProblemHouses;
_curTarget = cursorTarget;


PS: 'nearestBuilding' command also don't see buggy objects.

Hopefully another hotifx will be forthcoming. Noticed that stores on the east/west coast seem to displace more. The west coast vehicle store keeper is in the middle of the road on the birdge near the power station

Any updates on this - Altis has been royally screwed up. Missing builsings from maps, displaced store owners, fuel stops disappeared and now I learn helis no longer can refuel there.

Please try "cursorObject" command, which should be available in tomorrow's DEV

So does that mean there will be another update? Quite new to this - sorry.

Paratus added a subscriber: Paratus.May 8 2016, 1:12 PM

If anyone would like access to something like cursorObject before, you have my permission to go through the Asylum Altis or Stratis life mission file and do a search for life_cursorTarget. It works the same way I expect cursorObject will and is how we've been able to target trees, bushes, and all houses.

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this issue should be now fixed in the latest Dev Version as well as in the RC.

Should you come across a building that still returns NULL, please, let us know.

Thank you