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Re mapping controls binds Joystick and key
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If you change key bindings the latest release adds a joystick key + the key being set for the command. {F26217}


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Ensure a joystick is installed and added to Arma3 via mapping. Change existing key bindings.

Example: Select infantry movement. Remap keys for crouch toggle - to right Ctrl - Arma3 latest release adds key Ctrl + Joystick button. Same applies for all keys being remapped - it makes no difference if you are in a game or not.

This essentially breaks the entire key binding process.

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Adam added a comment.May 7 2015, 10:33 AM

Hello, please make sure your joystic is centered before attempting to rebind the keys. Thank you

@Adam: Joystick has been centered - if it was a simple matter of recalibration I would not have reported the issue. This happens on all machine's using Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and most likely all others joysticks.

This issue was not present in previous A3 releases. Clearly the input detection in Arma3 is now too sensitive and picking up dead zone inputs or it's a USB sensing issue.

Please get this issue fixed urgently.

Adam added a comment.May 7 2015, 1:06 PM

I have no issues using Logitech Extreme 3D pro. Have you tried putting the Stick slider into the middle?

Since most joysticks don't have a throttle mid point marker or notch - it's very difficult to center the slider. If you can find the slider mid point - it does remove the double binding - but why has this issue cropped up in the new release - we never had this issue before? Is there now a reverse function for planes? This would be useful when moving a plane from a hangar.

Something's going on. Since the update, all of my controllers had duplicate entries (Thrustmaster Warthog, Xbox controller, Saitek pedals). One entry appeared to be "dead" but I ended up remapping everything. Today I load the game, a few of the bindings are doubled again, such as the x-axis for Xbox controller which effectively made steering turn about 1 deg (seriously). Remapped those, restarted game to test, suddenly the Saitek is mapped to steering in one direction (it should never be mapped to ground vehicles in my setup). Keep in mind this has *never* occurred before. I thought it might be related to this ticket, or I could create another if you wish.

I have the same issues. My MFG Crosswind-Toebreaks will allways assign also, when I try to bind a key. Since toebreaks are springloaded, it's nearly impossible to find and hold the position.

My workarround for the time beeing: Disable the controller when you are assigning all the other keys. The bindings won't be delited, just greyed out.

This wasnt happening in older builds. I do not really see the point in using an AXIS as a modifier key...

Would it be possible to revert this?

The point is that no one in their right mind is going to use a double bind keyboard + joystick combination for infantry movement - surely BIS should switch off joystick binding for this input category - alternatively add a checkbox option to bind inputs from controllers on each section - common, infantry movement, etc? This would allow us to filter only specific control inputs i.e. keyboard, mouse, joystick, TrackIR, game controller etc. for each section.

And while we are at it - when mapping a joystick preset the inputs for aircraft using a Logitech Extreme 3D are mostly missing and only some are applied for helicopters. So the apply preset or map option needs some work as well.

Please BIS, fix it fo the next stable patch (1.48). Its anoying to disable three controllers every time you want to assign a keybind.

How do these issues not get picked up in testing before the new version goes public? It's these highly annoying and frustrating issues that put a lot pf people off Arma3. Luckily I'm not one of them. But I know a lot of my friends have given up on Arma3 after playing for a few hours simply because they find the game too frustrating. Issues like this are unacceptable in a game like Arma3.

1.48 was released and no fix.
Interesting find: A friend of mine never had the issue with his Thrustmaster HOTAS + Saitek Combat Pedals. Now on Saturday he received the new MFG Crosswinds and now he has the same issue.

Could somebody at bis take a look at it? Would be greatly appreciated...

JC_ added a subscriber: JC_.May 8 2016, 12:03 PM
JC_ added a comment.Jul 19 2015, 6:11 PM

I really do have to say BiS representatives here on the bugtraqer often comes across as rather defensive and one eyed on the issues people are reporting in.

Using a Saitek X55 setup and same totally worthless issue here since last patch.

Is it possible to manually edit your profile cfg key bind section with like say notepad? I looked in there but it was all strange long numbers. \o/

I always try to keep a copy of the Arma3Profile file, so when things get messed up then I can just copy it back. However if you switch USB ports for a controller you should make a new copy. You could also set it to read-only, but unfortunately the same file is used to track missions that you play. In any event, I had no troubles with this update, no dupes, controls are still working as expected.

Since MFG Crosswind Pedals causing issues also, I attached my DxDiag for the Dev's to have the USB Controller Manufacturer Codes. Maybe it will help them to debug.

Thank you.

JC_ added a comment.Aug 7 2015, 8:58 PM

WTH BiS! It wasn't like this before last patch. Can't you just acknowledge theres a problem and then fix it.

Are we supposed to UNPLUG stuff before we can map keyboard buttons?

Seem kinda lo-tek.

A week later and no news? Adam? Please :)

Two months later? Anything we can help you guys figure it out?

It's now 5 months since this issue was logged and it seems Adam is quite happy with the current state of double binding key mappings - if a joystick is plugged in. Adam just for fun - reset your keys with a joystick plugged in and then remap 10 random keys. Make sure your joystick throttle is in the up or down position first. Note my comment above about most throttles not having a center 0 position.

This issue only cropped up in the last 6 months.

I have a number of friends who just started playing Arma3 (I've played nearly 5000 hrs) - without exception they all complain about the key mapping process when a joystick is plugged in - "why hasn't someone fixed this?" is the standard question.

Surely it can be reverted? Or better still see my suggestion above. If there is a new key binding system coming that will replace the current process - then please at least let us know so we don't waste any more of our time!

JC_ added a comment.Oct 16 2015, 10:21 AM

Makeshift solution while BiS get their proverbial thumbs out of their proverbial asses (well, you can always hope they do)

While in-game ...

  1. configure -> controls -> controller
  1. Disable everything listed
  1. back -> keyboard
  1. Do your keybindings
  1. back -> controller
  1. Enable everything listed
  1. Enjoy

I too have the exact same problem. Ch Pro Throttle USB and CH Fighterstick USB

Neodym added a subscriber: Neodym.May 8 2016, 12:03 PM

I've the same issue since the last update.

Currently the following of my devices let Arma believe that this devices axis is a modifier key:
MFG Crosswind Pedals
Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle
Komodo Simulation Pro-Collective

Why can I map an Axis as an modifier key, when I cannot use a DX-Joystick Button as a modifier? Doesnt make sense.

Please just fix it.

Still an issue in the 1.56 RC Patch... -_-

Please upvote this ticket - it's still not fixed - 9 months after logging. BIS need to filter inputs from joystick controllers for certain classes - like infantry movement. No one uses a joystick to move around and as stated above most joysticks don't have a clearly marked center or neutral zone. It should be a simple issue to fix - just look back a year ago - when this issue wasn't an issue!

My previous suggestion allowing users to uncheck inputs from certain devices on each binding class is a good solution.

JC_ added a comment.Feb 4 2016, 12:53 PM

hoho ...

Is BiS using the number of people reporting an issue on the feedback tracker to judge if an issue is worthwhile fixing? It'd be interesting to know what that magic number is.

If they are, and them being the intelligent people they mostly seem to be, it shouldn't be unknown to them that the absolute majority of players NEVER EVER contact BiS about issues.

If it annoys players enough, they just stop playing the game.

Sparker added a subscriber: Sparker.Jan 8 2017, 4:56 PM

I have a Gametrix ECS throttle which is a separate USB device and it always makes ARMA believe that its main axis is a modifier, which makes absolutely no sense for me. The throttle axis doesn't have any center point.
Almost two years and still no fix for this, it's unbelievable.

I have a Gametrix ECS throttle which is a separate USB device and it always makes ARMA believe that its main axis is a modifier, which makes absolutely no sense for me. The throttle axis doesn't have any center point.
Almost two years and still no fix for this, it's unbelievable.

Another year on and nothing has been done or said about it. Good grief, I am sick to death of this. I go to rebind a key and then spend the next 10 minutes moving all the knobs and sliders and buttons on my X65F before it'll let me. No other game behaves this way.

The weird thing is it doesn't seem a consistent issue. I'm sure there are times when I can go into the options and bind a bunch of controls before this problem actually appears. Can anyone else verify similar behavior on their end?

To be honest, playing this game as a helicopter pilot leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth in general when it comes to how ArmA handles axes. For a simulator, the configuration options are horribly limited and simplified. ArmA devs should take a look at DCS World's configuration options.

Slant added a subscriber: Slant.Apr 1 2018, 2:30 PM

As a workaround: Disable your analogue controls (Joysticks, Throttles or Pedals) in the controller tab. You should now be able to bind your keys without interference.

sc_neo added a subscriber: sc_neo.EditedApr 13 2018, 11:49 AM

I have been struggling with this issue for the longest time and my workaround has been to disable all analog controllers (TM t.16000m, TWCS throttle and Warthog joystick). Should have know that its not just me but a problem for literally everyone with controllers. So, devs, come on. This game aspires to be geared towards the simulation crowd, this issue is annoying as hell for us. Before that patch breaking this, arma 3 probably added analog inputs only when these were actively moved. Now, it seems its constantly reading axis inputs from all analog controllers plugged in. Could you not enable an input change threshold below which an axis is not mapped? Jets dlc, the new Tanks dlc, all have increased vehicle fidelity geared towards controller inputs, but this remapping issue is really off putting.

EDIT: i think i have nailed down what the specific issue or culprit is in my case. For one, its only the Thrustmaster TWCS throttle, not the t.16000m or Warthog joysticks. As long as i place those devices axes in their respective middle position and arma's customize section does not register any input, there are no remapping issues. What i noticed in the 'customize section' of each controller was that you can see whether an analogue axis sends an input signal or not. Did not pay too much attention to it before. As i said, the joysticks all can be set to neutral positions on all axes, but the TWCS throttle cannot. Thing is, it has a plug-in port for the compatible Thursmaster rudder pedals and apparently if you don't have those installed, the TWCS driver still registers the rudder pedals sending an input which is shown in arma 3's controlelr customize section to be at 50% input. So i reckon this is what is constantly giving an input to each keybinding i want to make. The TWCS gives me trouble the HITMAN 2016 as well. That game registers this constant input as well and falsely puts me into xbox controller mode killing my mouse and keyboard.

Either go back to the old way of registering axis inputs only when you move them for a certain range or time, or add checkboxes for each axis so we can disable broken ones. I'd prefer the first option; then we don't have to move each axis into its proper neutral position each time we change a keybinding.

EDcase added a subscriber: EDcase.Apr 13 2018, 3:33 PM

I have also had this with throttle being linked to new key bindings.

(Saitek X65)

had or still have? I Target allows you to set up a new script were you can disable this false positiv input for the rudder pedal axis in the TWCS. But thats just a work around and does not really solve the issue. I would have to keep it running at all times and remap hundreds of keybindings over various games and individual vehicles etc. And no idea what folks with Saited or different hardware are supposed to do!

sc_neo added a comment.EditedApr 19 2018, 2:43 PM

So, what you guys can try; the tool DIView ( or just google it) allows to view all axes of all game controllers and change saturation, deadzone and min/centre/max values for each axes of each device individually. It automatically saves those changed values in the windows registry for each device, thus you don't need to start or run DIView or a service each time you want to play.

For my particular problem: both TFRP toe brakes reportead at 100% and with some fiddling around i could get them to report at 50% or as neutral. I actually had to set them to its max value so they report at 50%. Quite goofy! Anyway, neither Arma 3 nor HITMAN take offense anymore.

Still, this needs to be fixed so that arma 3 only adds an axis when it is actively moved over let say 1 second or such. I think update 1.44 from 5th may 2015 changed the controller axes input detection, but i dind't find anything concerning this in the changelogs though.

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