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Because of this reason my character was shot many-many times.
This nonsense happens near of not high fences of small stones or near of some curbs.
The player-character automatically stands up even under enemy fire, because that can't crawl around some objects.
It looks bad and not realistic. This is very annoying player.
If a character cannot creep hereinafter, via this object, then just let it only stop, but he shall not stand on his feet automatically, especially under enemy fire! This not realistic.
Please remove this stupid feature.


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Don't think anything can be done about this. It's hardly a feature, more of a quirk of the engine that probably can't be fixed because where the problem lies is so deep inside the engine it'd be impossible to fix it without breaking countless other features.

Can't believe it. It seems simple.

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BI stated that they have looked at other methods, and this was the best solution so far that didn't look silly (like crawling up/down a 45° slope).
At least they changed the stance from standing up to a crouch.

BIS This bad-feature will be fixed or not?
For this reason, the player loses his character in almost every stealth mission! What does it do in ARMA?
The player property location with a small stone or low fence automatically rises to his full height, directly under enemy fire!!!
Fix it finally!

rogerx added a comment.May 2 2015, 4:19 AM

I don't like it either when I'm laying low and I automatically stand up during a fire fight.

I also do not like performing an action (whether by accident or intentionally) and not being able to halt, stop or cancel the action.

I believe this has to do with the automatic jump function when running over obstacles, and one of the side effects is this bug. When crawling or moving while prone up to an obstacle, the player will automatically stand up.

I would vote for this bug, but won't because I tend to like running over obstacles. Removing the feature bugging the bug author, would then require players to always pressing CTRL-V again to just get over obstacles all the time.

This bug ignored more than two years!
Instead of solving this problem, after the update 1.60 was added a the simular bug -
Now the automaticaly stand up has not one, but two reasons, for which a player can be killed in the most opportune moment.

BI, Let's remove prone from the game at all!
Why is it necessary? Let the player always will only use the full erect position.

PS: Feedback of Bohemia Interactive, you work is fantastic!

I say, leave this bug unfixed.

Us human players are just too good, and the AI needs a good handicap like this bug to save themselves and make themselves look good within the political spectrum.

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I say, leave this bug unfixed.

Hi! I almost forgot about this bug, but when I get a second reason, why my character can be suddenly detected by enemy or even die, then it's a double blow to my balls.

I just for that in Arma3 the errors should be corrected, but not multiply/

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In Dev of the version the problem isn't reproduced

In Dev of the version the problem isn't reproduced

I use only stable version, I can't check yourself.
I hope very much that this was fixed, however, the problem was not constant and was not stable. Maybe you just don't notice it.

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