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Weapon sway is ridiculous after update.
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Well, scope sway went through a round of balancing today. It may (or may not) be a welcome change, but I think it took things a bit too far.
Probably, it was a bit imbalanced (questionable) before when with little practice you could hit targets up to 1200m with .408 rather easily. But now... Well. 500m shot on a stationary target from prone position is about the same difficulty now. It takes it to the point where sniper rifles become kinda useless (sniping from 500m, really? machine gun will do it better at this distance, and MG is much more versatile). Scope sway now moves scope more than the size of a car's window while standing 10m from said car.
Probably, those 1500m shots should not be easy, but I'm not sure that this is the right way to do it.

UPDATE (2014-07-15):
Added a couple of videos to illustrate the issue mentioned above.
First one -
Here you can see the amount of scope sway of freshly spawned unit. Distance - 500, stance - prone. Scope sway moves said scope 3 times the size of an ATC window. While holding breath - around half of aforementioned window.

Second one -
Distance - 35, stance - crouched. Thankfully, you can effortlessly hold your targeting reticle inside the hunter's door area. But you can't target it's window properly even while holding your breath.

My question can sound a bit arrogant, but is this really a skill level of a trained\experienced sniper? Or is it balanced now if we are using that kind of terms? {F24304} {F24305}


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Be sure you are fully rested before trying to take the shot. Lay prone for 10-20 seconds and wait for your breathing to relax. Make sure you are holding your breath for the shot as well. But I agree, bipods are a sorely needed feature.

It doesn't matter if you are fully rested or not, the scope will still sway like crazy. And he did mention that he FRESHLY spawned in. Fix this issue arma, you just broke a feature that did not even need fixing.

Triada added a subscriber: Triada.May 7 2016, 6:58 PM

I'm going to jump on and agree. I bought Arma 3 recently because I was looking for an FPS that was open-ended/sandbox instead of linear. I wanted something more realistic and the ballistics in this game looked very promising. I love movies like Shooter and really enjoy sniping. I love taking the time to set myself up so that I can take that one shot that makes all the difference.

I can't do that anymore. I was just playing the single-player campaign and was ecstatic to find a Lynx just now (my first time able to play since patch). Previously I was able to hit targets ~1000m fairly consistently (after practicing it for several hours). Today I couldn't hit a target, while lying prone and fully rested, at 200 meters. For real?!

I really like the boot camp, though I feel it really could be longer... but this excessive gun sway is almost game-breaking for someone who likes to snipe (me!). I also have several friends who I routinely play with who feel the same way. PLEASE put the sway back where it was!

Badlego added a subscriber: Badlego.May 7 2016, 6:58 PM

You should consider that not your soldier has to aim, but you do.the new weapon sway forces you to work against it with your mouse. In my oppinion this gives you the feeling of really moving a weapon and of trying to keep the crosshair on the target. But it is very important to push the free-look key "left-alt" while aiming, because you then move only your weapon instead of the whole soldier.

Long distance snipers need a bipod. I agree, that they should be implementet but this is another discussion

We can already expect bipods in the marksman update, I guess we'll just have to wait until then.

Badlego, I could agree with your point about "working against sway as IRL", but then there's 2 points originating from this one:

First point is a bit more vague and it's about having a lot more sensory feedback to the whole process IRL, when you have enough information coming from your own body to hold the reticle more or less on target using only reflexes and 'instincts'. Compared to that, current system is highly random and unpredictable, you can see that in the first video attached to issue.

Second point was mentioned multiple times in the notes and it is not about exactly bipods, but about a general ability to place your weapon on a solid surface, effectively negating most of the sway.

I don't think that those changes made the game better; I suppose they could, but only with bipods or weapon resting mechanic. This also will give a lot more value to a properly chosen position (i.e. not only cover, but a cover allowing you to rest your weapon in the desired direction), which will be great in terms of tactical planning and will largely affect short and long range combat.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 6:58 PM

Inherited status and dev assignment from duplicate ticket.

In a crouch and standing position it is really not easy to hold such a heavy sniper rifle. Basicly you cannot hit anything properly.
Personally I think the sway is pretty realistic in standing/crouch positions.

Although for being prone you should be able to sit the lowest part of your rifle onto the ground, (in most cases the magazine) to get a steady aim.

Since you cannot do that in Arma 3, bipods would be neccessary.

I think it's better by the Nexus update. What's your take?

ceeeb added a comment.Dec 30 2015, 1:39 AM

For anyone who wants to measure weapon sway rather than feel it, I've uploaded a test mission "movementTestStaminaRPT.Stratis" I originally created to test movement speeds, then stamina, but it also measures the magnitude of weapon sway (called "Aim wobble" in the script).

Use the radio triggers to toggle RPT logging of the measured values (as CSV) during the mission. Copy the values from RPT file into any spreadsheet program, and make pretty graphs (see example "sway_vs_stance_MX.png").

Please note the script doesn't really work correctly when looking through 2d scopes, as the whole screen sways rather than just the weapon and is instead measured as "aim change" (although looking down the scope has no effect on weapon sway anyway).

And your summary? I just wanna know if the ticket still applies.

The weapon sway tweak is still in dev branch and there are holidays right now.

ceeeb added a comment.Dec 31 2015, 1:57 AM

This ticket was created over a year ago, based on the 1.24 & 1.26 builds. I guess the key issue in deciding if this should be closed, is if there a better and more recent ticket? Most seem to degenerate into insults.

#26855 seems the most popular and up to date to me


There have been a lot of changes with the game since this was logged. Just wanted to run a few quick tests to see if we are still discussing the same thing as posted. As to the duplicates logged, this seems to be the only one showing numbers that can be objectively compared.

METHOD: Tested with Dev Branch (1.55.133793) only. All testing was done with the mission provided loadout while at rest. The only movement being the stance changes themselves. Each stance was held for 2 mins to allow for any settling.

NOTE: The deviation during the stance transitions are capped to show the detail better. Actual figures for Standing->Prone max out at 4.5 mils and the Crouched->Prone at 18.2 mils. The full values are not capped in the CSV file. It appears that this was also the case in the original.

CONCLUSION: From my testing it appears that the aiming deviation hasn't changed at all significantly over the intervening period. I don't think I'm qualified enough to draw anything further out of the numbers ;-)

Graph is here:
Raw Data (CSV) here:

EDITED: '~' seems to have a special meaning here. Removed them.

ceeeb added a comment.Jan 4 2016, 10:40 PM

DJPorterNZ, yes this issue is old, but I only uploaded the test mission and graph last week, so I wouldn't expect any changes since then :)

Thanks for taking a look