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Damage on static objects doesn't transfer to JIP players
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When you damage pre-placed objects (on Altis in my scenario) on the server, first player who joins can see it. But JIP players, who join later on, can't see the damage.
According to the wiki ( setDamage is Global, so shouldn't existing damage be shown to the JIP players?


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  • Use attached mission in dedicated server.
  • Join server, after 1 minute (because of expensive nearestObjects script) you should see the damage appear.
  • Disconnect from server
  • Reconnect
  • See that damage is no longer there.

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If you're able to supply a test mission, it would expedite problem resolution!

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I have attached an example mission, and provided info again in the 'Steps To Reproduce" section.

Great, thanks!

It is not limited to houses. Trees destroyed with scripts (setDamage) are also not synced for JIP. There is a ticket somewhere for this, can't find it.

@Killzone_Kid, my guess it's all static objects.

@gdscei well if you mow trees with a tank they do stay down for JIP, was the same in A2. I guess the scripted damage is not added to JIP array.

Any update on this? Could this be picked up while fixes are being placed for JIP-related behaviour on static objects anyways? (the issue where damage is multiplied if JIP players are on the server) I've tried in the dev-branch if this issue is fixed with these recent changes, but it doesn't seem like it.


On the video:

  1. Host applies setDamage 1 to everything around (both models and objects with classes)
  2. Client observes that everything destroys
  3. Client goes to lobby and joins again
  4. Client observes that everything is untouched
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Thank you guys for your effort. However, we were unable to reproduce the problem.
Could you please provide us with simple two-player repro mission for Stratis? It would help us in a great way.

Thank you!

I have attached a new mission (JIPDamageTest.Stratis) which should make repro easier. The buildings should immediately look damaged.

I also added screenshots of before and after reconnect.

Additional notes on repro:

  • Please use dedicated server, not in-game LAN server
  • When you disconnect, make sure you disconnect completely, not lobby.
  • I have just tested this on DEV branch of today, and this problem still occurs.

Please use dedicated server, not in-game LAN server

Shoudln't matter, works in any kind of multiplayer game for me

When you disconnect, make sure you disconnect completely, not lobby.

Leaving to lobby was enough for us

BIS_Iceman, if repro is still needed, let me know.

Did repro anyway: setdamagejip_repro.Stratis


  1. Start with 2 players
  2. Player 1 (Host) activates "setDamage 1 everything around you" action
  3. Both players observe that everything got destroyed
  4. Player 2 (Client) goes back to lobby
  5. Player 2 (Client) joins back into the game
  6. Player 2 (Client) observes that everything is untouched while Player 1 (Server) sees everything destroyed

yep I also did the repro and it worked

Thank you guys, the repro mission worked, will look into it.

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No problem, I hope this is easily fixable.

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Any updates on this? I'm unable to start with a town with randomly leveled buildings because of this.

I suppose I could make a workaround by sending a building array to each client but including JIP but that could kill a player if he spawns near a building due to JIP....

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Might be related T172490

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tested with setdamagejip_repro.Stratis, the mission is so old it had to be converted. Everything works on my end.