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JIP damage is inconsistent with the server for both pre-placed objects and dynamically spawned ones
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JIP damage is inconsistent with the server, for both pre-placed objects and spawned through the game.

Pre-placed objects, If you change the damage through script, it doesn't sync it properly:

  • HandleDamage syncs damage to current clients properly, but not for JIP
  • setHit* command don't sync at all

Dynamically spawned objects sync damage properly for both normal and scripted damage, but a bit imprecise for some reason.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run attached mission as listen server
  2. Start the mission until you're controlling your character
  3. Join the server with another client
  4. Observe damage being different for both static and dynamic buildings
Additional Information

Main issue for me in this ticket is HandleDamage broadcasting damage to current clients but not JIP, this results in JIP seeing completely different picture from other clients, like them having no building at all because its dead for JIP but alive for other clients. HandleDamage used in repro mission is used to only allow damage to glass hit points, but ends up creating nasty desync situations like these:

Players being inside building that doesn't exist for JIP:

Ruins inside alive building:

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SaMatra created this task.Thu, May 18, 5:20 PM