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chequerwise displacement pattern on sattelite image textures of community maps
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When loading certain Arma2CO custom terrains into Arma3 via All in Arma,
there occurs a strange pattern of sattelite image texture distortion on some terrains.

The error looks as follows, on the example of the usermade terrain "Esbekistan" (see link for download).


Map view:

Birds-eye view:

1st Person:



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here are some more examples from the Terrain "Kunar Province"


download maps, run them with AiA


Kunar Province:


FATA5x5 (you have to extract the regarding pbos from the A2:PR mod):


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some more examples, apparently the error affects more than half of the available community terrains.

nope - we cannot modify X number of community made terrains.
even more the author is often not longer around

BI just has to fix the source itself/ensure backwards compatibility

I can confirm that I tried MANY setups for my 4096 x 5 terrain, none of them solved this bug.

This is actually a major problem and I really hope BI is going to look into this.

At the moment, it's preventing me from releasing my terrain.

I can confirm that Schulzit and I tried many setups. If there are no plans to fix this short-term, would it be possible that we get some information on how to avoid it?

I've been able to workaround it by using 10m/px rasters instead of the previous 1m/px resolution.

That is just a workaround, because the loss of resolution is not acceptable.

still no fix, its really sad!

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Ran into this myself the other day! BI, please, look into this.

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Date Submitted : 2013-10-25 13:26
Please ?

Literally none of your image or video links work...

This issue has been fixed in current dev branch (1.47+), from a more recent ticket.

For further information, please, use the following ticket: