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Multiplayer crashes "steam ticket check failed: [null]"
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Whenever I try to play on an Arma 3 beta multiplayer game it crashes. It says that "steam ticket check failed: [null]". It lets me go into the server and choose my team/role, but in the next loading screen I crash. I do not know what to do, can someone please help me, thank you.


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I see this Error pop up alot in Multiplayer! Not had the problem myself though.

We need dxdiag and files from this folder for solve your problem. C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\
Can you upload somewhere in winrar package please?
When package will be smaller than 2,097k, so you can attach here. When package will be bigger, please use some free sharing service and post link here. Thank you.

There are to many files for me to download here, and the how to guide it says I can use Rapidshare. I have all the files uploaded to Rapidshare and I just need to get it to you, how can I give you the Rapidshare info?

Can you post the link to the File on Rapidshare Wolf?

It has been acouple of days now and I am wondering if anyone can help me with this issue

I have seen this once personally.
But many times with friends. It was in a recent DEV branch before the official release. It appears that some people may be receiving this in the official release now.

On going discussion-

Other bug references:

if your game crashes, what about provide the crashdumps and log file ?
MDMP, BIDMP and RPT files ... ideally compressed into archive

Additional Note:

  • We were using the DEV Branch(0.77.109561) on August 28th. (66+ players)
  • VON was disabled as we use ACRE.
  • It happened again using DEV Branch (0.77.109586) on August 31st.(59+ players)
  • This second night it only happened to other friends. Not me.

I sent my crash logs directly to Dwarden via email as did many of my friends. However, I cannot be sure if all the client crashes were related to this bug or not.

Dwarden you can reference the following crashlogs I sent you in email on that day after.

  • arma3_2013-08-28_16-56-17.mdmp
  • arma3_2013-08-28_18-49-11.mdmp
  • arma3_2013-08-28_16-54-11.mdmp

However, I don't think these crash logs were specific to this bug. But who knows.

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I solved this issue I had with our Headless client no longer connecting to our server by logging out and back into steam on the HC. It occured right after I pushed a dev update to the HC.

Some of my clan had the exact same issue later that day when playing on our server, they had not re-logged into steam since they had updated to the newer dev either so I told them to re-log and that fixed the issue for them too.

It's worth stating that it was not resulting in a crash for us just an inability to connect to the server.

Dwarden, expect crashlogs in your email within the next 24 hours.
We had at least 6 people crash tonight and I have screenshots of at least 4 got the steam ticket check failed message.

When got disconnected because of a Physi3x_x86.dll error several times my friend also told me that the "steam ticket failed" message. I already posted my dmp-files at Issue ID:15009.

I was on win 8 and joined a friend of mine on a win 7 machine. Got this error as well. Had him turn off EA's orgin the frequency of the crashes drop drastically, however when the game did crash there was no error.
This only happened to me after 1.02 update... before was fine.

Sorry I dont know where the dump files went.

@blood faucet1: Check the foldr c:\user\username\AppData\local\Arma3\... There should be three different files for each crash to desktop. RTP, DMP, and anotherone.

FYI uploaded dumps

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Game version should be changed from the beta; it affects stable branch as well.

I wasn't part of the mission played last night, but I know a lot of people who were suffered this error. When we've played A3 in the past this has been an issue as well. I'll push them all to upload their dumps.

Recommend setting this to "high" priority - it happens a lot, rendering the game unplayable for those it affects and ruining missions for those it doesn't, as half of your section can't maintain their presence.

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