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Walking while weapon is lowered
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So far we have a nice little animation for the lowered weapon while walking but it would be nice if there were 2 different types, I.E. the current A3 one and the default A2 one. Maybe by pressing tactical pace while the weapon is lowered he will do the A2 one where both hands are on the weapon ready and for non tactical pace just the lowered weapon.

This should effectively add some differences to the current clonish, identical patrols or walking in general especially if you get tired of one animation it would be nice to manually switch it. {F20682} {F20683} {F20684}


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KeefehB added a subscriber: KeefehB.May 7 2016, 3:18 PM

The current walk with the weapon lowered animation is bloody ridiculous. Why does my soldier have to swagger like some airsofter dickhead?

It looks even worse if you have a few patrols all walking exactly the same or if you jog while doing it.

The old Arma 2 one looked a lot better than this nonsense.

Exactly but I would still like to have the current ones just to add some variation, possibly add a little less swag to the walk.

yeah, a little less "swag" would be good indeed:)

Also thanks for whoever linked the pictures.

Totally agree with this post!

/upvoted I agree that there should be more different types of walking with lowered weapons. They should be pooled and executed randomly. But not every time I make my buddy walking should be choosen another type of walking -that would be to chaotic-, just every 5.time e.g.

Different type for each weapon would be cool.

But like I said above I'll settle for my soldier having both hands on his weapon and not strutting about like a twat.

Egosa-U added a subscriber: Egosa-U.May 7 2016, 3:18 PM

No, not for each weapon - link swag-styles with facetypes.
Weapon movements should be a character-spec.

No that is a awful idea!

I reported this back when the alpha came out. It was closed and it was explained to me that the weapons were hanging on a sling, allowing your left hand to swing freely and not support the weapon... however there is no sling model.... and it does look extremely silly. I much prefer the A2 lowered weapon walk. They should at least make it dynamic where there's a random chance that you'll get the silly lowered walk, or the A2 one. It'll just add some more "life" to AI patrols.

The weapons are on a sling thats true, but usuly even if you use that sling you don´t walk like you have an broom stufed in your ass.
I would love if they would trogle with the combat pace function an high ready a low ready stance. It looks strange to see standng guys in the base who are aming in their buddys face.

I get that it might be on a sling etc

Thing is not every single person is going to walk like that, it looks horrible when you have large groups walking about.

I always thought you were meant to keep both hands on your weapon.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 3:18 PM

Two hands on your weapon at all times. Whoever came up with this one-handed swagger clearly has no idea at all about military drills.

We did have two variations back in early Alpha, but they got removed.
I think it should be brought back.

My point is, they should bring back the A2 one and have the ability to toggle between them with tactical pace.

Even the ability to assign the old one to units in the editor/scripting would be good.

This would at least take away the odd looking patrols all swinging their arm.

most of the time your weapon shouldn't be slung anyrate. Urban yeah ok 99% of the time, but conventional ops? No! How can you fire and move with a weapon slung? I do agree though that the one hand on the weapon should be left in 100% but allow a swich between 1 and 2 hands on the weapon whilst walkingg. It shows different levels of aggression, useful for peacekeeping missions. Cheers.

49 votes for this.

Any chance of a mod or dev acknowledging this ticket exists?


Up voted -Yes this such'o'-macho redneck style shouldn't be the only 1 way

Koala added a subscriber: Koala.May 7 2016, 3:18 PM
Koala added a comment.Oct 2 2013, 9:18 AM

The new swag-like walking animation looks like the soldier is carrying a heavy gun. Please bring us the old ArmA 2 animation as an alternative (combat pace) variant.

If you go to the animation viewer you can see that there are two more variants of the walk with weapon lowered variation. They are just not implemented. COME ON BIS! The other thing is that the slung weapon animation (the current one) is unnaturally fast paced.

Maybe will be added with the campaign

change it now, rubbish!

I do STRESS that the ability to change from the new one handed to the two hands on weapon with Tactical Pace key would be incredibly nice.

Koala added a comment.May 22 2015, 4:52 PM

The soldier will now hold the weapon with both of his hands, if he walks with a lowered weapon (since dev-branch 1.45.130872).

Just take a look into the changelog here:

Koala added a comment.Oct 9 2015, 4:12 AM

The developers removed the "new" walking animation and changed it back to the old "swag-like" one.

Please change it to the "new" animation (holding the weapon with both hands). It really looks better.

R3vo added a subscriber: R3vo.May 7 2016, 3:18 PM
R3vo added a comment.Oct 9 2015, 5:04 PM

The new animation was removed due to some difficulties with its implementation according to DnA. He also said it !could! be coming back in the future.

Personally they should keep the chill walk(or change it too the "AmovPercMwlkSlowWrflDf_v2"(Aware Walk)) and when you enable combat pace. It will use the "AmovPercMwlkSlowWrflDf_v3"(Cautious Walking) animation are shown in this video at 0:45

Because you can be able to use your flash light and light up your way to maybe look out for mines or were your stepping on.

You can even see it in on of the Showcase videos of Arma 3:

They probably intended to use these animation for the AI at certain conditions:
AmovPercMwlkSlowWrflDf_v1 (Chill Walking) - Behavior: Safe and Careless
AmovPercMwlkSlowWrflDf_v2 (Aware Walking) - Behavior: Aware
AmovPercMwlkSlowWrflDf_v3 (Cautious Walking) -Behavior: Danger and maybe Stealth?

I agree, this new animation looks like a morbidly obese person carrying a frying pan, we need a new animation. BTW, if you're in tactical stance and you lower your weapon you can have a regular stance while sprinting, but if you're walking slowly you'll still look like the former.

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