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Realistic/Cost-Effective 2035 Technology
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This may still be in the works, but it's just something I noticed.
The soldiers in this game are equipped remarkably similarly to today's soldiers - they have nothing indicating they are 22 years in the future. In 22 years, technologies currently under development in DARPA type labs will be released.

Recently the american military has released prototypes to the equipment soldiers could be wearing in both 2010 and 2020. The progam is called Future Warrior. Barring cost, this is what the Army expects soldiers to look like in the future. Of course, most of this won't happen (exoskeletons, nanomuscles) because it's so expensive.

Some tech the 2010 Future Warrior soldier is equipped with:
-17 inch equivalent HUD in helmet containing interactive maps of the locations of all friendlies, patrol and attack routes, live intel, and other information as added by military leaders.
-Voice controlled computer systems
-Direct communications with air support (video feed, etc)
-Bio-monitoring system monitering core temp, heart rate, skin temp, etc

In addition to this, the 2020 Future Warrior soldier is equipped with
-Nanotech "liquid armor" that turns solid upon impact of bullets, and repairs itself by turning back into liquid after the bullet collision.
-Suit that uses artificial muscles to increase the strength of the soldier, giving 25 to 35 more lifting capactiy.
-Robotic exoskeleton legs allowing soldier to carry 300% more weight with less felt fatigue.

As far as weapons are concerned, "smart" airburst grenade launchers such as today's XM25 should be in wide use among the infantry -

-Laser rangefinders will be built into even the most inexpensive scopes.

At the moment, 2035 is looking like the same exact technology as today but with tweaked names and prototype vehicles that have pretty much exactly the same capabilities.

If you're going to make the game in the future, at least try and make it realistic FOR THE FUTURE. No laser cannons, plasma rifles, but stuff that soldiers already have prototype access to NOW, or stuff that already works 100% today but is prohibitively expensive.

information on the future warrior program -


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Of the list of what the Army says will be deployed, here are the ones that will actually happen due to costs:

-liquid armor vests(kevlar treated with shear-thickening-fluid)

    These vests won't repair themselves but will do away with plates, giving more mobility with the same level of protection. Since it's fabric, more of the body can be protected though, such as the arms and legs. The liquid armor part itself is modified polyethelene glycol, an inexpensive chemical widely used today.

-Acoustic sniper detection systems

    They've already started equipping foot soldiers with these today, so by 2035 it is 100% certain that pretty much all soldiers will have these.

-The interactive HUD/Map thing in each helmet. If you look at ARMA 3's helmets, the OPFOR have screens in their helmets and bluefor has a screen in their tactical glasses, so this just needs to be made useful for the player.

-Thermalvision goggles replacing NVGs. Spec Ops units have access to thermal NVGs today, and prices are constantly dropping. By 2035 thermal NVGs should cost the same or less than normal NVGs do today. -

-XM25 (already going to be ingame) and smart scopes (at least scopes with built in rangefinders)

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AD2001 added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 4:47 PM

They still want to have it like today. They don't want nanosuits (which you also made a ticket for *facepalm*) or anything like that. Thermal goggles? And I guess you also want to have recoil-less .50 cal machineguns for autoriflemen, .50/.408 cal sniper rifles for marksmen and recoil-less 7.62 60-bullet-mag assault rifles for regular riflemen. And grenadiers will have an 62mm GL. AT riflemen will have NLAWs/RPGs rechambered in 200 mm. Snipers will have an XM109 with and extended magazine. And tanks should have railguns with instant travel time and no bullet drop. We should also have hang gliders.

AD2001 added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 4:48 PM

I just saw the changes and the XM25 is going to be in the game, but laser range finders although possible would be OP.

Everything I've been posting is technically possible but cost-obstructive TODAY. The game takes place in 22 years. Ignoring technological progress is completely unrealistic - 20 years ago we didn't even have GPS.

I haven't been asking for anything unrealistic (such as recoiless guns, laser pistols, or "portable" 200mm rockets as you put it). The guns in ARMA 3 are fine for this timeframe, the military very rarely replaces their assault rifles (m16's been in service for 50 years).

If you actually read the posts I've documented everything I say based on current tech and tech the military says they will have deployed by 2020.

You must be one of those people who wishes Bohemia had just made the game based in the modern day, and automatically downvote anything that deviates from that wish.

AD2001 added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 5:02 PM

They wanted something like 2015 (I think you said it looked like that).

Then why did they make it in 2035? They could have just as easily made it in 2015... Where do they say that?

AD2001 added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 5:10 PM

They still want it to be realistic. They don't want lazorz.

They predicted we would have flying cars by the year 2000, were they right??? Just because they say this and that in the future, it doesnt mean it will be a fact. They also counting on other stuff that cant be predicted like the cost of manufacturing said tech etc. Shit like that costs moola you know, and on top of that you still have to pay soldiers a salary and cater for other costs etc. Honestly now, that will not be a standard. As mentioned in your other post, the cost really will have the final say, and even then, they will try cut down on cost as much as possible, so only certain tech will be feasable.

Dont take this wrong, I love the future setting, and I am glad BI chose the future setting, because the whole modern warfare really starting to get old, much like the WW2 themes did. Sci-fi and future really inspires creativity because of its unknown, so also nice to see another perspective.

Lastly, most of these things if they are appealing, will have a mod, and the devs have alot to do, so adding this will not be a likely feature.

Yeah, the post about the battlesuit was really sci-fi, this one's much much closer to home, which is why I separated them. Of the list of what the Army says will be deployed, here are the ones I will actually happen due to costs:

-liquid armor vests(kevlar treated with shear-thickening-fluid)

    These vests won't repair themselves but will do away with plates, giving more mobility with the same level of protection. Since it's fabric, more of the body can be protected though, such as the arms and legs. The liquid armor part itself is modified polyethelene glycol, an inexpensive chemical widely used today.

-Acoustic sniper detection systems

    They've already started equipping foot soldiers with these today, so by 2035 it is 100% certain that pretty much all soldiers will have these.

-The interactive HUD/Map thing in each helmet. If you look at ARMA's helmets, the OPFOR have screens in their helmets and bluefor has a screen in their tactical glasses, so this just needs to be made useful for the player.

-Thermalvision goggles replacing NVGs. Spec Ops units have access to thermal NVGs today, and prices are constantly dropping. By 2035 thermal NVGs should cost the same or less than normal NVGs do today. -

I actually think all that robo-exoskeleton stuff isn't going to happen for a very very long time, but included it in the OP because that's what the military said. I'm adding this post to the OP as clarification of what I think is actually possible, so people stop thinking I want the game to become something like HALO with lasers and iron man suits and all; I don't. Also changing the title to seem less scifi

AD2001 added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 5:36 PM

This is possible. Changing the vote.

They can't even get the recoil on the weapons right... 2035 and the weapons have more vertical climb than a civil war musket and a shot gun. Last time I checked low recoil was a major factor in weapon selection. As for this... Well, I think it could be implemented as a pull down lcd over one eye in the game. Instead of having map, compass, gps, etc. So that could actually be a really good idea. I believe they already use them, they are called land warriors or something.

So true jake. The recoil is so huge while standing, id question the reason to go for 6.5 round if thats the culprit, since while the round is more powerfull its less accurate. Also from spectating how AI behaves, they dont seem to have much recoil problems, since after every shot their aim snaps right back on target it seems.

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runekn added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 6:05 PM

You're also forgetting one very important thing. Economy

As stated in your other post about the tactical glasses:

"Honestly, I think the most we would see in terms of game changing revolution tech for warfare would be something like google glasses, but for the military.

So much is already possible, target aquiring, gps with maps for navigation, seeing what another soldier sees via headcam etc. Practically your entire map interface with briefing and more can be smartly displayed in front of you. I imagine that might be what the additional attachment on the tactical glasses are for?"

As for your liquid vest, very doable, it is just cornstarch and water. It is liquid but on impact it is solid, so I can see that going a long way towards armour.

And thermal becoming a standard, well I am sure it will be available, but battery power would limit it's use, much like NVG, however ingame it seems NVG is unlimited, and that will make thermal unlimited, and no one would probably play the game normally.

@runekn they seem to have plenty of money considering they've engineered new stealth helicopters, completely deployed them. Equipping new electronics gear is cheap compared to that.

@ShotgunSheamuS battery power is a big deal today for both thermals and normal NVGs but 22 years into the future it is likely we will have new battery chemistries which will have much more capacity. To put into perspective, 20 years ago we were still using mostly Ni-Cds.

I wish people would stop downvoting the instant they see the words "exoskeleton" and don't go on to read the rest of the OP which goes on to state much of that isn't actually going to happen due to costs.

runekn added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 6:33 PM

@GeneralScott New stealth helicopters? The Comanche helicopter was in development <1996-2004. There's nothing new.

lol it happens more than you know. So many other people just read the title and already have their mind set without having to read further. Just gotta live with it I guess.

bez added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 6:35 PM

1 - Liquid armor, OPFOR already can take allot of dammage, let's just say they have liquid armor

    or whatever else armor would be in the furture, I don't see the need to make even a better body 
    armor than what they have now.

2 - Acoustic Sniper detection systems, +1 for that, they are nothing new really.

    they are being used for some years now, it would be nice to have them in game actually.

3 - Interactive HUD, well, In a way, we can say we already have that, you do have a HUD

    and depending on your difficulty settings you have all sorts of elements on it,
    so it's kind of there already.

4 - Thermal Vision Scopes sights will be probably in the game, don't see the need for Thermal Goggles.

Even if they are common by 2035, it's not really something you can walk with, so scopes is enough IMO.

@runekn - Yes, but that helicopter was cancelled to due excessive costs. In the ARMAverse, they kept feeding it money until it was battle-ready.

1 - The liquid armor has similar protective qualities to modern armor, but it's less bulky and can be used on the arms and legs since it's a fabric with the protection of a plate.

3 - Yeah, but it would be cool if we could equip goggles or glasses which had an HUD overlay in the corners with a compass, a minimap of friendlies and terrain in the area (just friendlies, realistic non-COD map), and the "magic waypoint" and friendly soldier indicators currently in game could be explained as functions of the HUD. Taking off the goggles would make you unable to see waypoints or magically identify friends from foes, as in real life.

4 - By this point the tech will have miniturized itself to the point where a normal sized helmet mounted optic could contain both thermals and NVGs. ( Alternatively, the thermal could be a monocle - it would assist target identification in both day and night while still allowing you to aim down sights with your unobstructed eye.

runekn added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 6:43 PM

@GeneralScott, hmmm. Okay. Gameplay wise, I want everything to be as close to modern day as possible. I have a feeling that's also what the developers are thinking.

But that's the dangers of making a future simulation. You can't predict the future, and therefore you can't simulate it probably.

Yes, that seems to be where the community is going - I agree, crazy things like jetpacks and battlesuits shouldn't be in the vanilla game. But things that already exist today but are currently to expensive like thermals, HUDs, sniper detection systems, wouldn't make things too different, could be disabled serverside for a more 2015 experience, and would more realisticly simulate 2035 - I'm pretty sure everyone agrees soldiers will have these technologies (in the additional information section) by this time.

bez added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 7:00 PM

I don't know much about this liquid armor, but I think the Opfor soldiers have too good armor
already, and it's not like it's heavy or something.

When I said it's not convenient to walk with thermals I didn't mean due to it's size.

Thermal vision is a very unclear image of reality, you see all by it's thermal signature
which most of the time is almost the same color shade.

Actually maneuvering over the terrain with thermal view is not ideal, since
it would be very hard to see what you are stepping on and so on,
even if the goggles would be the size of reading glasses.
That is why I don't see the need for goggles, scopes mounted on the gun itself is enough IMO.
But hey, I wouldn't downvote it, no worry :) I don't mind if it's there really.

There are already tactical glasses, You open the GPS and see it on the screen all the time as
a HUD element, you can place markers on the map and see them as waypoints, you see your squad
members with hexagons, again it's pretty much all there.

Ok, whatever, you got my vote +1
just no armor improvements!!!

and BTW, again I will say, acoustic sniper detection systems are not new at all
and being used daily, at least here in Israel.

I will throw some more ideas your way of things already in use today
that can actually be cool for gameplay and IMO wouldn't be stupid or too futuristic.

runekn added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 6:58 PM

@GeneralScott I think it would. Those systems are currently operated by a single person in - lets say - a fireteam, so if the fireteam want information, they'll need to talk with him and keep the communication up.
If everyone had thermal vision. Well, that teamwork is gone.

Armor improvements are a different ticket (not by me) all together, and the devs are investigating what would be realistic for body armor right now.

@runekn Yes, that would make sense - squad leader with the thermal/NVG combo with an infared laser marking targets for the rest of the squad with normal NVGs. Spec Ops would all have thermal/NVG combo. Sounds pretty good right there, gives the lasers a good tactical use ingame for marking targets only squad leaders can see.

runekn added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 7:07 PM

@GeneralScott - I don't know about the thermal/NVG combo thingy.. I was more thinking strider command seat scenario. - current thermal/NVG combo optic

I thought you were saying that the squad leader could be equipped with one of these while the rest of the squad could have normal NVGs. Teamwork would be required because the squad leader could mark targets with his infared laser attachment (already ingame) that he could see on thermal, and his troops could open fire on the marked target.

runekn added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 7:14 PM

@GeneralScott - hmmm, interesting.. Maybe, maybe not. Vanilla, I don't know. Addon, sure!

I just feel like if you can buy them right now in real life you should certainly be able to have them in 2035.

bez added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 7:21 PM

About sniper detection systems, the acoustic ones are older, new ones are actually
optical based.

Here is a small cover of some of them in a forum i read sometimes,
sorry it's google translated, but it's reasonable I think.

bez added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 7:35 PM

Viper robot, in active service for some time now:

Or the ODF eyeDrive robot

That's pretty cool, I didn't know they had optical systems until now

bez added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 7:32 PM

deployable grenade like camera,
yeah I know, stupid marketing video,
but again this is also already in active service for some time now:

Literally the only reason someone would downvote this is because "I wish BI made the game in the modern day so I'm going to do everything I can to make it seem that way"

No, not the only reason... Yeah, i know a lot of people have a big issue with the theme of being set in the future. Personally i like it, but hey, it could be worse. The devs however, they probably already thought of it, or maybe will consider it... So don't worry too much.

General Scott you are right in some points and ArmA 3 isn't really 2035. I just wish they would have just said that it is in a nearer future, like 2016 or something like that.
I understand that most the players don't want all that overpowered stuff for gameplay reasons. It would make it a completely different game.

I just think BIS will make their mash-up like they do and hope someone will make a modern day oriented warfare mod like ACE and a 2035 nice weapontech mod.
This would make everyone happy.

I like both settings so I'm cool with it all.

I'm not saying that BIS does a bad job, but they have to please to many people.:-)

"Some tech the 2010 Future Warrior soldier is equipped with"

he is? It's 2013 and most US soldiers are still running around with their M4, no HUDs and "usual" body armor.

Liquid armor in 2020? Haha yeah right.

Remember "land warrior"? Well gee where is it now

Metalcraze... you read half of the OP... I go on to say that what the Army says is ridiculous and only the most basic of technological advances (as in stuff we have working today but it's currently too expensive) should go into the game.
And the game takes place in 2035, not 2020. I am reccomending the 2035 soldier to basically look like the Future Warrior 2010 soldier.

Sometimes I wonder about the future of humanity...

9mm added a subscriber: 9mm.May 7 2016, 3:14 PM
9mm added a comment.Jul 4 2013, 12:29 AM

GeneralScott , I agree that the DARPA One Shot XG rangefinder scopes that I pointed out in an earlier post would be a really nice addition to the arma3 simulation , and a welcomed addition , but lets be realistic about it and
keep the simulation more along the lines of feasibility.
BTW...your comment below

"and no sniper even tries to make 1100 m shots without a bipod."

you should tell that to this guy!

The LAND WARRIOR system should definitely be in no doubt about it.

samogon added a subscriber: samogon.May 7 2016, 3:14 PM

Economical side should hurt yours wishes.
Well,forget about money.Everything now is an todays technoligies,forbidden and canceled prototypes,possible futuristic vehicles.

Almost everything is ingame already.
1)Armor - well everything great here.Old 5.56 ammo cannot kill in one shot as much distance as they became useless.Thats why created 6.5 round with small recoil and way better damage power.Same things was in history when assault rifles cames from regular automatic rifles.

2)Sniper Detection system.Well in some case usefull system,in another - makes infantry life much more easier.Im pretty sure,that futuristic snipers could be use thermal camouflage(Currenty BAE test it,but on vehicles).If they will use it - then I agree.

3)HUD - Fully Agree.Helmets and Glasses are useless yet,but models looks like as they interactive HUD.But in reality - you may drop down glasses and helmets and you can't see diffirence.

4)Thermal Googles.Well - thermal scopes is much that enough.I can suggest only one thing - thermal Monocular/Binocular.

Not because somthing is tested today will mean it will be implemented in the future. Even do they are considert Cost efective today doesnt mean in 22 years they still are. YOu must realize Technology grows insanely today maybey today's 'future'tech is outdated whitin the next 5 to 10 years. So im downvoting this simply because you haven't looked at the logic aspects.

So are you saying that technology will get MORE expensive as production costs decrease, the technology becomes older, and advances are made? That doesn't make too much sense... Some things we can be pretty sure are going to be implemented in the future... The automatic sniper detection is already being equipped full-scale on US troops and vehicles. Thermal goggles allowing for easier target identification are better than infared goggles in every way, and as they both become cheaper as time goes on we will be seeing soldiers with thermal/infared combo goggles, such as the goggles already equipped on certain special units today. HUDs need to be added because ARMA 3 has models for the actual HUD device. And if as you say today's "future tech" is outdated in 5 years, you think we'll have lasers lol

Yep. Lasers indeed. Actually there already are military grade lasers only they cost to much and suck up to much power. and sniper detection equipt ment? Link me to prove your points. And you udnerstand me wrong with production cost will get higher. I meant that some things we have today we will not have in maybey 20 years (OIL) everything has to be changed. Todays future tech are just idea's put into development to se how they could be implemented in the future. They give US soldiers these things to try them out doesnt mean that they are using it for full scale your just not understanding the word testing.

And seriously. Military company's come up with idea's. They explain tthey're workings and functionality and how it would work out for the soldier. Thats today and you belive by thoese Idea's that they will be used in the future because thats what TV says? Thats just playing a bit stupid... Look at the F35.. it was super advanced back in the day with new hightec stuff. Then 5 to 10 years later the tech in that thing is basic. And seriously Nano liquid armor? If you watch Discovery you will realize that this is imposible whit current technology so its just a moc up of idea's. ALso the fact you are describing 17 inc screens in soldier helmets? IDK how large your head its but mine aint 17 inches large....

Also if you think that most of arma 3 features now are not future realated. They are most of these vehicles are being tested today or are being designed. Note the devs actually used old vehilces to design some of these things based on how military companys upgrade they're tech. All these things are doable in 22 year time span not like your stuff.

Raoul it's all explained and linked above. But I'll do some of it again

Sniper detection system- Being deployed today, why wouldn't they have them in 2 decades? They'd be dirt cheap, and are undoubtably very useful in many situations.

Thermal/infared combo goggles- You can get them today, and they're much more useful than just infared for target identificaion, so why WOULDN'T they use them in 22 years once the price goes down?

Yes great 2 things you just said are used. ANd i know they are but some of the things you describe in the main info are not used at all. Info is only 3 lines..... Saying they are being researched by ARL. things that are not Tested today should not be put in the game and with testing i mean FULLY combat tested.

Oges03 added a subscriber: Oges03.May 7 2016, 3:14 PM

You guys really think that some of this tech is going to be wide spread and fielded in "2035"? Watch pentagon wars and get back to me...took them 40 years to roll out a passable BFV and it still sucked enough to consider the stryker.

Up vote for the effort though

Some great ideas for sure. But I would think their decision to base the Game in the distant future is a more politically correct way of doing it without ruffling to many feathers in the real world. Just gives them the freedom to make up any "storyline" they want :)

And to be honest, I like using today's current tech level of weaponry in the game - as in - what is in common usage today. I think too much fancy future tech would detract from what makes Arma such a good game.

My Two cents. Happy Arma'ing.

It does not matter anyway, the highest voted feature requests have note even seen a test so it is becoming useless to ask. Apparently the new wastelander players get their hidden player name or some shit. Yet the loyal ARMA veterans playing since OFP don't get a basic running vault even though the animations are in game. Seriously BI it is getting stupid now I can feel a slight bit of mainstream creeping in and it is worrying!

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 3:14 PM

Forgot and newermind, bis doing his product as 'fuckoff'...

I think the suggestions are reasonable and i vote yes for the proposition!

It's 2035 guys, if you want realism you'd better realize that tomorrows warfare is a lot more about electronics, geez. Just look at the technology the french army already has!

the FÈLIN combat suit:

Lot of people want a A2 OA revisited with RV4 for me the best game stay OFP for the beast it was in his time and the conflict between Russia and USA, but it's like that A3 is the futur so +1 due to realism.

Anarchy added a subscriber: Anarchy.May 7 2016, 3:14 PM

I honestly would love to see more of this. If I can't have my M4's, at least give me liquid armor. (Does it boost my immune system if I drink it?)


Pardon the German, but the video in there is in English:

Another example, how modern technology warfare (it's not even 2015!) will look like!

First off, there has been no known development of the ability to reduce recoil on a 200 cal (which, by the way, what is that?)

Secondly, You're rambling and have added no significant information to this suggestion. You just complained about common Arma 3 quirks, that some embrace and other accept. The learning curve is there because of the scope and scale of the project. It's not Battlefield 3, That's the point.

Thirdly, ACE3 is a community project, not an official addon. You're just going on about nothing and it's spam, plain and simple. Stop complaining, be productive.

adding i want this:

Regarding to the Sniper detection system mentioned in the ticket. Thats a pretty neat system. Its tested in the Army , now comes the BUT it has big problems working in Towns or compounds since there are echos everywhere. The system cannot determine where the shot came exactly from because the sound duplicates like 20 to 30 times when the shot is fired in a town. Still the idea is good( in real life and in arma) but i think it will be more a prototype than a serious gadget.