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Flooding land like Arma 2 ACR
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Back in Arma 2, ACR had an amazing feature that I never noticed until now which allowed you to flood Utes and Cherno.

Link to cherno flooded:
Dayz Hurricane Katrina?: {F20042} {F20043} {F20044} {F20045} {F20046} {F20047} {F20048} {F20049} {F20050} {F20051} {F20052}


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Flooding Stratis, Altis and future maps basically changes the entire flow of battle, allow for a diverse range of rescue missions, survival maps, and a way to improve underwater combat!

This would also allow for swimming pools on Altis.

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Good idea! There should be a slider that changes sea level height.

I would think there was a reason ACR did it the way it did rather than raising the ocean.

Would love to make missions were you rescue civilians and help out areas that are flooded, protect area's from loots etc...

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Wow, I didn't even know that was possible. With the diving feature this would turn Altis into a whole different map with many more possibilities.

It basically takes the normal map and completely changes it, and in Arma 3 with the new diving feature, imagine swimming through flooded towns and cities while rescue vehicles follow the elevated roads above sea level.

I wonder how hard it would be for the devs to import this from Arma 2?

It was possible on ArmA 2 engine, it's been done by BIS devs, it is possible on A3 engine. There is only need for clean implementation, but first I would like to see improved rain, puddles and realistic surface like mud, sand to get stuck in. Making things from scratch is harder than implementation of the known system, anyway this plus fire propagation and we have ultimate life simulator.
voted up

I would really love to see this feature!

The devs are making new rain, hopefully like this:
If we have new rain, all that water has to fill up and flood areas.

this would be brilliant if implemented properly.
but remember it's the mediterranean in arma 3, so we would need at least basic effects for waves interacting with geometry.

would give more meaning to the whole new underwater thing.


Depends if the flood water is connected to the ocean or not.

on a mediterranean island the size of stratis or altis, there is a 99% chance it would. lowest points of theese "smaller" island are always the coastal areas with higher point more in the middle.

well of course it would be thinkable that the flood is not conencted to ocean - but then again adding basic effects of breakwater like we have at the coast atm, should not be a big problem.

Atlis has a dry lake, meaning it's connected to the ocean at times and other times at not, Atlis would have areas for water to be not connected to the ocean as Atlis has flat wide open farmland and such.

If flooding is implemented, we could then have tides that are controlled by the time you set like the moon and light level is.

yes, tides would be cool. we had them in op flash when i remember correctly.

the mediterranean has not very strong tides, but depending on the coast-type, the tides can still change the character of an coastal area.

Yea, and depending the time of year, the lake on Atlis could or could not be connected to the ocean as well.

no, it just needs more time. they won't immediately review a ticket just because it has, say one hundred votes.

if the ticket is well written, then they will review it. normally little bugs get reviewed faster, than more complex suggestions.
so, don't worry;)

Would you say this ticket is well written?

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 2:44 PM

Yes, it's very well written. ;) Not that it matters, but you misspelled Altis.

And btw, I don't think the engine supports tides and water level changing.Could they just make 2 separate maps?

the engine should support it. the original ofp had working tides, when i remember correctly.

ps: yes, progamer: well written;)

It pretty much could work just like the fog system and just have a slider which increases its height.

"Good idea! There should be a slider that changes sea level height."


Massively agree with this idea. This could bring MANY possibilities, even non-combat scenarios.

Rescue missions, racing missions, flying missions, boating missions, survival missions, and diving missions would all be possible with this and more!

Imagine a mission were a script makes the water kill you, and also makes it rise slowly. You would have to fight people for the highest ground areas to survive while others would get trapped on lower areas and wait to drown watching you surviving!

gutsnav added a subscriber: gutsnav.May 7 2016, 2:44 PM

So we can fight swimming insectoid Iranians in underwater cities.

Sure! Arma is about making the game your own!

Bump! Someone has to do something about it 50 votes and no review?

TheBoat added a subscriber: TheBoat.May 7 2016, 2:44 PM

This would be REALLY really cool. Like Agia Marina is flooded (Or other major areas in Altis), and divers and stuff have to go through looking for survivors, maybe the first floor of all the houses are flooded and you have to swim through through flooded streets etc. Maybe at night, the street lights could be on still. It'd be interesting.

Yea, imagine boating down the streets of Agia Marina with waves and the lights flickering at night!

This would have several advantages
-Give a use for boats, which are pretty much never used in PVP
-New gamemodes such as "disaster relief" in which you go into some town and restore order from a player-controlled squad of looters/paramilitary terrorist people.

Imagine the 'Waterworld' mods. Keep your wasteland, postapocalyptic underwater dumpster diving for loot and makeshift boat warfare is where its at.

Brenton added a subscriber: Brenton.May 7 2016, 2:44 PM

"If flooding is implemented, we could then have tides that are controlled by the time you set like the moon and light level is."

My first thought was of tides and how it affects landing craft.

Did some messing around with AiA and kind of got the Arma 2 ACR flooding working in Arma 3 but with glitches.

But it has the Arma 2 water textures and do not look good at night with street lights.

Imagine having to worry about tides with landing craft and large boats. Or parking vehicles close to the ocean!

AD2001 added a comment.Jul 3 2013, 4:51 PM

"Another great point is that flooding would allow for tides to implemented."

Correction: tides would allow for flooding to be implemented.


Ahh @ProGamer I would love to dive in and swim down to buildings off a mountain, that would be bad ass.

I've shown it's possible, and it's supported by the engine. Hopefully it's reviewed soon.

Right now I am in a place were the tides rise and fall 40 meters! Imagine something like this in Arma 3!

tidal range of the mediterranean is about 10cm, absolute maximum is 200cm.
i don't know where you are, but if that place has 40 meter tidal range, than it is probably a moon of jupiter or something.

It may not be realistic for the mediterranean, but the bay of Fundy were I am on vacation at has 40m tides and that would be pretty awesome to play around with in Arma 3 though not that realistic, but it's a sandbox game!

I think about 10-20 cm would be enough.


40 m? Or 40 cm?

Well I am in a location were you walk down a staircase to get onto the beach when the tide is out and when it comes in, it goes up 54.6ft or 16.8 meters.

Yes, I read about the 16-17 meter tides but 40m? That's bigger than a 10 story building.

I mistakenly put 40m when it was incorrect.

Why not. Having options is always good. Maybe someone wants to play some global warming doomsday scenario.

Yea, I was thinking about an idea like, Arma is also a sandbox game after all. But I tried to use more realistic suggestions in the ticket because the majority of the community prefers realism.

Surfer added a subscriber: Surfer.May 7 2016, 2:44 PM

This would be so sweet! +1
Ah, I made the 100!
Hooray! :-)

I think they should just add minor flooding with seasons because Limnos has a seasonal lake that fills up with water occasionally.

The ticket would include that.

Rivers! Why no rivers in ArmA?

Because the engine doesn't support moving water.

Aww. But i meant, more like the sea?

p.s. Does the engine even support water properly? I mean, the sea barely looks like's like a plain texture you can fall through, looks blue and changes gravity.

Did i just describe water? :D

I meant to compare to the water in the likes of CryEngine.

Well I think in some ways physx water should be quite a high priority. But it is probably very CPU intensive and would take a long time to get working.

I reckon they should include the possibility of rivers, water height in regards to the moon and the tide, and water resistance. Would make for some dynamic missions indeed.


does someone now when the salt lakes are flooded?

because in loading screen u can read it sometimes, that in altis 3 salt lakes are which are periodically flood.... i still didnt find out when this happens

Oh great, now I can get 10 FPS everywhere...

10 fps? This ticket is not about moving water. That could come at a later date.

The ticket is about raising the water level, flooding areas, creating ponds, lakes, and tides. But possibly doing it the way Arma 2 ACR did which did not include moving water.

i know what the ticket is about :D

but i just asked if someone already found out in which period of time the lakes are flooded... the loading screen says the same thing, that the lakes are periodically flood... i tried every month and weather options but still didnt find the time :D

I'm just saying that then I would have 10 FPS wherever I go, since water gives me 10 FPS (for some reason) in Arma 3. This woulds still be a nice features though...

I suppose BI won't have enough time for this, A3 enabling AI under water positioning and there's still many works to do for exist project, so let alone a much more complex ASL waypoint system.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 2:44 PM

You can already make the tide really big by adjusting the config parameters:
here is an example with stratis:
To do it with altis, you just have to change the name stratis to Altis in the config.cpp

But this is not so good as the pathfinding of the AI is messed up, you can't flood a specific area, the ambient sound is the one of dry land ect.

Any word on this being created?

With the newer createsimpleobject command you can place water that is also animated. But swimming or diving is not possible.

Search for a quarry or water...