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Backpack Gear Theft
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Whilst playing multiplayer, I was looking at the UAV with my handgun drawn and someone (who was too lazy to go back to base to get ammo) stole my rifle.

Can we have the way it was as in we choose to drop the equipment for them or they can scavenge the backpack when I'm dead. Maybe an Unlock/Lock button in the gear menu.


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Tried it myself on another person who also became frustrated!

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there's both pro's and con's to this. I would say anything in your immediate assigned gear should not be taken, however if you have a backpack and there are things in the backpack that a team mate can only take what is in your backpack, and not on you physically assigned... unless you are dead of course.

having to drop gear for them will make you vulnrable, and in most cases you would not want to risk it when in a gun fight. So if say a team mate wants ammo, he can help himself to your backpack, and not grab your NVG, rifle, or current assigned ammo etc leaving you with nothing. And neither will you have to risk opening your inventory while shit is happening around you.

an alternative to the 'stealing of gear' could be a simple menu system when facing the person. if htey have the same type of ammo/weapon you do, then its a request ammo or give ammo control.

thats it.

CGMH added a comment.Apr 21 2013, 12:27 PM

I don't like the idea of a menu, because it takes away the realism and reminds me of RPGs. I thinks this is inappropriate for this game. Although I like the idea of locking/unlocking the backpack in a multiplayer game, because it's the same problem as with vehicles and planes.

arziben added a subscriber: arziben.May 7 2016, 1:46 PM

I like the idea of just locking/unlocking the backpack, like the command for helicopter controls
it's quick, clear, doesn't make you vulnerable and solve the problem

when you die you pass in unlocked by default

very good suggestion Spanky :)

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:46 PM

as in ACE - Toggle lock button: open for all, open for team/side, by reaquest

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citle added a comment.Apr 23 2013, 7:40 AM

+1, arziben, locking backpack is more realistic.

Or simply add a hint "playerX is accessing your gear.." and a mousewheel action "Grant / Deny"

Great suggestion kid, though no need for deny as player can just ignore, but yeah otherwise just a notification that someone wants to access your gear, and then approve it via scroll menu, or ignore it to deny. Option in scroll menu would disappear after user leaves/walks away from you. So you can just tell him over von to piss off if you don't want him digging around.

Did this issue occurs only in the "UAV situation" or anytime? And did someone was able to stole your weapon from weapon slot or from backpack only?

W4RH4WK added a subscriber: W4RH4WK.May 7 2016, 1:46 PM

voting up for toggle lock

Even as a civilian i can look in the BluFor and Opfor backpack while they are alive, i´m not sure if they permit this in real life lol

the "grant/deny" style is time and attention eater, while just locking/unlocking it takes one click at any time you want without braking the pace of the moment

Scroll > Accept (or grant or whatever) is way faster than opening the gear menu and click on the lock/unlock thing IMO

not opening it, I said, lock/unlock like for the heli commands, in the scroll menu

I don't think we should add more actions for 1-2 stupid guys who want to play with the nervous system of others.
Most people playing ARMA just doing their jobs (as they should..)
Lets keep some things simple (as they must be)'s a "No" for me..

I don't know, the lock/unlock seems more time consuming and a hassle than just having to confirm, or ignore. Using lock/unlock you will have to lock your back pack when game starts, then if someone requests something from your back pack, you have to unlock, and wait for user to take what he needs then you have to unlock.

But if you just have to confirm, then the confirm action willmost likely be top priority atty that moment, so you won't have to scroll endlessly to get it, and secondly it will give requesting user access to inventory (and no one else without confirming) and as soon as person leaves inventory screen it will automatically lock again. That way it's much simpler than lock and unlock.

For those who play serious with friends won't need this since they can trust eachother.

However, for the sake of public players who only want to mess around; please add this simple function so that you'll need permission to access the backpack of another unit.
This, ofcourse, does not apply for dead or unconscious players.

agreed, hence why my initial post was that backpack is available at all times, however public players can be annoying.

Perhaps server settings can dictate whether backpacks are open or locked? So in private servers backpacks can be left open because you trust your mates, but public servers backpacks are locked and require permissions to access backpack?

citle added a comment.Apr 28 2013, 7:45 PM

GiorgyGR, we don't want this added this for 1-2 stupid guys, stupid guys are happy already as they can steal whatever they want. We want this for other people, who don't like being paranoid of having everything stolen right from inventory at any time.
Anyway, as locking vehicles was implemented by scripters, I think locking backpack will be done too, its just a matter of time.

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in real life a soldier CAN steal his friend rifle or backpack.

sorry, but i will downvote this, better be careful next time with who are you playing with

In real life the possibility is there, but you are likely to get t your ass kicked, or killed,... So shut up with the technical bs, down vote for a shitty technical aspect if you want.

citle added a comment.Apr 29 2013, 1:15 PM

Dr_Death, are you kidding me? Hell no, in real life you can't steal 15 medpacks in 1 second without victim even suspecting anything until he realises something from backpack is not there anymore. It would take time for thief to steal items, and you can't steal big items without big risk, and you can't steal on the move. And you can use locks, though it would take time to enter combination, and anyone can break it with brute force quickly. That's how it should be in Arma 3, so.
-Any backpack has a lock by default, you can lock it and then only you can unlock it, for other people it will take time to unlock it (slow) or break it (fast, but now he can't lock it).
-Locking/unlocking is an action in scroll menu that takes time (like eating and drinking).
-You can tell code anyone, so he can lock/unlock it too.
-Unlocked backpack can be opened by other people, but it takes some little time and you should stay still.
-After death, backpack is still locked, so you have to unlock or break, no other options.

Arkod added a subscriber: Arkod.May 7 2016, 1:46 PM
Arkod added a comment.Apr 29 2013, 3:50 PM

Right now, while you're alive, people can only access your backpack. So I recomend leaving "esencial" ammo on your vest/clothing.

Is you need a way of locking your backpack, a general Lock/Unlock would work too, as if you had a little padlock on your backpack.

This is a simple, yet effective system to avoid "gear stealing".

Not sure if it's worth an upvote though, I don't see it as a problem and never had issues with someone stealing my gear (only on Stratis Life servers, but that's how the gameplay is anyway)

citle added a comment.Apr 29 2013, 4:17 PM

Yeah, combination locks would be perfect. About problem, maybe you just fight alone most of the time, because when I play TDM people often steal guns or ammo or medpacks from me. Well, maybe that's not considered stealing, and I'm not greedy if they really need something, but they could ask at least!
Locks are realistic and cool, "allow/deny" system is shitty and casual.

I understand the code lock system, but that's a bit too much for players which do trust eachother and do ask for permission before taking something from a backpack.

The last thing I want is having my teammate die, since he has no more ammo and forgot my code...

Personally I prefer the ACE2 method:

Ruck Sharing - From the interaction menu, you can access the ruck of other
players and AI while it's still on their back. Players have to set their
sharing level (Locked, Squad, Team) using the lock button in the gear dialog
first. Squad leaders can use the Cycle Unit feature to set it for AI.

In case it's locked by default, you'll get a message that someone wants to access your ruck and you can grant or deny access. It's simple to use by both casual and hardcore players and, since it already exists, should be easy to script it in-game.

citle added a comment.Apr 29 2013, 7:51 PM

If you don't need it, you can just keep your backpack unlocked all the time.

Locked, Squad, Team

Too-MMO, unrealistic and also useless, as on publics anyone can be the thief, and on privates you don't need locking at all.

the ideas are good but still time consuming

the lock/unlock in the scroll menu avoid taking time to access ammo and avoid getting a pop up message that could freeze you in the middle of something

I think to implement a real lock with a combination code is stretching it too far. sounds like too much of an effort really for something that's suppose to be simple. I'm all for the unlock backpack option in scroll menu if someone wants to access your back pack, or just ignore and move away will automatically deny access.

I don't quite see the problem, the pop up is just a notification, it shouldn't in any way intrude on your game play, and secondly, seriously how time consuming is it really to scroll down one and click middle mouse Button or space,...

it depends if it's really just an option appearing in the scroll menu or if it's a pop up message that breaks the action

plus this require both the action of the asker and the receiver, which would take a bit more time, plus again, this option will probably be used for a whole team, I mean if you're in a public server you will just lock it and be done with it, and if you are with friends you'll keep it unlocked at all time

the only benefit I see for the notification system is when you're in a public server with a friend who doesn't have a mic

Well i don't know about you, but from what I've picked up, that's the point, if course you won't have thus problem in private severs because your team isn't a bunch of greedy hooligans, it's intendid for public servers where you potentially play with arseholes who are more likely to take your gear instead of revive you, or waste ammo for no apparent reason, and then take yours, and for eff sakes, the same idiots who troll you by filling your back pack with glow sticks.

the situation I gave was a very specific situation including a combination of:
_public server
_with a friend
_without mic

which is the only combination that could require such system while all the other would have the lock/unlock system sufficient

besides, I don't know which server you play on, but daaaam, what a bunch of douches

I play on random public servers, here locally in ZA there aren't plenty of arma servers, and the few there are, barely have more than 10 people. And sometimes i enjoy playing domination on international public servers where there are plenty of people. and thats where the shit starts.... But yes, douches... plenty of them, hacking, combat logging, trolling, etc.

but on to the point, this is why i vote up, for people like this that do stupid things like this. and i hate being in the middle of a battle and ready to light up a tank and my rockets in my backpack are gone -_- or i run out of ammo and i know i had some in my back pack, because i didnt give any to anyone, and in the mean time, somebody helped themself.

I once even had an idiot who took a rifle with the wrong ammo (dont ask me how, he just did) and he had the MK17 i had, then he went and replaced all my ammo with MK16 stanag's which he took by accident. This shit pisses me off, and thats why i want an option like this. so i can ignore these idiots without worrying about them.

yeah well, that's the idea, just lock it :)
if you're playing alone never unlock it in public servers

Make a zip sound for backpacks so you'll know when a player (including yourself) is using it, by running away you'd deny them access.

This is why we need melee, because if someone tried it in real life they'd get punched for it.

NodUnit, sounds is good propose too, +1 :)!

ACE has (or had when I played it last time) a great way of doing this.

Whenever somebody is trying to access your backpack you get a small non-intrusive message in the corner of a screen like

"Dudebro is trying to access your backpack"

So you then select 'allow' option with your mouse and he can use your backpack.

Arziben, sometimes i meet some pretty cool guys and girls on public servers, and we play together like a team, and then what if i want to allow them to access my back pack to grab some explosives, or ammo, or rockets? Sometimes when i play support gunner i try to be useful, and since suppression doesn't really work, i tend to support by means of being a human ammo cache. I bring spare ammo of most common types, even tickets based on my squads load out.

CXN2615 added a subscriber: CXN2615.May 7 2016, 1:46 PM

Isn't that cool to steal something from an unaware...enemy maybe?
It is possible someone steal your backpack without your notice...(don't ask me how I learnd this!)
Maybe add some noise or sth when someone trying that,and react by turning around or run away if necessary.

that's a good point shotgun, it always has been, but it's only useful for one situation, after that, if a lock/unlock or allow/deny is implemented I would appreciate both, as they're both good systems, I just find the allow/deny system would take your attention away more than the lock/unlock

I get what you are saying but that is why it is locked from the start, and only unlocked when you allow access. The notification isnt a big popup UI in the middle of the screen, it could just be ontop somewhere where you most likely to keep your eyes, like ammo etc. Other wise if dont have to deny because you just have to ignore and not allow and that automatically dnies access.

The problem with lock/unlock key is that firstly, it is just another key you have to press, ARMA isn't exactly light on the key bindings, and besides, having to navigate your finger over the keyboard to press the right key (and lets admit, this wont be a very frequesnt action so it wont be etched into your memory to naturally find it blindfoldedly without navigation, or even remembering what you bound the to what key), so thus it actually takes your attention away more than allow from scroll menu.

Also not everyone in a public server has a headset where they can ask you over direct channel if they can access your back pack, sometimes it is text that can go unnoticed. Either way, a small back pack icon for notification that pops up ontop of your screen can easily tell you whats happening, and then a scroll action can allow you to accept, or you could just ignore it.

This to me just seems much more practical, but that said, it doesn't mean the action can't be bound to a key to toggle backpack locked/unlock which will work in your favour if you do have a key combination in mind.

I never talked about a key shotgun, same as you, it's in the scroll menu like the lock/unlock commands in the helo and after thinking deeply about the pros and cons they are pretty similar in utilisation, but the allow/deny has a wider range

Then I am lost, whats the difference then?

Are you referring to have a lock/unlock command in scroll menu permanently? or is it just the wording, you prefer it be called lock/unlock as apposed to allow/aprove/confirm?

an option that appears when you have a backpack on, it's always in the menu until you get rid of the backpack

Oh okay i see, well I dont see anything wrong with that then, could work just as well, as long as the scroll command list doesnt get too over crowded, then yeah that would work just fine, aslong as there is a non obtrusive notification to let you know someone requests access.

Lol sorry i was under a very different different impression, i read somehwere among everyones comments about assigning a hot key.

Backpack theft is a real hassle... Especially on Stratis Life servers. Voted Up.

B00tsy added a subscriber: B00tsy.May 7 2016, 1:46 PM

It is a useful feature in coop military missions, such as an ammo bearer that aids his team. It is not so good for the more dayzz kind of scenario´s.

Anarchy added a subscriber: Anarchy.May 7 2016, 1:46 PM

Don't put your gun in the backpack. Problem solved.

No...just no..

I like stealing peoples gear! keep this the way it is!

Needs to be some sort of notification. IRL you either feel the movement of the pack or hear the zipper.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 1:46 PM

Agreed with CranberrySauce, although I don't take the gear, I just drop it on the floor to annoy the person who's gear I stole.

Cypher added a subscriber: Cypher.May 7 2016, 1:46 PM

I like being able to go into teammates backpacks rather than making them drop things on the floor, but perhaps make it so that the owner has to accept entry into the pack from the person. Or have a lock/unlock toggle. OR just keep it the way it is because it's perfectly fine and if you dont want to deal with dumb players who would steal things from your pack then dont play in servers with dumbasses. =D

The lock and unlock feature for backpacks is needed. We cannot react the way we would in real life. Also, based on my experience, people don't get surrounded by a bunch of trolls trying to get into their backpack. The only option we have is to shoot... or walk/run away. In real life, I can just knocked a thieving bastard the fuck out. Cant do that in ARMA...