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[AiA] A2/OA tanks and cars no longer have an acceleration/deceleration/movement sounds.
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Vehicles with simulation=car/tank are lacking movement sounds.

While the sound classes seem to have changed with A3, even using the A3 ones doesn't help.
Only if one changes it to carX/tankX simulation (along with other PhysX related values to make them movable at all), the sounds work again.

Backwards compatibility for sound definitions and non PhysX simulation should be retained. {F19026} {F19027}


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No Bug
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Install CO
  2. Install AiA:
  3. Launch attached demo missions on Utes/Desert
  4. Get into any of the tracked/wheeled vehicles/cars nearby as driver
  5. Drive around
  6. Notice that you only hear the idle sound

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different effort, same result. (OA vehicles in A3 mission have no rev sounds)

thank you


Ok....... this is not BIS addons, so this is not a feature, and nto a bug, go whine about it to the AiA creator, BIS has nothing to do with this

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Ehm...This ticket was made by Kju, so chill out man.

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Dr.Death again you struck me weard!

By all meens i dont ask this to be hard on you or anything.

But first you do everything you can to people make them downvote on my feedback about getting takistan by BIS into Arma III, and you give all youre creds to AIA team.
that they have already made this perfect, and its no problem so why would BIS make it when the community can?.
Then you show up here and say:

Ok....... this is not BIS addons, so this is not a feature, and nto a bug, go whine about it to the AiA creator, BIS has nothing to do with this

and its a bad attitude.
I dont get you man, why are you on this feedback tracker site? what do you want?

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.

Please keep in mind that ARMA 3 is in Alpha status and in not complete yet. Also we cannot keeping eye community addons and mods since there are may be thousands modifications made by community for this not-yet-complete game. If we do the game will probably won't be finished ever. So if you have problem with any mod/addon not included in ARMA 3 Alpha vanilla; please ask for advice developer of that particular content.

For future reporting please refer to "how to guide"

Thank you.

Unfortunately still true even with A3 tanks introduced now.

they are not tanks, they are APC

it is all about the simulation tank/tankX class.

yet we know by know that you are against AiA and you have no clue of the technical details, nor the cooperation with BI.

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@.kju-PvPscene: In an attempt to port over chernarus arma 2 wasteland over to arma 3, including vehicles guns etc., we kind of saw the same issue. No proper drive sound for all Arma 2 vehicles - with one exception: The normal SUV works just fine. Do you see any connection?

what? i just told you that back then the vehicles added where APCs, not tanks.

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Sep 13 2017, 12:59 PM

CUP vehicles have sounds now. And AiA is deprecated. So this can be closed.