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Add realistic body armour.
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Observed: Body armour and helmets are not very effective. Helmets can't stand any shots, not even pistol, and the best you can hope for the vest to do is to keep you alive if you get hit once but you still become wounded, and it's quite rare for the vest to actually do something at all to protect you.

Pistol shots: Don't penetrate vests. Don't penetrate helmets.

Assault rifles: Penetrate vests after 4-5 hits, until then causing no other damage than knocking you over. Penetrate helmets maybe half the time beyond 200-300m, if no penetration perhaps the wearer suffers from some groggy effect.

DMR: Marksmen rifles. Penetrate vests after 2-3 hits, knocking down until then. Penetrate helmets quite frequently, 3/4 times beyond 200-300m. If no penetration, stronger groggy effect.

Proper sniper rifles: Due to using rounds with more of a punch, instant penetration of helmet, and vests can stand a single hit beyond 500m.

.50 cal: Pentrate vests and helmets instantly.

Shotguns: No penetration from buckshot. No penetration from slugs, but strong groggy effect if helmet hit.


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Currently body armour is implemented to a certain degree in Arma 3. If shot in the chest when wearing a vest, you're likely to survive if you get hit once. If hit without a vest in the chest, you're likely to die. However, when shot and wearing a vest, you will still be severely wounded, and another shot in the vest will kill you. Quite frankly, this is not at all how body armour works today, or in the future. It sounds more like a vest from the 1980's than a vest from 2035, or even today.

Body armour works like this: You have a soft armour, kevlar, that covers large areas of you body. Kevlar will stop shrapnel, pistol rounds, some richochets, etc. but not larger rounds. Then we have the hard armour, trauma plates. These are positioned in the front, rear and sides of the vest, and whilst not covering as much as the kevlar, they still cover most of the vest. These plates will stop several (as in roughly 8-12) 7.62 rounds before breaking. If a shot hits the plate, the worst thing that can happen is that you're knocked over and suffer pain, but no wounds. Quite often though, a round can hit the plate without knocking you down, and sometimes a soldier won't even notice he was hit in the plate until after a firefight is over.

The same applies to a certain extent to helmets. Most modern helmets will actually be able to stop a 7.62 round, though the wearer will of course suffer much more from it, like concussion, whiplash, etc. in some cases. In some cases not, but he can definitely be counted on to be knocked over, and become combat ineffectie for a while. Most 7.62 rounds will not penetrate modern helmets.

And keep in mind that the caliber used in Arma 3 is 6.8, and that it's +20 years in the future, meaning that the protective qualites of helmets and body armour will have improved dramatically. I thus suggest adding VBS2 style body armour, that actually stops the bullet that hits the vest, as opposed to decreasing its damage somewhat. The same applies for helmets, though of course you should at least suffer from being knocked over, unsteady aim, hard to see properly (as in getting a "drunk" view), etc. in the best of cases.

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Maffa added a comment.Aug 5 2013, 10:16 PM

i will support any suggestion towards a better modelling and simulation of ballistics, ammo, calibers, cinetics and wounding, but at the moment there is no hit box model either, so i cant see partial coverage of hit boxes have any luck.

no hit boxes = no armor.

Kirill added a comment.Sep 7 2013, 9:01 PM

Holding their breath and waiting)

I want better armor but this idea of bullets from rifles taking 4-5 shots is ridiculous and idiotic.

Today's armor rarely stops even 1 Assault rifle bullet unless it hits the very small hard plate. Even then 3 would penetrate that.

Being shot, even with a pistol, hurts a lot. Comparable to being hit with a major league fast ball. Perhaps a visual-audio stun effect should take place in which loss of focus and a muffling of sounds disrupts normal function. I disagree with movement impairing effects though as you would likely keep running even in the case you were actually penetrated by the round. (adrenaline)

Also, helmets are for stopping glancing rounds, not straight shots.

Note: The currently existing dragon-scale armor can stop many more than 4-5 bullets and covers the whole torso. HOWEVER! In the 20+ years from now till then gun makers will have figured out a way to level the field once more.

scrim added a comment.Sep 8 2013, 10:04 PM

The only idiotic thing, and persons, around here is those who without bothering to read even a paragraph about modern body armour spurts out some random misconceptions about it and calling those who do know something stupid.

Ataraxic, do you even know how a SAPI looks? It is certainly not a "very small" thing. Just by that one thing alone, you have very effectively and swiftly discredited all your supposed knowledge on the subject. Congratulations.

No, a pistol shot does not hurt very much when military body armour stops it. In fact, there are several recorded instances in which AK rounds being stopped by body armour have not been noticed until after the firefight by anyone. Your logic makes no sense, how come a stopped bullet would have enormous effects on the wearer of the vest, but adrenaline would terminate any effects if the bullet penetrates?

Yet again, no, modern helmets stop a lot more than glancing rounds. They have been recorded to stop direct hits from assault rifles in several cases.

And third time around, quoting Dragon Skin as a effective vest is what could be expected of a ten year old, or someone with very little knowledge regarding body armour. Yes, it could stop many direct hits, but it couldn't stop more indirect hits than say a Vietnam era flak vest, since they'd just slip between the scales. And speaking of the scales, they wouldn't even be covering the torso, but rather all be gathered down in the bottom of the vest is subjected to Middle Eastern heat, since this caused the glue to melt.

And yes of course, in 20+ years new rounds will have been developed, which will make today's body armour obsolete. However, you'd have to be pretty damn well naive to expect body armour development to not have progressed just like ammunition development.

@Kirill - Holding their breath and waiting)
Breathout! (жаба, выдыхай! И не найдеся ибо не дождешься!) ;)

Kirill added a comment.Sep 9 2013, 7:04 AM

@Kol9yN - I believe in the Great Justice! (Как говорил Шварц- "Какие ваши докозательства!?").

Val added a subscriber: Val.May 7 2016, 12:50 PM
Val added a comment.Sep 10 2013, 10:16 PM

Make killing a person require 5 shots? Doesn't sound reasonable to me.

In fact if someone in bodyarmor is hit by a bullett even if the vest isn't penetrated the man will be traumatized or even killed by the hydrostatic schock. That means he will lose combat effectiveness for quite some time.

If the author's suggestion about "4-5 bullets to kill armored person" will be realized with current health and injury system than the game will turn into another sandbox CoD crap. That means that the bodyarmor and health-wounding system must be re-created and carefully adjusted to work together otherwise it will be useless.

Added my simulator picture for fire geometry on vests. Colored areas should have their own rvmats and use native penetration, if the round penetrates the vest, fire geometry of soldier is below.

Vests should also have hitpoints so after a certain amount of hits, they will become totally ineffective. Damage textures for vests would be great too.

Instead of modifying damage to the soldier config wise, this appears to me as a more simple method. Why overcomplicate things by modifying the configuration with the vest, rather than using the penetration system the engine already provides?


RED: Ballistic plate inserts (Rifle grade plate)
Blue: Ballistic soft inserts (shrapnel/pistol grade kevlar)
Green: Vest-mounted equipment, radios, magazines, etc

Val added a comment.Sep 10 2013, 10:53 PM

The thing is that even if the plate itself isn't penetrated the wearer still gets bullet's kinetic energy (hydrostatic schock for example). That's why people get bruises, that's why people get broken ribs, that's why people have their itnernals (spleen, guts, lungs, heart and everything else) damaged and that's why people die.

That's why simple methods of depicting armor ( such as "if armor isn't penetrated than everything is fine") aren't good.

scrim added a comment.Sep 11 2013, 8:17 AM

Val: No one has ever been killed by shock from a bullet impacting any modern military body armour, that is simply absurd and laughable.

Yes, traumatized, shocked, and thus combat effective due to lack of breath and such, is what is suggested if you'd been bothered to read it. It isn't 4-5 bullets to kill someone, but 4-5 bullets to penetrate the plate covered area of a vest. The only persons trying to turn Arma into an arcade game are those who chose balance over realism, i.e. one hit = one kill, or damn nearly, as opposed to realistically working body armour.

Instagoat: That would be an excellent way of doing it, wonderfully put by you!

Yes Scrim, I know what a SAPI looks like. They are fairly small. In this picture you can clearly see it is about 12 inch wide and 16-18 inches tall. That is small in comparison to the entire torso.

Pistol rounds would easily be defeated but you would still feel them. Your anecdotal evidence doesnt matter here. Yes, sometimes people are too much into the fight to notice being hit. However, this ignorance usually disappears when they notice they are all wet (with blood). That said, it is impossible to predict who and when someone will be unaffected by an impact or penetration therefore it does not belong in this game. Arma cant model each persons mind at the moment of impact.

Again, yes, sometimes rifle rounds are stopped. But this is not the norm nor is it the purpose of the helmet. Those people just got lucky and luck doesnt belong in arma.

I think its funny how you make so many assumptions. Dragon skin armor *is* effective. The creator of the currently used interceptor body armor said so himself. Also, ya know, tests of the armor.

You cant argue with visual evidence:

But sure, I mean, you can pretend it didnt stop those bullets. But it invalidates your opinions.

As for your badly written claim that they armor is glued together and melted, well Im going to need some sources. But it's moot anyway because that is a simple design error and could be easily overcome.

Val added a comment.Sep 10 2013, 11:13 PM

Scrim, you suggested 5 shots with assault rifle doing nothing to a man in armor. That is a complete bullshit. Buy yourself a rifle, buy yourself an armor and ask your friend to shoot you 5 times in a row.

And yes one hit=one kill is true if you are not wearing armor and you dont have a hospital nearby.

People have been always killed by the shock and other things that are caused by bullets.

By the way if man is alive it doesn't mean that he is combat effective. Man can survive multiple hits but there are very rare ocassions when that man can continue taking part in combat after that. So surviving multiple hits will send you to hospital for quite some time almost for sure. Because Arma 3 is a game such things as long healing wounds and death (or combat ineffective state and death) can be equated for common's sense sake (nobody wants to play a man that lost both his arms and legs but is alive thanks to the bodyarmor for a long time -- people would probably like to respawn or start spectating if you can't respawn).

I think BIS for 12 years with the military theme are aware of bullet-proof vests enough. You can always add the possibility of damage or penetrait. You can add an effect to a concussion and loss of consciousness. It's no problem to use body armor in the game. Model of body armor is not difficult to implement. Need to desire.

No val, that is not how guns work and kill people.

As much as Scrim is an asshole he is right about that.

The ONLY thing that kills you when you are shot is loss of the ability to supply oxygen to the brain. AKA blood loss.

That said, unconsciousness can be caused though I am unsure of the mechanism.

Here is a 15 page report by the FBI. Read this:

Val added a comment.Sep 11 2013, 8:16 AM

No, Ataraxic89, that is exactly how guns work and kill people.
There's no need to penetrate armor to kill someone (if you want to make sure -- check why the most knights died in midage battles for example).

If you think that "the ONLY thing that kills you is blood loss" than you lack not only the knowledge of what fireams do (which is OK, but not welcome if you advise how to make a realistic game even more realistic) but you lack the basic knowledge of physics and biology which sucks.

Anti-aircraft guns such as ZSU-23 that were used in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war proved that with big caliber you don't need to hit some vital organs in order to kill someone instantly. I suppose you will find enough data about it on the internet.

And do not compare the kinetic energy of a pistol round with assault rifle's round -- there is a huge difference.

I'm not saying that hydrostatic shock is the only reason people die because you can't say "there is only one factor that kills people and all others do not have effect". I just say that there are many factors that and many effects (hydrostatic shock, blood loss, vital organs damage and many others) that has to be counted to do a proper damage system.

Stop, ataraxic89, Val - both of you! Can you please take that to a forum or PM there? Consider yourself warned, specially you, ataraxic89 (name calling).

Damage to internal organs.
The Russian system of state standards says:
The level of protection (armor class) allows a person after being hit by a bullet specific class to continue the fight. For example, the Grade "5" vs 7.62 AK bullet ... This means that if a usual bullet 7,62 hit fifth-grade body armor , the result is - nothing more than a bruise or easy contusion.
The hydrostatic shock can be discussed when we talk about high-speed and large-caliber bullets / shells.

Val added a comment.Sep 11 2013, 11:46 AM

Sure. But it's will be still actual for such calibers as .338lm and .300wm (snd of course for .50bmg). So it has to be considered as a damave source anyway.

5 hits to kill would be irrelevant with my suggested system anyway, since the bullets would use native penetration, and they either get through or they don't, and if they get through, they do as much damage as they carry after penetrating the vest. If the vest is sufficiently damaged, it becomes "transparent" as far as weapons are concerned, so while it may save you once or twice (provided you get actually hit in the plates, and not somewhere else), it will not last forever.

I'm tired of whining anti-scientific skeptics! Normal armor - is needed.
Now a man in T-shirt - can withstand two rifle hit at medium range and 3-4 at long range! Is This for the skeptics right? Is this normal? But they say:"We do not want to get 5-10 times in human in bulletproof vest ")))
I think DEV themselves able to master the theory.

Val added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 10:56 AM

Neither skeptics are saying that situation with a T-shirted man is normal.
Normal armor is needed, but it's possible only with adjusted health-injury and weapon damage system. Otherwise it will not work properly.

@Val, You can add armor. After that, remove the extra hit points at the person without armor. As a result, the average number of shots of the same, but the result is - different.

Val added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 11:59 AM

Let's hope BIS will make a proper armor, medical and damage systems. That's probably the most important things that have to be changed and balanced.
Simple adding hitpoints to simulate armor is not an option for a game that pretends to be realistic. This is the level of CoD.

@Val "This is the level of CoD." Yes! For example, the penetration rate for light weapons in A2 worse than COD 4.))) So the level COD - not bad.)
I agree that it needs to work systematically. But I do not want to justify and defend the DEV. Modders are doing it in their spare time on the DEVs engine. It's time to do anything by the developers.

Linkin added a subscriber: Linkin.May 7 2016, 12:51 PM

Downvoted because most people already play on regular or recruit difficulties where it takes 2-4 7.62mm shots to down a man, whereas in ARMA 2 it takes one or two shots maximum.

So the fuck what Linkin? If people want to play with those settings, let them, you don't have to. You sound like a grumpy old man: "They don't play the game as I want them to play it, because of that I'll go down vote a feedback thread about something else whilst moaning about the difficulty settings people use."

Val added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 12:48 PM

Kirill, the penetration in A3 is good. It's definetly better than in CoD4. Just try to shoot through different things with different guns and you will notice how much better A3 penetration system is than A2's or CoD's

Scrim you use the same logic you blame Linkin for. You just want some extra-easy difficulty level where you need at least 5 shots with assault rifle to kill a man and instead of making a feedback about difficulty you start inventing a wheel (by wheel I mean armor system that has nothing in common with what happens in real life).

No, what I want isn't a wheel, it's body armour being represented in a somewhat realistic fashion in a game that claims to be a simulator. I want about 5 shots max to PENETRATE, not kill. You're a lot more likely to hit someone in lethal areas not protected by hard armour than you are to hit the hard armour 5 times in a row.

@Val, I know about normal (not brilliant) penetration in A3. And it just goes to show that DEV just need to work on. In the A2 its work was never done. The same applies to the bullet-proof vest. We ask DEV normal work, not more. No fiction is not required.

Val added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 1:10 PM

Scrim, we already discussed the penetration-killing theme and damage that bullets do by simple transfering kinetic energy from one object to another. Let's not repeat it again (we already know each others opinions).

Kirill, Arma 3 is still a game -- you can't model absolutely everything perfectly. Sometimes you have to simplify some things to make them adequate or even possible to represent. Current penetration system in A3 works fine for me. Any issues I've seen or heard of can be fixed by simple editing configs (which isn't a big deal for BIS or anyone else).

Let's wait until BIS will make at least one more comment on this subject. We still don't know what they think about it. Maybe they're not even going to change anything about gameplay until the release Arma 4 or 5 and all these feature requestes are a simple waste of time.

Val, this is not a matter of opinion. You are dead wrong about the deadliness of kinetic energy transferred through a vest.

Val added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 2:23 PM

You are dead wrong about bleeding being the only reason people die and about your unwillingness to learn at least some basic physics and biology.

If you've seen a video on YouTube where someone gets shot several times and survives it doesn't mean it happens all the time - it means that the man on video is very lucky. Much more often people simply die or get serious injury after being shot. I guess you don't watch that kind of videos.

scrim added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 2:31 PM

Yeah, that totally explains things like the Korengal valley ambush in which Giunta was awarded the MoH, where around half a dozen guys were hit at point blank range in their SAPI plates without a single one of them sustaining any injuries from the stopped bullets. You are pathetically wrong about this Val, and that has been pointed out to you several times already.

Val added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 2:41 PM

Ok. A dozen guys survived. How many of just the same guys died during the recent wars because they were shot? A dozen? A hundred? Or maybe more? Yes, definitely more.

Just face it - bullets kill people. Armor helps sometimes but still this isn't an ultimate protection as you try to prove.

scrim added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 3:25 PM

Can you even read? Seriously, can you actually read, or are you just so incredibly ignorant in regards to learning, common facts, what others want, that you can't even be bothered to actually read a very short post? No point in pointing out the very obvious flaws of your faulty logic if you'll just distort it by responding to a straw man argument, which seems to be what your capabilities are limited to.

Val added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 3:36 PM

That was a hell of an argument. Definitely proves your point of view that bullets can't kill people.

Guys, can you please stop spamming the thread by re-iterating the same points over and over?

Today in developer vers. tested the updated version of body armor. Used this addEventHandler ["hit", {_health = getDammage (_this select 0); _damage = _this select 2; hint format ["Damage -% 1 \ n Health -% 2", _damage, _health]}];
This is very bad!
Strange system of protection. Man gets in flak jacket (heavy) at chest level 3 hits (9mm) at 0.21 and dies! 0.21*3=0,63 No 1)
The man gets in bullet-proof vest at stomach level 4 hits (9mm) at 0.08 and dies! Why? abdomen and chest armor protected the same plate. Why stomach is less vulnerable? Why 9mm bullets are causing so much damage to a person in heavy armor? What's the damage model, where 2 multiplied by 3 = 10!??
But the man gets in sexual organs (no armored)) 5 Shot (9mm) at 0.08 and not dies!!!
This is nonsense.
6.5 The bullet penetrate body armor and abdomen through (using the script "tracer"), as a person gets 0.21 damage!

Damage is calculated using the armor and passthrough values of the vest/rig. Check the config for those.

Your "test" is anecdote.

@wolfenswan Anecdote - is heavy armor that breaks 9mm bullet of pistol.
Anecdote - is perforating wound of 6.5mm (bullet pierced the front plate heavy armor, body, back plate). This is a real joke and anecdote.

Interesting test. These aren't ceramic but steel armor plates, so may be rather heavy. They stopped everything up to and including 5.56 and only after 30+ rounds could they produce a penetration.

Bodyarmor, especially with modern technology, is a lifesaver. I wouldn't be surprised if most casualties in modern warfare result from hits that completely missed the armor. These plates are nearly impervious to anything but battle rifle calibers. Still would need some kind of knockdown, though...

to the person who said "so you think slugs are week" i agree there not week but modern body armor will stop a slug round and even make a non leathal

i wish i could past a link for a penetration test but Thales dosn't like to sell there body to any one but the dutch defense force, Australian defense force, Austrian defense and the usa

FYI helmets are not made to stop bullets

acat0970: I don't think anything can stop a 50 cal round, the kinetic energy alone will kill you

This is a military simulation game with touted "authentic weapon ballistics" speed and velocity are one thing but transferring those variable factors into kinetic energy and material penetration should be included aspects of a simulation game engine.


Would be nice to have 2 types of body armor in ArmA3.
Those with ballistic plates and those without ballistic plates.

Those with ballistic plates should be able to survive few shoots (depended on caliber and velocity of the bullet) and those without ballistic plates should be able to stop pistol bullets and probably rifle bullets from longer range.

Helmets should survive pistol bullets without any problems, but should not be able to survive rifle bullets from medium or close ranges (notice that on longer ranges even rifle bullets loosing velocity, so penetration is being reduced aswell).

Also body armors should provide limited protection against some fragments.

Pain after getting hit in body armor should be modeled too, its important thing, especially in body armors without ballistic plates or while ballistic plates are broken.

Ability to replace broken ballistic plate would be also a nice idea (in reality you can do it).

Notice that types of bullet (with metal jacket, without metal jacket, SLAP or API) is important, also weight caliber and length of bullet is important.

The problem with putting this in is that it depends on other implementations first before it is satisfying. There is no practical bleeding, you bleed as a visual effect, but can't bleed out and die. There is no official unconscious or revive state, and AI's accuracy (unlike players) are not effected by injury.

Here is how armor can be realistic and satisfying, any thing short just leads to units soaking up too much damage a la Battlefield:

  1. Body armor must be location-based. The whole body or even the whole vest shouldn't be protected, just the plated areas. That means neck, collarbone, and inner shoulder shots would be relatively unprotected.
  1. Range and angle of impact should matter. A less than 200m shot with a 6.5mm at a nearly perpendicular angle should shred through body armor. (These are 1st world armies, the default rounds are made to pierce armor). Even 5.56mm could be effective in that scenario.
  1. Deflected shot =/= painless or un-harming shot. You would still be in pain, still get sever bruising, and still have your performance hindered from bullet hits. It just wouldn't be as severe and you wouldn't bleed out. If a helmet stops a bullet, concussion effects should apply or if it is a high enough impact, a momentary black out or unconsciousness lasting from 30 seconds to several minutes should occur. Also, all of these should effect AI as much as players.

Until all of this is implemented. It should just take 1-3 shots to the body (1 shot being the norm) to kill, 1 headshot, and then legs and arms aren't too lethal. Basically Arma 2's system.

I couldn't agree more with you, FrankDaTank1218.

I like to point out (as someone who just wants some sense of balance in armor) that ArmA 3 was not marketed by BOHEMIA as a simulator(Quote from ArmA 3's website: "Experience true combat gamplay in a massive military sandbox." It has, just like arma 2, OFP, and every other GAME on the RV engine series has been marketed as a GAME. Non-bohemia reports and media may call it a simulator, but never has Bohemia said it's a simulator. Asking them to make a simulator with the power of VBS for $60 when you aren't their target simulator audience is very unreasonable and could potentially alienate modders (one of the biggest selling points for arma, mind you) that would want to take this on. One also needs to remember that "authentic" does not mean "simulated".

I think that current penetration system on walls and other things are already working great. Why don't just put that on a unit?

Down vote. I recommend OP researches body armor. Most common body armor is only rated to stop pistol rounds. And the armor that can stop rifle rounds will be penetrated by common steel core nato rounds. FYI I have a Mosin with steel core ammo that punches a hole through a 1/4 inch steel plate. looks like i used a drill press.

Whether or not your proposed stats for the body armor is accurate to real life or not, it's more about being a proper game mechanic than emulating real life. How boring would it be if body armor would block a sniper rifle round from 500m? It would completely discourage people to become excellent snipers, because it isn't fun if just because you missed the headshot (which you shouldn't be going for anyways) you weren't able to kill the target in one shot. While we want the game to be realistic, we also have to keep in mind that it is in fact a game. If armor that completely stopped all bullets was invented in real life, would we put it in game? Of course not. It wouldn't be fun for anybody.
To be perfectly honest, I think Arma 2's damage model was just fine, and it had a great medical system to boot.
The only reason people complain about being killed too quickly is because you are either perfectly alive or you die instantly. In arma 2 guns knocked people out/severely injured them effortlessly, but another player could patch them up.

I say get rid of armor completely from the equation and bring back Arma 2 damage values.

A single shot can end your life or severely injure you.

Have the plat carriers only be storage and have no effect on the damage model.

I am kinda on your side, although the armor should have a certain level of protection. But not as much as right now, where enemy nps-soldiers have superpowers and can take 3-10 hits in the chest from a rifle [I have tested it very often(50m-500m)] and just suck up the bullet by doing a wierd "wobble move"...

The helmet is good, but I hardly dought a human could hold a 500-1500mph fast bullet slamming onto your chest. Don't you think that might hurt and throw you down/make you unconcious? - Imagine it.

The body armor really needs to be set a level down and the impact should give an effect, instead of just draining your healthbar...

Goose added a comment.Sep 9 2014, 8:15 AM

You cannot - cannot - have a realistic representation of modern combat if the troops' body armor doesn't work. This is 2035. Make it an option, armor on/off, or simply don't spawn armor in your missions. Plates themselves should stop most rifle rounds including many AP rounds, don't shoot the plates... As for sniping at armored targets - get closer, don't take potshots from long range. Headshot or armpit. That's what they must do in real life.

Who ever wanted to know. When firing at a Helmet with 9mm Pistol ammo from a MP5 (more damage than a pistol) it bounces of a cevlar helmet. If u use a 5.56mm Rifle it goes through the helmet but sometimes riochets on the back. (Watching the video of the AK and the helmet... watch closely the soldier dont die but the bullet goes through in the front there is 1 hole and you see the second on the back.It was a lucky shot.) I think i dont have to mention large calibre. Now body armor. yes u can survive multiple shots even 7.62mm (e.g. Dragonskin) but when it comes to large calibre forget your body armor .50BMG goes through a 1m thick wall and still kill you. You really think a 5cm body armor will protect you.You will die anyway when it hits you. It doesnt matter where, you have 2 options: bleed out in 1 min with out the possibility to stop because its internal bleeding or you gonna die because the blood vessels in your head just explode (e.g. hit in the arm or leg). I have not tried out if u can stand up and fight after a 7.62mm hits you but your bone will break after the first shot even if it not penetrate. And if you want a body armor ingame i want a MP7 because then i just dont care of your armor. Not only the size is important but the speed too. 4mm go through disabling you with 2 shots.

Kirill added a comment.Mar 9 2015, 2:10 AM

AAF have two tipes vests. Оne protected groin. I shoot in the lower abdomen (groin)from 9mm pistol. Why shots cause the same damage in both cases?(((
When you take care of it seriously?(((

If you still have reserves about body armour not being able to withstand high calibre, FPSRussia has a nice video where he shoots his AR500 multiple times with multiple calibres.

Anyways, upvoted. the current armour system is a good bit arcad(ey?).

I see the status "assigned" Very pleased!
As I see in the game, today(v1.40) the game has a primitive model of vest armoring, because the each armored vest, has a personal number-limit of the hit. This is not a large number, depending on the weapon, this only 2-3-4 hit, not more.
If number of hits exceed this limit, then the vest stops to protect the owner, regardless of the specific points on the armored vest.
Unfortunately, this is a very weak and poor model of protection.

I support the author of this topic, that it is necessary to divide each vest on the various parts, as seen on a multicolored example.
Each part of the vest should have personal limit of hits (depending on the weapon).
For example, the front part of the armored vest, must be capable of withstanding 4-6-8 hits(probably can be used a random factor, between smaller and large number), side of the vest vest, must be capable of withstanding only 1-2 hits and rear of the vest, must be capable withstanding not more 3-4 hits.
Thus, each part of the armored vest, should have its personal number limit.
I would also like to see really heavy vests and helmets can withstand many hits and damages!
Unfortunately today, (v1.40) is not in the game, the big difference between armoring features:(

Its annoying to see that peoples stupidness is great enough to believe eeverything on the Internet. Pls stop posting this video of the helmet that stops a AK47 round. IT DIDNT STOP THE BULLET. Watch closely to the backside of the helmet and you will see the exit hole. Its just a greatly lucky guy. NOT MORE!!!!!!!


Modern helmet stops pistol bullets and bullet rifles at long range. Helmet reduces the risk of injury from rifle bullets at short distances (provoke rebound). Fact.

High-end armor plates capable of withstanding a lot of bullets hit lower class. For example, such plates can take 15-30 hits 5.45mm or 7.62mm without breaking.


This plate high protection class ("5" in the Russian classification). It has already shelled 7.62 * 54 (twice). It was subjected to heat treatment (lowers property). And ..... armored plate withstood another 100 ! 7.62 * 39 bullets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (without iron core).

We're talking about that used (spoiled) plate was able to withstand very large number of hits "small" caliber. This is not a 3-6 hits.

I think @kOepi wanted to tell you that you are missing one really big point in your argumentation... the plate is hanging. It is not fixe so about 80%of the energy is lost in letting the plate swing around. The heat treatment is just for hanging the plate it does not really effect the plate.


Helmets protect from pistols ... yes
they provoke rebounds ... yes
BUT on short range: when someone tries to shoot you in the head he has enough time to aim so the helmet is useless (on short distance you shoot on center mass = chest)
on longer range no one ever tries to hit your head because its almost impossible they shoot on ... center mass and long range is where a rebound could save your life in a chace of about 1:1000.
A helmet is against riochets and shrapnels of a small size like from frag granades. Also the helmet protects you from stones falling from buildings etc.

It was an example. I saw 5-6 videos. Armored plate was fixed and can withstand up to 20-25 hits without deformations and splits.
The idea of my post. Body armor model like VBS - incorrect. the usual range of health for armor plates (hit points) - is incorrect (for some types of bullets)

example: class armored plate 4 (NATO) - can get a lot of hits 9mm (pistol), or 5.56 (no special bullet). This result is not 10 hits like in vbs.

Of course this is the result of weak bullets. 7.62 * 54 AP break armor plate with 2-4 times.

Still you forget one point. The most important fact in physics is energy can not be produced or get lost. So the kinetic energy of the bullet has to go somewhere. The point is that the energy still comes on your body and can kill you with interninternal bleeding and even 5.56mm are highly energetic. Its getting late i will write you a specific number tomorrow.


Energy goes into heat)))) Do You want to tell a story about joules?))) I recommend to read about momentum.
I recommend to translate part№7 in this text

If the plate is designed to 7.62 * 54 ... take 10-20 shots 5.56 - not a problem for armor plate or for humans.

Numerous studies have led to the conclusion that the nature of the human body damage on impact depends on the energy that is transferred to the body, ascribed to the area of ​​the body in which that energy is distributed. We will call this parameter specific energy.
At higher energy density of 50 J / cm2 body applied severe injuries, bone fractures, penetrating wounds, etc. At a lower specific energy trauma have an average or low severity.
If this parameter is calculated for small-caliber pistol bullets, using standard cartridges (2.6 g bullet weight, speed when fired from the gun of 270 m / s, caliber 5.6 mm), it will be 386 J / cm2 for the Makarov pistol bullets (6.2 g, 315 m / s, 9.2 mm) - 462 J / cm2, pistols chambered in 9x19 (8 g, 365 m / s, 9 mm) - is 838 J / cm2. Thus, any firearm, even low-power, guaranteed to provide very serious damage to the body in the place of falling bullets.
We assume that for guaranteed low zabronevoy injury specific energy transferred kevlar body, must be less than 12.5 J / cm2 (a quarter of the energy density, providing serious injuries).
Calculate what specific energy transfers soft body armor when hit by a bullet cartridge 9x19. This calculation is given for illustrative purposes only, and is based on a set of assumptions that can not use it in practice.
When the bullet hit with it begins to move armor portion about 10 cm in diameter. Soft armor weight about 60 g / dm2 or 0.6 g / cm2, and thus the mass of the armor involved in stopping bullets is about 47, however, if the center of the circle moves together with a bullet, the edges remain stationary and do not participate in the process. We assume that the "effective mass" of the plot is about a quarter of its actual weight, ie, '12
Now, the problem of determining the kinetic energy, which will acquire and subsequently transmit body armor reduced to a simple problem of school inelastic collision of two solids.
From the law of conservation of momentum, it follows that the total momentum of the bullet and armor before the collision is equal to their total momentum after the collision. Before the collision impulse bullet was equal to 2.92 kgm / s2, then after the collision impulse bullets and armor, moving together, equal to 2.92 kgm / s2. Their total mass is equal to 8 + 12 = '20 Hence, according to the formula E = P2 / 2m, where E - energy, P - momentum and m - mass, we find that their energy is 213 J. This is 2.5 times smaller than the original energy of the bullet, ie 60% of the energy evolved during a clash in the heat.
The area is considered part armor 78.5 cm2, however, for the same reason that we have used the "effective mass" should be used "effective area" which, we assume, is also equal to a quarter of the real, ie, about 19.6 cm2.
Then the specific energy is equal to 213 / 19.6 = 10.9 J / cm2 - less than the level in our 12.5 J / cm2.
A similar calculation for the Makarov pistol bullets gives energy 102 J, distributed over the same area, ie, only 5.2 J / cm2.
It would seem that much easier and more accurate we can calculate the energy density in contact with, for example, bullets AKM (7.9 g, 715 m / s) in a hard plastic armor plates 4+ class (8 dm2 area, weight 2.3 kg).
Impulse bullet 5.65 kgm / s2, weight armor panels with a bullet is almost equal to the mass of armor panels - 2.3 kg, energy is 6.9 J (heat transferred in 99.66% of the energy bullets), the energy density of about 0.01 J / cm2.
But this calculation is clearly too optimistic. Please be aware that the tough armor also flexes under the action of bullets.

Interesting info/

The protection classes:
The most important characteristic of body is a class of its protection, i.e. the list of weapons, from which it protects.
In the CIS the most commonly used classification of Russian 50744-95.
According to him armored wear is divided into the following classes:

1 - protects from bullets PM Makarov pistol and Revolver
2 - protects from bullets TT pistols and PSM
2A - protects against shots from shotgun 12-gauge
3 - protects from standard bullets Kalashnikovs AK
4 - protects from bullets of AK (caliber 5.45 mm) with heat-strengthened core enhanced penetration
5 - protects from standard SVD-rifle bullets and bullets with heat-strengthened core AK (caliber 5.45 mm and 7.62 mm)
5A - protects against armor piercing bullets of AK (7.62)
6 - protects from bullets SVD rifle with heat-strengthened core

6A - protects against armor piercing bullets SVD rifle

The Last classes, this powerful protection even against powerful sniper rifle with special strengthened bullets! Note this!
Will be not surprisingly, if in 2035 appears armor with even more reliable protection.

I really want to BIS also used a variety of body-armor classes(including super heavy armor that can withstand a lot of hits!).
I would like to see the likeness of Juggernaut-assault soldier from "COD MODERN WARFARE2"! it would be really cool!

Ok my turn the energy of a AK47 round is 1991 J (Wikipedia) so we say 750cm^2 are involved this is the complete plate (unrealistic) so we get 2.6J per cm^2
You say that 98% are transformed in heat thats not completly right its 98% transformed in heat and DEFORMATION so about 20%(when not more) are hitting your body. Also the deformation goes only on a little more than a quarter of the plate(when ist made os steel).You talk of 4+ plastic or ceramic plates they do not deform (thats their plus) so you get even more energy to your body. They are bigger so they diffuse the energy on a bigger area.
just see so you know what 1 bullet does imagine evry bullet makes the plate more unstable so u get hit by every bullet harder and this is the best plates the us army has.

And the bullet did not penetrate but it still does enough damage to hurt him btw

I think BIS should make a side effect, when the bullet hits in the vest and does not kill the player!
This can be a significant blurring or significant darkening the edges of the screen/

Here kirill if you want to see a good test of armorplates and

the second one is a steel plate like the one you showed its a Level 3 in america
the first one is a ceramic plate of level 4 the almost highest level.

just watch the wood so you undestand what everybody is talking about, when they say that there is quite much energy coming down on your body.

another useful video:

Anyway, in the Arma3, can exist armor which able withstand a lot of hits(not only 2-4), if shooting weapon is not heavy sniper rifle.
This would make the gameplay more versatile.

Body armor has a damping pad. This is an integral part of the vest. + clothes

You are talking about a person getting hit in the chest protected by probably a class 3 steel plate by a 9x19mm parabellum with 300J. You see him going back a little. He is prepared for getting hit. Now imagine about the five times more energy it will knock him over when he is unprepared.

He is afraid and trying to stretch his abdominal muscles. His twitching - are not a measure applying its organs damage )


"And our body armor - 6B13 and 6B43 - are required to withstand six hits",2

he speaks about bullets high-end class. Ex: 7,62*54AP for plate 6 class (russian classification )

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@ kirill

The energy will be transformed from almost pure kinetic energy, as masterofblubb pointed out, into plastical deformation of the bullet, heat, plastical and elastical deformation of the vest, aswell as elastical and plastical deformation of the body which might cause inner and outer bleeding.

if 98% of the energy would transform into heat, it would burn on impact or heat the vest up !

this is going nowhere.
I am deleting my posts that have nothing to do with the topic and I advise everyone to do the same.

Yes (possible), if we are talking about the second or third bullet hit equal to the declared level of protection plate. But if we're talking about low-grade bullets to the same body armor - no.
Plate 5 - 1-2 hit 7.62*54 without damage
Plate 5 - 20-30 hit 5.56*45 without damage or 50 hit 9*19 without damage
(If this is not classic ceramic)

In general, there are standards. Russian Standard says that the soldier does not receive serious injuries and can continue to fight. NATO standards a little less stringent.

Through this approach, the army has a robust design - armor panels family "Granite-4." Armor panels tested more than a decade of operation in the hot spots in the composition of body armor 6B13 and confirmed the importance of high survivability. The next generation of armor plates "Granite-6", having higher bullet resistance, superior to the previous and survivability, providing protection against six hits with a probability close to one hundred percent, and ten hits with a probability of 80 percent. They are supplied to the troops in a new assault vest 6B43 from the current year. These are the basic materials that are available today and there in the series.",2

Is this ticket solved since Nexus Update?

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Is this ticket solved since Nexus Update?

No armour is still fake, just increases health in certain areas.

Not increased health its decreased damage. Since the damage differs.