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Losing connection after a few minutes ingame
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After joining a server(dedicated/player hosted) after a while (10mins/20mins) it says "Losing connection up till 90 seconds" then it kicks me my internet is still fine as iam talking to my friends on teamspeak and they just continue playing without noticing anything. i forwarded the following ports:
2302-2305 tcp-udp end enabled upnp.

my firewall allows arma3 out/in.
The anti virus i got is norton internet security 2013.
I have no clue how to fix this or what this could be. {F18127} {F18128}


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join server - wait up to 30 mins and get lose connection.

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Weird thing is i dont notice any desync or lag on the server it suddenly just loses connection. and i still hear people talk on the voip. after i get disconnected i can join the server right back.

i tested on Alpha , and Dev version same problem on both

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same issue for me. It happens almost all the time if I throw a smoke grenade in MP...

duplicate: 0005989

I/we have played various missions today after the new patch 25-03-2013.
Before multiplayer was rock solid.. TOday after 15 or 30min of play the server stop responding.. We did even try with one of the std. mp missions and that did also make the server crash.

I tried both with a computer acting as a dedicated server, and player servers.
All crash.

I would say multiplayer is 100% broken... It only work for 15-30 minutes.
Sincerely delevero

iam not sure if netlog is needed but i uploaded it it just lost connection no matter what server after 5 mins of playing........ annoying!

I like to say, after the latest Hotfix on 26-03-2013 then the above error have been fixed.. We have been playing many houres in our clan and the server did not crash when playing ( NEW missions made after 26-03-2013 )

this is about the client losing connection not the server crashing. the server does not crash on this issue.

The time frame (up to 30 minutes) does seem to indicate that this could be related to #5956, possibly a duplicate. Has this issue recurred in the past ten days?

I just tried it and it still happend after around 30 mins. i suddenly get a yellow chain and then start losing connection. i still hear people talking over side / global. when disconnecting and reconnecting it works fine again for 30mins.

2 months later. Is this still happening?

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This start to happen in Arma 3 beta under Window 7 64bit

I'm also having this problem on our dedicated servers, and I can't find anything in the logs which seems to help point at a specific problem.

After being logged in for 30 seconds or so, I am told the my client is losing connection, and then 30 seconds later I get a red chain and no more server messages.

Same here, and it wasn't like this earlier.

I solved this, and it was when I've been logged out of Steam. This happens if you're updating a standalone server instance with a batch script (as I regularly was). Using the standalone Steam command-line will log you out of your main client's session.

Steam just says 'no connection' at the bottom of the main window, but everything else seemingly works. Solution is to rerun or reconnect your local Steam client.

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I have this when playing on a dedicated server.
I get kicked instantly to server browser with message 'Session Lost'
In game just says 'myname disconnected'

Ping and bandwidth are good and not factors.

Only happens with the last couple of Stable updates. (Campaign one and one before)

It might be related to mmc_sandbox running on the server.

Upping this ticket, because I have now that in every MP that I play. Randomly, after 10 to 30 minutes, I lose the connection. I play the MP Zeus system. Maybe related to.

I have the same problem, although disconnects happen much quicker (1-2 min from load in). I am guessing that the client is unable to reconnect after losing connection or just after any packet loss. I have tested this and the disconnects does seem to coincide with a breaks in my ping to Google (, that is in the off chance that the ping packet and the game packet is actually lost together.

Please let me know if you need additional information.

I'm pretty sure you must exclude the arma3.exe from your AV suite. Can't reproduce.

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Can't reproduce. I think this can be closed.

@Astaroth can be closed as it's not reproducible.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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