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Missing realistic effects to weather elements
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ArmA 3 is really shaping up to be THE NEXT epic mil-sim but there is a lot of work to be done. The water looks great so far, but is missing several realistic parts that should not be difficult to implement and would improve the visual fidelity and realism of the game.

  First off, let me start with a mental image. You are visiting relatives on the coast and there is a severe storm with strong gusts of wind and waves. If you were to look at the ocean, what would you see? Rolling water in multiple directions? Or would you see rolling water following the wind and tides? Next, would the waves be normal, or would you see white caps due to the strong gusting winds? 

  What is missing from the water elements is reaction to the other elements. If you set the environment in a mission to a strong storm with strong gusts of wind and large waves, there should be white caps and waves rolling into shore and crashing against the rocks. 

  Next, everyone talks about how bad the rain is at night and I agree. I must include though that when there is gusting wind, especially in a thunderstorm, we tend to see "sheets" of rain. Perhaps it could be coded in that during strong wind and rain, you could see periodic "sheets" of rain to add to the effect of the presence of wind. Like with the waves, the wind is not readily apparent. The wind should affect more of the environment other than the grass and trees. 

  When you drive in a vehicle, you should see water droplets on the windscreen. When it is raining, the wipers should automatically turn on. The interior of the vehicle looks great. Enhance the realism a bit more with how the weather interacts with the vehicle. Does the vehicle rock due to strong gusts of wind? Does the rain striking the windscreen get heavier thus making it harder to see well at higher speeds? Does the rain show up in the beams of the head lights?

When it rains, does the ground get "wet and muddy"? Do puddles form that when you walk or run through, you hear a splash sound? Does running through wet terrain affect your speed? If you are inside a building with a metal roof, do you hear the characteristic plinking sound from the rain? How about when you are in a shingled building, does the sound differ?

The rain should be transparent and only become visible at night when you use lights. That way you would solve the issue of the rain blinding you at night. Realistically speaking, when you walk outside at night with no lights on and it is raining, does the rain blind you to the point of becoming lost? not likely.

When it is windy you should "hear" the wind blowing through the trees and when you are inside, you should hear it whistling by.
After it rains and the sun comes out, the terrain should dry back up over time too.

Lastly, the clouds are great with being volumetric but when it storms or is overcast, there tends to be a strange circular motion to the clouds and they no longer appear realistic.


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Realism is what we are looking for. Not realism that breaks your ability to enjoy the game but realism that bring the WOW into visual fidelity. The idea I am putting forth is to make people skeptical of ArmA 3's beauty see just what it is capable of. ArmA II already had on some maps wind sounds. Let's make ArmA III the next most realistic simulation by making the environment act like a real environment. When it rains and the wind blows, a player should be able to forget they are inside and "feel" like they are in a thunderstorm.
I have found a few examples of what I have been referring to.

Here is an example of the waves during a storm or heavy winds.

Here is rain hitting a metal roof.

Here is heavy rain effects in a vehicle

Here you can see the sheets of rain gusting about.

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JNC added a comment.Mar 10 2013, 12:42 AM

This is all very true, I would like to add a request:

Please add option to change cloud height! (6000 feet default)


Kumeda added a subscriber: Kumeda.May 7 2016, 12:03 PM

indeed something that can be worked on in the long run..

The next thing the effect of the environment on the objects in the game should be fixed is of course the way boats interact with the water. At this point, boats don't react like they should. An excellent example is when you accelerate the speedboat. The back half of the boat disappears into the water for no apparent reason. Last time I checked, boats that are covered in more that 50% of their mass with water, sink. Make the boats CUT through the water, bounce from swell to swell. When the boat crashes into another wave, let it break over the bow not submerge the back end. Also, for a speedboat, there is no signifying wake of a motor that would categorize it as a speedboat.

A bit utopian, but +1 because i'm a dreamer :D

Must do. CryEngine 3 is able to do these things! As the raindrops on the HUD of the player, on the water surface, on buildings, on the ground and all the surfaces of objects. There's more! Rain drops are also influenced by gravity and slide along the surfaces downwards. The rain and the waves are influenced by the wind. and when i diving I can see the rain drops on the surface.

did you ever see the coast of arma 3,2 is ungly, waves don't breake.. i don't think they will do any change on this..

Take a helicopter up, clouds go up too. From the ground the clouds look like they are only 1-2 thousand feet up, but they are actually much higher once you try and touch them

frag added a subscriber: frag.May 7 2016, 12:03 PM

The problem with volumetric clouds is their tendency to roll or thin/thicken when you turn the camera, like some kind of sprite.

+1 Only that I want to see improved lighting in twilight siutations.

The game shines when there are light sources and looks like crap when there are none

A simple fix would be to allow some part of the mid-day lighting to be turned on on such occasions. While it would not be 100% realistic - it would at least make the game look a hundred times more appealing.

I agree. The clouds look simply amazing, but the rain effects are pretty much the same from ARMA 1/OFP.

When it's raining in ARMA, it doesn't really feel like it's raining at all. I hope they improve this.

Alex72 added a subscriber: Alex72.May 7 2016, 12:03 PM

Clouds are fine and very nice IMO but rain at storm setting need to be more visual so it gets harder to see.

Bashka added a subscriber: Bashka.May 7 2016, 12:03 PM

I liked rain in Arma 2,
in A3 when sky all in clouds it is too much grey and strangely blue.

I would like to see some trees shaking by the wind and some kind of wet ground effects

Definitely for trees to shake and move. Ground gets wet. Little puddles that make noise when you hit them. I'd love to see that storm drain fill up with water (with a certain amount of rain and for a certain amount of time, there are culverts that lead into that drain) and drain out into the harbor in Agia Marina. Tires hit puddles causing water to splash.

It's 2013 I think that anyone who plays ARMA 3 should EXPECT to have to dish out a few grand for a high-end machine to play it. Myself included -- that's the plan before the full game is released :P

Yeah I agree with rolling seas, waves breaking, how they hit the shore line, this is major. I do love the underwater environment, it's the above water that needs the major work.

Agree +1. I only add that on BI forums they said that they making new rain effect.

Please also add an "environment" slider in the sound menu, I can barely hear the sound of rain / wind / the sea, because everything else is so loud and I have to turn effects volume down!

perhaps, when you fly a helo/plane, in a heavy windstorm, it would be more difficult to control? Also, I have noticed the boats are a pain to control now too. Go back to ArmA II controls.

I hope they make all things affected by weather, for sure. Too much rain may cause a muddy ness that makes infantry slower and vehicles slide and less controllable on grassless land. And choppers that are harder to fly in the worst conditions. Waves that capsize boats when turned up the entire way. Lightning that can cause fire! This would add real life depth and intensity to the atmosphere of the simulation!

Lightning would be epic to see strike the ground from time to time during a storm!! maybe cause a small fire or something... Just having the lightning effects upgraded to awesome and scary would be cool

this would make the game absiloutly BEAUTIFUL

puddles where you can slip over or even swim! (depending how heavy rain is)
tides that can go in and out?
more realistic cloud coverage?
turbulence for aircraft?
wind effect aircraft?

:) go on B I S we know you can do this you lot are invincible

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 12:03 PM

Do you want something like this Well, then get GTX Titan for 1000 dollars.

ceeeb added a subscriber: ceeeb.May 7 2016, 12:03 PM
ceeeb added a comment.Apr 23 2013, 1:19 AM

The youtube video of waves linked in the additional information above shows standing waves at the mouth of a river, which is not a good example of typical ocean/shoreline waves.

I think that stormy weather on my PC is missing lightnings.

@AD2001 I want something like this with riva tnt2 model 64 OK?

Yeah, you see, a 14 year old graphics card can't do much good to you, but I actually think the weather is pretty good. Have you even seen the clouds?

Different sounds for Rain based on what it is hitting (metal cars etc) would go a massive way in terms of immersion!!

the only thing i see on my riva tnt2 model 64 is BSOD :)
to get real i owned gtx680 - before it was an 260. Clouds looks nice but rain is weak point of this build (for now). Also trees seems to bend unrealistically on all lenght of their trunk on bad weather. Graphically A3 looks tons better than in many mainstream games - high quality resolution textures do their job - but - to be serious - mid range looks a little bit worse than in other titles. Weather indeed needs upgrade too.

Actually, I finished playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat with the Complete Mod and it was epic. The environment such as weather etc, was amazing and if BI Studios can bring this stuff in, it would make ArmA 3 and by extension, DayZ Standalone blow most games out of the water. Here is what I mean.
With the Misery Mod for STALKER.
The Storm:
At 1:21 is the blowout storm

Here is the AtmosFear3 engine for weather and environment:

And another for good measure.

Too bad that we aren't able to touch clouds with wings, look like these are rendered just few hundred meters sphere from our position.

Enhanced rain, raindrops, muddy terrain, puddles - all of this would look gorgeous on Altis.

Mud, puddles: SpinTires

I also want to see fire propagation at drought or after the battle that could spread pretty quickly on dry weather.

of course with better looking effects, maybe a little less dense smoke but going higher:

And floods, floods, floods:

What about adding the possibility for mission makers to choose where, how big and what type of clouds would be present at the beginning of the mission?

Personally I would love to have a mission where it is close-to-evening, a beautiful clear sky over your head and 10-15 km away off you a incoming storm with thunders.

Also adding possibility to "shape clouds", making supercell like this:

or like this beauty:

when there is storm it doesn't mean that clouds are hovering over your head all the time:

Also making "Intel" tab in editor more advanced, powerful with features like this, density of lightings, rain etc. This game would definitely look beautiful with realistic cloud dispersion/fronts.

From the Atmosfear engine videos, a couple of ideas popped out. The night sky could have shooting stars from time to time. The night sky could also have meteor showers from time to time. ^_^
Full moon cycles too if not already implemented.

I would be happy with having waves smashing at the rocky coasts since stratis is a rocky island , also it would show that swimming in stormy weather is dangerous .
The night sky with shooting stars and the milky way would be great :) . As for the atmosfear and stalker videos i wanted to note that they present unrealistic weather effects (blowouts) due to the very nature of the zone. Also stalker's xray engine has THE BEST dynamic lights i have ever seen in a game , many thing we see on these videos may be not possible currently on arma 3.

If you're under shelter rain looks like it's falling far away...also no visible raindrops on vehicle windscreens or helmets/goggles.

The updated Rain looks very good but there is still something missing......How rain interacts with surfaces such as a glass window on a truck. Why not enable the rain to hit the windshield on a vehicle and act like rain on a windshield? Why not add wipers that work. Perhaps the player could turn them on and off like the lights.

Why does everybody say "enable the effects on glass"? It's not like it's a switch they push and BAM! it's done.

I believe it is the physx effect we are referring to. Such as water bouncing off the ground like on pavement or glass surfaces. We call it an effect because we look at games like Crysis where the water runs across glass surfaces and we look at our engine and wonder, how can we get ours to do that?

I was referring to people saying "enable", which would mean it's already there and the devs just have to push a button and it works.

RueLight added a comment.EditedMar 26 2017, 1:48 PM

rain in dayz looks better than in arma3. you can see some effects on ground as well ->


no reaction by BIS... however, here nice script by ALIAS for better effects