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Sprint too fast and urealistic
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I think when you run fast (sprint) the soldier moves very fast and unrealistic. It reminds me the movement of counter strike, and i didnt like counter strike.
Slow, medium and fast movement are ok , the crouch movement is the best, but please fix the sprint to something more realistic. The speed in arma 2 was ok.


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Lain added a subscriber: Lain.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM
Lain added a comment.Mar 10 2013, 7:58 PM

I agree, the movement is fast. The current movement speed would only be appropriate if applied to light versions of riflemen, for example.

Bullshit, the speed is fine.

Avi added a subscriber: Avi.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM
Avi added a comment.Mar 12 2013, 5:41 AM

Speed is fine, the faster one moves - the sooner he'll get tired. And soldier get tired noticebly much sooner in comparsion with Arma2.
One can't sprint on large disstance, but everyone should get his chance to survive when getting to another side of the road.

Cypher added a subscriber: Cypher.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM

The speed is FINE. You get tired after a very short time and can no longer sprint. It in there for very quickly running across a road, between rocks or trees, etc. The ONLY thing that should be changed is the actual animation to actually look more like a sprint.

rogerx added a subscriber: rogerx.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM

I'm usually a very strong critic of games such as Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3, for having too fast jogging paces. Matter of fact, being too fast resorted in bunny hopping in order to avoid enemy fire, effectively ruining the realism aspects of the game.

I'm quite alright with the jogging pace of the soldiers within Arma 3, since it's only for short distances and is sometimes necessary to jog or walk long distances after loosing your vehicle!

However, if it's more realistic to go a little slower, I probably still wouldn't complain as I think realism is prominent.

Personally, think it's quite fine right now. ;-)

Speed is fine, watch the distance per time.

Up hill running is maybe too easy.

TTc30 added a subscriber: TTc30.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM

My issue woth the movement is the speed of which you can change direction when running

I like the speed as it is. Short high speed sprints are vital for crossing roads or closing other critical distances.

No. Disagree completely. If anything it could be even faster.

I actually agree here is some terms. I mean the animations could be smoother. So the legs not moving 1000 times when going 10 meter. Another thing is when shifting positions while you move. Mostly the leaning position to left or right standing. You move very slow. Then very fast. But otherwise the speed is ok as it is.

fbiss added a subscriber: fbiss.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM

I prefer the Arma3 way. It's a good sprint but a good fit soldier could do similar. But you also go out of breath and the sprint slows down, so I think it's pretty realistic. And less tedious than arma2.

Movement in Arma 3 is Perfect. Leave it be.

Sprinting in ArmA3 transforms you to a gigantic cockroach!!
Nerf the damn Sprint plz

You know, they should just add an option. That way, all the sane people could have the current realistic speed, and all the other people could get their slow-motion shit.

Avi added a comment.Mar 22 2013, 5:28 AM

MulleDK19, even now slowpokes can press the default W+S once and enjoy.

Lol Last two posts are too funny. :D

People are complaining about being able to sprint? Why not draw attention to something that matters... Like my last post about Proned Movement Issues? 0005670

It's not whether you like it, or if it helps you accomplish the task at hand ... it's totally unrealistic. Please post a video of you in 90 lbs of gear plus a rifle and body armor running faster than Ben Johnson uphill for a mile. You can sprint, just not that fast, uphill or for that far. It also makes you tired. The character is doing a 3 minute mile. Uphill!

Ekko added a subscriber: Ekko.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM
Ekko added a comment.Mar 22 2013, 9:11 PM

I actually can't see how someone thinks the animations were better back in ArmA 2, if "better" refers to ArmA 2's unrealistic animation pace compared to movement speed when jogging and running, then I can understand, but then "better" would be a less used word in any ArmA 3 animations feedback tracker thread. Wink*

I think the speed is fine but perhaps the duration is slightly longer than what your average soldier could do. I can run at that speed with standard combat load, and have done it many times before. Remember, your average soldier isn't a couch potato.

In ArmA 2, you could sprint forever without him stopping one bit. At least he stops now and runs out of breathe and you cant keep sprinting.

You know, i don't know about you guys who may have never left your computer desk but i can easily hit 10 on a beep test, the entry standard for special forces (which is what the NATO units are based on, US SF) is 10.1 and a 10km run in 40 minutes (17kph constantly), and if you actually looked into the stamina of Arma units you can run sprint for a maximum of around 200m on flat ground in around 42 seconds, which is 17kph so i don't see any problem with any of the speeds, perhaps the animation speeds but due to the animations being focused on weapon readiness and CQB as most people requested that's how they look.

-1 from me.

Also, the data used for the stamina in game is based off of military fitness standards obtained from an army fitness trainer.

The speed is fine. If anything, I think the stamina should be decreased a little bit. It seems these guys are Olympic track stars; they run too far and too long before tiring out.

Laqueesha: "I think the stamina should be decreased a little bit"

Become a medic and report back after you fall behind a mile from other players while running. ;-) Medics appear to have terrible stamina, or cannot run very fast for long distances.

RogerX, maybe it's because of all that medical equipment they carry. :-)

In my opinion, the speed in which he runs is fine and I am glad that the hill has to be much steeper to cause you to not be able to run than in A2. I really think the problem (without having read all the posts above) is with the animation itself. It is just the walk animation played really fast and this looks unrealistic. When someone runs, they lean farther forward and take longer strides. Their entire posture changes and this was not done for the run animation in Arma 3. Again, its just the walk animation seeded up. We laughed about this cuz it looks funny. As beautiful as this game is they should not have cut corners on their animations.

This is supposed to be a simulator, right? Why does the player tire after just 100 meters of sprinting? These are supposed to be trained soldiers - they can run for miles! In full gear. In the rain. In Scotland!

rogerx added a comment.Apr 3 2013, 1:01 AM

Eh. Obviously, the military no longer has the quality of people it once used to have! ;-)

"It seems these guys are Olympic track stars; they run too far and too long before tiring out."

Well, they ARE US special forces...

We'll never have an agreement here on what level of stamina is correct so perhaps leave it as it, and use the fancy things BIS put in called 'scripting commands' and change it manually.

Earion added a subscriber: Earion.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM

It's an animation problem, not a speed problem. The "animation overhaul" advertised in infantry SC needs to be overhauled much more, that is all.

As some reporter said, in-game sprint speed is 17kph, which is a pace SF are supposed to put up with during 10km (uh... not with full gear... ???). So this "sprint" duration on flat ground could even be made longer.

"It's an animation problem, not a speed problem."


I agree with the op that it's a speed problem. The 17kph run time is in running shorts and t-shirt. The real army uses 12-mile ruck march and it's obviously much slower than a 10k run. The unit sets the standard but anything around 2 hours is phenomenal. You just can't dodge bullets very well with all that gear on. Looks very unrealistic to me. IMO, if you get caught moving in the open you should get dropped every single time.

agreed, earion, it's like they barely did anything to the soldier animations. same shitty binocular gun switching bullcrap and loads of other shit carried over from ofp. what the hell were they doing with government funds and revenue from their commercial projects?

curently runing animation for soldiers likes deer...

i am sorry but even with no gear. you cant spring for more then 100 meters

It's not only fine the way it is currently, but a much appreciated improvement over the movement from OFP & Arma1 & 2. I would NOT want to see it slowed down again.

You know...making every little nit picking thing as close to reality as possible is never a good idea in a game, especially in Arma, because for many years they have taken reality in certain cases over-the-top which stopped making it enjoyable for many, many players. Sometimes it's better to find a balance between extreme reality and fiction in order to make things "feel" better and work better within an engine like this.

I already personally know 6 people who have played with me since 2001, and are now DONE with arma entirely because of the way "shooting" is not enjoyable anymore, and the AI is still dumb as ever (but too much like aimbots).

I thought the new movement speeds (apart from vehicles being way too slow uphill) was one of the few "mechanical aspects" of the game that has actually improved...and would be saddened to see things go back to the way they were.

xangyi added a subscriber: xangyi.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM
xangyi added a comment.Apr 7 2013, 6:05 PM


would like a small tweak to have better stable stalk mode. same stuff needs tweaking

Ratszo added a subscriber: Ratszo.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM
Ratszo added a comment.Apr 9 2013, 1:22 AM

No weight penalty for sprinting.

I don't really agree with this one like a lot of other tickets out there. Sure, this is a sim... To an extent. Its still a game and I know we are all out for the most realistic experience possible, but the most realistic experience possible isn't always that fun. I don't think the run is really that excessive because after running for a while you can't run again till you stop and take a break. It helps remove some of the boring parts of playing when you are sprinting to catch up in a safe area.

Sure, if you are going to run in a hot area you probably are going to get killed, but that comes down to game play and I don't think it needs to be slowed down and make the game more annoying.

ceeeb added a subscriber: ceeeb.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM
ceeeb added a comment.Apr 12 2013, 1:52 AM

Related to #5681

keragon, this ain't your faggy call of duty game. this is the real deal. if you can't hack it, best go run along.


Yes because my dis-interest in taking 5 hours to traverse 500m is a clear indication that I can't hack it. Thank you so much for your insight on this topic, I best go back to COD4 which I never played.

Ender added a subscriber: Ender.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM

thats why it is called sprint. you do your best to get away from something, get across etc. thats why it is fast and you cant sprint for long. no problem here

Keragon: I would suggest you try EA's Battlefield 3. It dumps the realism of having to traverse large distances into very brief trips, allowing you to have your fun.

Many other options for you out there, whilst there is little option for people wanting to enjoy a more real simulated world.

Why try to make something as unique as ARMA, behave more like the other computer software game failures already present on the market?

Anyways, getting off-topic here.

Movement speeds in Arma 3 together with the smooth and precise mouse handling ( defeat of the negative acceleration problem found in Arma 2 ) was a path to a bright future..

Me and my Team were so hyped like other teams ( ) because of the new controls speed and the new Era of the Arma 3.

Finaly we can move fast precise and even play CQB missions..

Bad think is that there was many ppl moaning in the forums that the speed was unreal and even though this ticket is still open BIS was in hurry to listen those probably Coop ( im playing the most realistic game against unreal threats.... ) and PvP haters and movement speed is borged in Alpha Dev version making sprint useless and the whole movements speed slower than Arma 2.

Now those moaning guys happily moaning for something else even worse , to borg-slow the strafe speed of the soldier ..

What i wanna say is that the speed was ok the movement was fine and made the game to join a new Era especially for the hardcore pvp guys.

What was in the need of adjustment was the stamina of the soldier and not the speed and of course this is dependable on the weight that he is carrying.

Sprint at full speed for some meters while you have a full adrenalin rush is ok and realistic.

And if we want to look at the extreme realistic parameters, every human is different so why not BIS to introduce random characteristics for every player , so one is faster than the other and one having greater stamina than the other AND ruin the online gaming altogether making the game imbalanced and inappropriate for competition..

I think it was a bad idea to reduce the sprint speed with the last update, there is hardly any difference now between running and sprint, diving sprint is even worse. I have to look in 3th person view to actually notice a difference now. And on land I tried it out with a light rifleman and a packed rifleman, no difference in speed.

Congratulations. You got your slow jogging like sprint.
You can no longer get out of the line of fire.

Well, fuck you too.

@ RogerX

First off, I never stated that I wanted nor agreed with a system that lets you sprint forever, so you can drop that part of your argument right away. You are assuming far too much about me or my traits as a gamer by simply asking that the sprint speed and sprint system be left alone as is. By coming after me and saying I should go find another game shows that you feel yourself some kind of elitist for playing Arma 3, like it makes you more of a hardcore gamer or something, putting you above those who play measly games such as Battlefield 3. The cold reality of it is, that regardless of how simulator this game becomes, its still a game, and you can create a game so close to real life that it replicates every aspect of it, including the parts that annoy the shit out of people RL too, and ruin it.

If you look at the votes, and the comments, more people agree with me on this subject, and we can replicate the parts that really matter, but slowing down a sprint? These are trained and physically fit soilders sprinting to get somewhere quick because they decided a flat out sprint is neccisary. Not to mention the sprint dies off pretty quickly. If you are trying to say they can't sprint sustained for at least 100m with a full ruck, I don't know what reality you live in.

Please don't tell me to go play another game, like I'm not "cut out" for the hardcoreness of being an armchair commando in this game, because we disagree on one aspect of it.

The change was both rewarding and disappointing in my opinion. It appears the animation was improved and does look more realistic. The slowed speed is disappointing both when getting the heck out of somewhere and also I noticed while carrying a launcher. I am on the side of those who desire a little more speed. I'll tell you. If bullets were wizzing by my head in real life, adrenalin would cause me to run really frickin fast.

Just so you know the movement speeds are currently being worked on and tested in the Dev Build

I can say from being part of the Dev Build all the movement speeds except sprinting feel much better. The speed of most movement has been slowed down a bit and the animations have been adjusted to better match representing the speed of the movement.

Keragon: Based on your comments, I merrily provided a quick proactive suggestion you try another game, with no bad intentions.

I do not know why you feel incriminated by my friendly advice, or that I have made assumptions of your personality, while I see far more assumptions made by everybody else here.

Please, stay on topic. (Maybe you meant to address somebody else here?)

Anyways, suggest you check-out a developer version, and login to a developer server, as I too just noticed the latest patch pushed modified sprinting. ;-)

rogerx : The dev build changes and patches are merged into the public ... We had an update on monday for the public version and the speed changes is there for everyone.

Do some research before you write.

The Development build received a update today that the regular version did not.
Movement speed tweaking deployed for evaluation

zzecool: From what I saw, developer changes to sprint were only recently pushed early this morning here to the developer branch, or approximately Wednesday April 17, 12:00 GMT.

You might want to clarify your latter comment.

We are already quite aware patches are back ported to stable, however, developer versions inherently contain more recent changes, based on Bohemian Interactive's release schedule.

The point here is not about minor adjustments to the different movement speeds, it is about the Sprint Speed of 0.52 version versus 0.54 version .

I have made my statement very clear on the previous posts.

zzecool: Yes we know you are talking about the stable builds but we are saying that BI are already working on the movement speeds and testing it out with feedback with people who are participating in the DevBuild.

If you want to give feedback to BI about what the movement speeds are like then your feedback on the DevBuild where they are tweaking the speeds would be much more useful to them, as your feedback for how it isn't at the moment is kinda of irrelevant as it is.

We are working on fine tuning the speed of the movement as the forum link I posted here earlier will enable you to see what they have done, and what they are doing.


You can play coy all you want, you made your intentions pretty clear, and your actions speak louder than the words you are trying to say to me.

I'm on the Dev build right now and I really don't notice much of a change in the sprinting speed, if they tuned it down, it must have been minor because I honestly don't see too much of a difference.

There was no intention of offense within my comments within this thread. Merrily a suggestion.

kOepi added a subscriber: kOepi.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM
kOepi added a comment.Apr 19 2013, 9:05 AM

@topic starter.

oh my god, did you ever run a competition on 50 or 100 meter sprint???
you can gain up to 30 km/h, which is "double time" of jogging speed ( 10 to 15 km/h).
... disagree

Ugh, fuck sake, nothing productive is coming of 90% of these comments, clearly the devs are workin on this so can one of the moderators cut down the amount of useless posts?

kOepi, speed bayme good, but animation looks very ugly and suxx...

@Scarecrow, sorry for flooding, I cannot hold back, when people report such strange feedback, they can proof themself very easily to get back to reality, but they dont.


the topic is about the speed, and that is why I answered about the speed. no need to talk against that.

If you want the animation changed then create a new ticket to reflect that. What is said in both the title and the category doesn't say anything about the animation. But again in the link I posted in my earlier comment, BI are working on both movement speed and the animation that goes along with it from the forum feedback specifically about this issue and the one your complaining about (and many others).

There is no point in bringing up an issue that isn't related to the issue that the ticket is created for, it doesn't help BI in any way (animation and movement speed aren't related so don't try to argue that point, one is a issue for the programmers/designers the other is for the animators).

This feedback tracker is hugely efficient and a excellent system for reporting problems but people need to learn how to give effective feedback to BI for it to be efficient.

Dale added a subscriber: Dale.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM
Dale added a comment.May 4 2013, 3:12 PM

"It reminds me the movement of counter strike, and i didnt like counter strike."

Great argument there.

I think its kindergarten time for you sonny :)

Vespa added a subscriber: Vespa.May 7 2016, 11:54 AM
Vespa added a comment.Jun 6 2013, 2:42 PM

so, the movement speeds have been reviewed and changed some time ago - see

other issues:

inertia - would be nice, I agree, but crazy difficult to make the engine support it. Not possible in current project scope.

limiting turning speeds in various states - I want it too, no support yet, comes after solving other serious issues, like sticking in door etc.