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You can't deploy swimmers from helicopters
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I can't be the only one who thinks it would be really badass to hover a helicopter above the water and drop AI swimmers in to the water to attack a base.


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Definitely need the ability to do this, opens up a lot of possibilities for mission design and approach in the sandbox.

it would be pretty dope. deploy a squad in front of a base to distract and then unload a small scuba squad behind the base to infiltrate.

actually you can do that in alpha with a script commands. place a chopper (name 'heli', formation 'flying',) with a team in cargo, set trigger, on activation type this: {_x action ["eject", heli]} forEach units player; and you'll get desired effect.

i'd recommend to use {moveOut_x} instead of {_x action ["eject", heli]}. eject didn't work for me and getOut is only available some meters above the surface ( about 1-4m). Besides that the unit using the "getOut" action will play the same animation as getting out on the ground (a step forward in the air looks weird). So the moveOut command looks even better (the divers will drop immediately!

I agree, {moveOut_x} would be better. Anyway, if someone want to deploy swimmers from the chopper - do it;)

Also will be available when they will unlock the eject function, now disabled due to the lack of parachutes

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hell yes supported

divers outta choppers is epic soil

it works for players, as soon as the chopper reaches a flyinheight of 3 or 4 but the AI will not disembark

If you add that (hopefully, I voted up) please think of the fact that the helicopter shouldn´t move while deploying divers. I think best way to do that is to make the option "get out" or "eject" unavailable below certain altitude and abobve certain speed (maybe 20 kph)

This is called helocasting. It is a standard form of insertion for SOF. I did it but I had to be the pilot and the team was under my command. Could not get it scripted. This would be a great feature if it was standardized withen the game.

This would be awesome . I tried to do this but you have to be able to get out of the helo you need to touch the water , but if you do , your engine dies or something o.0 .Giving an option to jump on water would be cool , but cant you eject?

you can't eject from helis because there's no parachutes in the beta. it will be added later

no, you could eject without parachutes in arma 2 already. also, no one paras from a helicopter,r unless it's a chinook as they have a drop hatch for that.

also, it's an alpha, not a beta. go back to call of duty with your fellow illiterate idiots.

Actually its only on the arma 3 helicopters because they lock doors after takeoff. Import a arma 2 chopper and try it, it works just fine.

I understand your issue, but You CAN deploy swimmers from helicopters. Take a look at this:

I read your post and then tried to deploy swimmers. It was very easy and also you can do it if you are the group leader with either players or AI in your team.

The 'transport unload' waypoint takes care of it very easily without having to enter any code.

Aside from the point, I imagine they have locked the doors/eject feature because there are no parachutes yet = free-fall-death. I bet they let you jump out of air vehicles once we can actually land safely. Until then, use the waypoint 'transport unload' over an invisible helipad. Change the elevation of the helipad to your liking, the helicopter never actually lands.

@fenix395 itryed as you said, but the hopper will not disembark AI unless i'm their leader and tell them too, while close to a helipad.

This would be amazing to have. Up-voted.

@wiamor: Are you in the heli with other AI not in your team? If you give a 'transport unload' waypoint to a heli with an AI team, the heli will fly to waypoint (where you should place an invisible helipad at about 5m in the air) and then dump out the AI team.

If you are in the heli when it reaches the waypoint it will kick you out, but sometimes flies away with your AI team. This is a problem with the waypoint and helicopters regardless of location, you must tell your team to disembark just before you get kicked out yourself. Then you and your team will all disembark at the location.

The helicopter never actually lands and so it is hovering 1 or 2m above the invisible helipad.

I have implimented this into a few missions already and so far I have had no issues with map editing and deploying divers/swimmers, apart from them getting stuck/glitched in a lighthouse in Agia Marina. Ticket: 0006065

good work fenix, but it needs dedicated breaching water surface jump animations, which are different from the regular exit animation.

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it be awesome if you could still eject out of helicopters. Just only this time people shouldn't automatically get parachutes, just add a slot where one can be placed, maybe the backpack slot and the backpack can be carried in your hands/attached too your body in some other way.

It can be done. I have a single player mission that I'm just about done with that has a chopper over water insertion. Set up waypoints to hover 2-4 meters alititude (flyinheight and limitspeed commands). Once chopper is stopped, I may then get out. Afterwhich, I then radio trigger my men out of the chopper with this code. Just change the dc3_1 to whatever you call your chopper.

nil=[]spawn{{if(local _x&&((assignedVehicleRole _x)select 0)=="cargo")then{_x action["EJECT", vehicle _x];unassignVehicle _x;sleep 2;};}forEach(crew dc3_1);};

Thanks goes to =Odin= > > >

In current development state there is no option of eject from a chopper via action/command menu. If you want to do this (not only for your team but for any AI team) you can use something like the command string as you see above or this; witch is simple version I personaly use since OFP for fast team-getting out of MH-6 choppers but it do the work over water as well:

1] spawn MH-9 and name it heli
2] spawn 4 divers, with:

moveincargo heli

in init field and name leader of this team diveT
3] make a trigger, define your desired conditions for trigger the drop of divers and to "on act." field write this:

{_x action ["eject", vehicle _x]; unassignvehicle _x} forEach units group diveT

It's very simple version, but surely works. One problem will occour - if heli is to high an error message will pop-up due to parachutes are not implemented yet in actual version.

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agree! vote up!

I was able to find a way to set the AI helo to land on a helipad 2m above the water and get the AI divers to disembark, but they used the same method the AI does on the land. It would definitely be good if personnel "casting" noted that they were jumping out over the water and had a specific method they did it. Anyone that has ever done it knows what it looks like and how to do it. It would be very nice if the developers made scripts to delineate when a person was casting over the water, maybe specifically divers, or personnel that are equipped to cast into the water. A normal soldier without any floatation or prep for casting would sink like a rock. I hope some thought goes into it, and things can be done to help make this a cool new insertion method that works well and is scripted well.

I am so glad that this have 100% vote and just today i was imaging to post my first feedback about this..and i ended on this...cant wait for this to be done :) i hope that dev. will take this and do animations and jump perfect it...I like the fenix vid and definetly will keep my eye on this :)

This has been resolved in Beta. I frequently do water insertions/extractions with ease.

I can confirm safe disembarking is possible for players.

this has to work with the get_out waypoints
nice idea

It can be done quite easily with eject command. I have mission sample. If anyone wants it add me at steam. BlackQwar

I have done it with the eject command as well. Triggered by a radio call "Alpha".

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Helo casting would be great - Deploying a scuba SF team off near a hostile coast line for a covert night op just begs to be done :D

Up vote

*Edit* The state of this ticket suggests it should be a feature request. Its already been reviewed, but, judging by the developer response, the idea wasn't picked up.

to be honest I made a mission where I deploy a Scubadiver from a low flying chooper , I simply changed their allowdamage value to false then at the waypoint I switched it to true again

the chopper was flying at about 8 meters above the sea

Yeah you have to eject them at low altitudes (approx 5 meters or less) and low airspeed (below 15 KPH).

AI swimmers can disembark at 2 meters and lower and can eject at 4 meters and lower.
@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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