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MH-9 Passengers / firing position
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Passengers of the MH-9 (6 seater little bird?) are not enclosed and sit on a bench along the side of the helicopter. While seated the soldiers holds their weapons at their chest pointing down.

Why not allow the player / AI to fire their weapons in this position? Toss a grenade if they so feel? {F17377}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip a fireing weapon
  2. Jump in an MH-9 as passenger (not co-pilot)
  3. Observe weapon orientation and lack of firing ability

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Personally I would agree with this even if that's not easy to get some good hit results ^^. Thinking about Battlefield 3 for example where you can do that in transport choppers it's not always very useful (unless you have a very good pilot and no very good pilot in the other team heh). But still it would sound normal to allow players to fire. Or if not they should not be able to hold their weapons and have their arms used differently.

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I agree, one of the disappointments in Arma 2 was not being able to fire out of helicopters, especially the Little Birds. It's done in real life, why not in Arma?

i second this too,
bringing me flashbacks to black hawk down, with the delta snipers in the blackhawks

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Exactly! It's not ment to be very effective but it give the players something to do rather than just get shot at AND it could be a usefull means of suppression OR if you've got a skilled marksman than an enemy may actually get shot! USCG does this when stoping drug runners I think?

shactac already has this in their arma 2 so its do able even to ensure a slightly safer LZ

I don't precisely remember where, but a dev said that they wanted to add the ability to shoot from vehicle, so you have my vote, make it real please!

also, there are multiple seats inside the MH-6 but are not used.

JNC added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 10:44 PM

MH-9.. *cough* well it's a little helicopter (or bird) so it may be "better" to seat it's armored passengers on benches outside than cram them inside?

I really hope they add this in for 3. I was so disappointed to find it wasn't in 2. This is there chance to make it happen, rather than it be a mod. Please BI, please include this at last, it's such a needed feature! You've added divers, now add the ability to at least shoot from the MH-9!

yes, i think you need to be able to shoot while on the Skid and the 2 rear seats behind pilot and co pilot need to be enter able

would be awesome to trow smoke and land behind that to get some visual cover or just cover a area with unprecise lmg fire

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This would be a great addition and it would make hot landing or evec way better.

Muchly needed feature, agreed!

Though on the seats inside the helicopter, I think a fully-geared soldier would indeed be very crammed as JNC said, and upon landing, it'd be rather troublesome to get out, hence why they only sit on the sides.

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Identical issue reported at almost exactly the same time: #0002452.

Unfortunately I can't merge, and issue with higher vote count takes prio, therefore closing this one. Please up-vote there.