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AI Helicopter will not land near enemy.
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AI Helicopters will not land when the enemy is near, even if you put them into careless mode and with a landing pad. they only stay in the air and refuses to move. This makes it impossible to create mission with airdropping infantry from helikopptrar near the enemy. They work without problems when AI helicopters have not detected an enemy.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start the editor.
  1. Place an AI helicopter with waypoint (transport unload) and a landing pad. Place the player in the helicopter. Not as a group with the helicopter.
  1. put x number of enemies near the landing site. See the reaction.
  1. then move/delete the enemy, and the helicopter will fly to the landing site

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Even using ' Heli_unit_name land "LAND" ' or other combination of this does not force them to land.

I agree, I spent the last 3 hours fiddling around in the editor trying to get the AI to land near the enemy, to no avail. Once the AI spots the enemy (in my case from 1.2km away) it will bring the chopper into hover until the enemy is destroyed, or moves out of sight. Very frustrating. In some rare cases the AI will actually unload the troops, but will then do the same thing again and just hover there, ignoring its subsequent "move" command.

Same here
very frustrating
NO combination of code seem to work they will not land near enemy or under fire ..
Once heli AI spoots enemy it will just hover as already said ignoring all waypoints ..

Nothing seems to work ..

_chopper enableAttack false;
_chopper setBehaviour "CARELESS";
_chopper setCombatMode "BLUE";
_chopper disableAi "TARGET";
_chopper disableAi "AUTOTARGET";
_chopper disableAi "FSM";

I cant even get my chopper to fly past enemy, I have spent hours on this. If tried (together and in combinations):
chopper1 setSkill ["spotDistance", 0];
chopper1 setSkill ["spotTime", 0];
chopper1 setSkill ["courage", 1];
chopper1 disableAI "FSM";
chopper1 allowFleeing 0;
chopper1 setCombatMode "BLUE";
chopper1 setCaptive true;

It just doesn't work, very frustrating.

I had no problems when giving the chopper a 'get out' waypoint.

B00tsy: But then the pilot jumps out? We don´t want that.

Yep Yep
We all aggree it dont work
NOW BIS !!????
We have no missions we have nothing we can do
Can you please make sure at least you fix this so we can build missions ??
I feel this is kinda important
At the moment I HAVE NO USE for ARMA 3 at all

It is working in my mission, but it takes time before it lands. Look at the last 10 or 5 minutes of this video:

It shows that a chopper moves in to extract the players, when the chopper is close it moves away because of enemy AI in the area. When the enemy AI has been killed it eventually goes back to his waypoint order and finally lands where it was supposed to. It did take 5 minutes before it finally landed. By that time an alternate ending activated that I made in case the landing gets bugged out.

Yes but to wait 10-5 min is long time. It good that the ai can ignore landing in some situations in danger zone so it will not get shoot down. But if you type in commands or set the waypoint to safe/careless the damn thing should land. It not so easy to make a "black Hawk down" insertion for example with enemy close when the helli will not land.

Ohh yes I agree, an extraction needs also be possible when under fire. It really needs tweaking, but as the video's shows it is not completely broken.

Same problem here. Tried literally for days. Thankgod I finally found this so that I could give up. Gonna try if setting the chopper to captive helps.
(As in: bluHeli1 setCaptive true; )

EDIT: setCaptive works, it's lame and boring, but at least the pilots land now. I'll set it up like this and edit my missions later when this bug is fixed.

setCaptive true; would not work for me but I will retest and advise. my issue is slightly different where I just want to follow waypoints at speed under fire. The core issue though is under fire I believe.

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Careless does not work on vehicles, i discovered this with other vehicles too.
Look here:

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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I hope there comes a tick to waypoint settings [Force orders] what will mean the group will complete that task no matter of what.

It would help to get vehicles to move on roads while being shot at, infantry to move trough openings while shot at and helicopters to land or leave.

Sometimes it is preferred that AI would avoid the zone if there is a enemy, not just stay there freezed there being shot at but most times you just want to get vehicle/group move somewhere and do something.

Think about getting a vehicle column to move on roads and shooting at enemy in combat reaction times without them starting to chase ("GREEN" mode) enemy or stop to fire.

So it is nice it will be looked at, but it isn't just for helicopter landings where AI refusing following waypoints/commands is frustrating.

I think I managed to fix this, for me at least. My mission requires an evac chopper to come in and pick up some soldiers under fire. I placed an invisible helipad where the pick up was to happen, but the helicopter refused to land, instead either circling or flying off approx 200 meters away and just hovering there. I tried all options above and none of them worked until I added this one I found:

(driver heli_evac) disableAI "THREAT_PATH";

where "heli_evac" is the name of the evac chopper in the editor. I think this stops the pilot plotting new waypoints in the event that the helicopter comes under fire/is spotted by enemey AI.

The rest of the choppers init commands are below. The helicopter and pilot are set to invulnerable so that it can actually fly out of the area and complete the mission, more of a drama thing than a realism one I know:

this allowdamage false;
(driver heli_evac) disableAI "AUTOTARGET";
(driver heli_evac) disableAI "TARGET";
(driver heli_evac) disableAI "MOVE";
(driver heli_evac) allowdamage false;
(driver heli_evac) disableAI "THREAT_PATH";
(driver heli_evac) disableAI "PATHPLAN";

see if this works for any of you

Fri13 added a comment.Jul 1 2013, 10:13 AM

Doesnt work. Helicopter doesnt even try to get to area but hovers even further under fire.

hmm, you're right. Back to the drawing board. It works for me in map preview, enemy units all around the chopper but it lands and even fires on the enemy AI. In a multiplayer session, the helicopter hovers dumbly.

Quite how this happens when in Arma 2 it worked just fine..

This pissed me off. Build an entire base of opfor on stratis main. I set up triggers tasks support intro everything just to find out that the ai is to scared to land...

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Agreed! Until recently the A.I have had no problems inserting troops via helicopter while under fire. This changed around the 27th June.

Fri13 added a comment.Jul 3 2013, 10:23 PM

This has been problem all the time, at least since ARMA II. There currently simply is no way to get AI to follow orders under fire or around enemy in 100% possibility.

What we need is an instruction for the driver of a vehicle to obey waypoint information ONLY. So any other AI instructions like observation, reaction to detected threats etc. are just disabled and it will dumbly follow the waypoints as laid out in the editor (with the speed function still active, limited/normal/full)


(driver VEHICLE_NAME) disableAI "all";
(driver VEHICLE_NAME) enableAI "waypointfollow";

A basic example of what could be above ^

Is this possible to implement, devs?

Hey dude you have my name xD. annyway yes this could be done but its quite useless. All that needs to be done is a if if tweak in the AI system. Using these kinda commands would make it really hard for mission makes. ( i usually have 1/3d of A4 page on 1 unit triggering different scripts). Since the "Careless" Function in the WP is not correctly executed by AI i'd sugest to devs start with that. CareLess means not giving a fuck and just blindly doing whats told.

ahh.. Interesting - How about setting, in my example, the pilot of the helicopter to get to move (waypoint set to careless), then getin helicopter (linked to trigger that calls the evac helicopter). So when he flies to the designated point he will still be on careless? Or does being in a helicopter negate this careless setting. I guess I'll test this evening :)

Well the problem is that this careless function is ignored by the pilot. All the other functions are pretty much useless because they are telling the pilot to stay away from the enemy. We want to Careless to be fixed so the pilot ignores all dangers and just ghoes allong with the waypoint. So there is no way around it accept for using module functions then using a script that records your movements and then plays them on trigger act. Only problem with that is that its not dynamic so if all of a sudden somthing would block him he will most likely crash because hes gona keep going.

Fri13 added a comment.Jul 5 2013, 9:42 PM

careless isnt a problem. it is a condition as well how a unit moves as well. like MBT crew drives buttons up and helicopters fly lights on etc.

we need a he check box what forces unit to follow waypoint orders, no matter what. I don't wanna see helicopters not trying to fly slow and stealth and avoid landing because I should use "careless" in landing. I want to have helicopters firing when landing and then continue firing when on ground loading.

I'm with Fri13 ^^. A command that will tell a unit to just follow the waypoints and ignore all other AI or player activity would be excellent

-.- thats what careless is. Have you ever seen the pictures explaining the careless command? AI wil ignor everything and just move to what they are seposed to do. They will ignor friendly units enemy units explosions roads enc aslong they get where they are told to.

Yes, but careless also infers a certain speed and other behaviour such as landing lights on etc. It overwrites things like stealth- or danger-behaviour. Currently there is no way of setting the unit to stealth-behaviour, but have them ignore enemies. Understand?

Yes I agree.
The series has needed a 'Suicidal' mode for years. Basically a Combat careless mode where the unit carries on with waypoints, engages, but wont pause or mess about if enemy are spotted.

But as far as the recent issues, the same happened to me. I had a helo insertion working fine last week (so after beta release), but on Saturday started messing around big style. The MH9's would just stop at a wp, instead of flying up the valley. So I moved the WP north into the other valley, and I can get 3/4 of them to land.
I made the 'land' command trigger bigger to get it to land.
But now they all take off and stay hovering in the LZ area.
One of them sometimes lands, unloads then takes off and moves and lands again, and the troops get back in. I use a unload script I have used since ofp and is triggered when the helo in less than 2 meters off the ground.



HAHA Suicidal mode.. I can already imagine that in the WP Careless -> Suicidal. Its actually a good idea. For intense battles where ai is gona mess up.

Fri13 added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 12:32 AM

it still would need to be a own tick instead careless. as careless is a needed behavior as is but se need a override to ai movement.

In addition to the disableAI "Target" command, add the line:
this allowfleeing 0;
to the init of the chopper (or pilot if it's an empty chopper).

I could understand a 1k-500m stand off or circle pattern like they do now. I know if i was a military helo pilot i wouldnt land while enemy was trying to shoot me down.

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You need to disable fleeing.

Same issue here, just will not land

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.