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Binoculars Animation - unnecessary switch to the main weapon while changing stance
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If you have the binoculars out and change stance you will automatically switch to the rifle before executing the stance-change and then switch back to the binoculars when you have changed the stance.

On top of this, you can't run with binoculars in your hand.

Binoculars should behave more like a weapon so that you take them out with B but enter the "scope-mode" with mouse button 2 (default key for aiming), just like with rifles.

Hopefully this issue will addressed before the retail release.
{F17210} {F17211}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a playable unit with binoculars in inventory to a map in the editor and preview the scenario
  2. Change to binoculars
  3. Change stance
  4. Observe the switch to weapon and back to binoculars
Additional Information

Video of the issue:

This same "issue" was present in the Arma2;

I used that ticket as a basis for this ticket.

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This bug already existed in ArmA1. Hopefully it finally get fixed in ArmA3.
I also want to mention, that it only happens when using the actions "Up" and "Go prone". (see attached screenshot)

And maybe it would be less confusing if those actions would be renamed to "Crouch/Stand toggle" and "Prone/Stand toggle".

Yeah, I opened a similar ticket just minutes before this one, however this one is better documented.
It is a very annoying issue because the player is locked in place during the lengthy animation which can result in death. I barely use binos in ArmA2 because of this, I hope it finally gets fixed like the grenade throw.

The ability to lower binoculars like weapons would be also really nice. That would make moving around with binos in hands much more comfortable, useful and safe.

"Binoculars should behave more like a weapon so that you take them out with B but enter the 'scope-mode' with mouse button 2 (default key for aiming), just like with rifles."

I prefer Arma 3's binocular system to the one in Arma 2, just because my guy no longer holds them right in front of his eyes unless he's actually looking through them.

If we reverted to Arma 2's binoculars, but added the ability to jog/run/sprint with them and made characters hold them at their sides when they weren't being looked through, I'd be happy.

I hope this gets picked up.

Yeah, have RMB bring to your face to look through, and click RMB again to lower them, but still hold onto them, so you can use normal vision to change the direction of your gaze and then click RMB to bring up the binoculars again.

Developers please get a real set of binoculars, go outside, and use them. You don't always have them glued to your face when you want to change the direction you are looking at. Sometimes you lower them while still holding onto them, change the direction of your gaze, and then raise them to your face to look through them again. It needs to work like this in game.

zelorc added a subscriber: zelorc.May 7 2016, 11:20 AM

+1 to this, sure feels strange.

+1, I would think that it would be an easy fix, by just changing the Bino's enterty to more like a pistol
but im not a programer so i might be completely wrong

This is def a game breaker for me too

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This must be fixed on Arma 3 final, we have it since the first Arma versions.

Not a game-breaker by any means, but an unnecessary waste of time.
Would like to see it resolved.


The more tickets I read, the more I think they should just integrate ACE and be done with it :)

+1 for binocular with weapon behavior!

+1 and also FFS allow to run with binos in your hands!, it have been the same way since OPF

approved? the devs are smartening up.

whoa, they just changed the binocular animation from weapon on back to weapon on chest. i end the bis iq jokes now.

In the Czech Republic can not run around with binoculars ... (sarcasm)

+1 for binocular with weapon behavior! The current solution is unrealistic and unusable.

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its a crash-the-keyboard-with-your-head-bug.

+1 would love to be able to lower Binocular with a mouse click to survey surroundings, then raise them again. Hate having to switch back and forth between gun and binoculars. and the range finder (when it becomes available) should operate the same.

I attached a picture of the animation that should be used. It's already in the game but not being used when it should.

Absolute must! +1

While go prone form staning, it doesn't happen
but when involving courching, it still happen

bez added a comment.Jun 3 2013, 2:08 PM

+1 wanted to open a ticket on it now, glad it's here already.
This is from OPF btw not ARMA 1.

And +1 to bino like weapon, just line in ACE mod.

I have a bad feeling this will stay in final release :-/

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Smookie is already cooking something

I am indeed working on this. I have improved the handling and movement but still working out the transitions. As for right-click to bring up optics - I want to do this but its currently nice to have due to time shortage.

For sure!!
Binoculars should act like a weapon:

B to bring them up (away from eyes).
Right click to look through them.
Right click to bring them back down.
B or select a weapon to get out of binocular mode.

Seems to have been resolved in the latest beta. Finally! :D

Someone please confirm.


It fixed in DEV0.71.106869,with Z\X key
but I find that when using Binoculars,Ctrl+WASD didn't work at all, is there any ticket about this issue?

"Alternative stances for binoculars will not be implemented."
see #521

Marking as resolved. :)

Mass close.