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Can't eject from helicopter
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I tried to eject from a helicoper and open my chute. I don't have the option to eject or get out in any other way.


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  • Get in a helicopter.
  • Rise to 200 i.e.
  • Use your scroll wheel to get out.
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Tried it with the KH-60

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I think this is intentional. Consider the idea of having to carry a parachute on your person as apposed to the "magical regenerating parachute MKII".

Yeah pretty sure they havent activated parachute items yet, I was able to eject once.... I believe after giving my co-pilot control.

However I jumped, and an error popped up about "Parachute something or other"

And I promptly hit the ground :)

One of the bigger issues as a result of this is not being able to get out of a damaged helo about to explode even if it's on the ground or underwater. I also seem to inconsistently not be able to jump out as a passenger, which is an issue with dumping divers into the water or unlaoding troops while hovering a feet feet off the ground.

Parachute or not, the eject function should be back in, even if only to skydive without a parachute :).

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I agree with Wallace15nd, I've got stuck in chopper multiple times too. Skydiving without parachute would be preferred to being stuck in chopper.

I lost everybody in the helicopter when it suffered engine failure, everybody on the ground watching us fall were screaming at us to eject and everybody in the chopper was screaming back at them telling them that we couldn't.

However, it would be great to have the option to jump from an helicopter without any parachute (for example for a diver to jump from a chopper into the sea).

Voted up.

Having a helicopter fly over the water while divers jumping into the sea (Diving insertion) would be absolutely awesome.

Additionally, the Arma series is a self-proclaimed 'sandbox.' Sandbox means you should be allowed to jump out of a helo without a parachute to your death if you feel like it.

Jesus. Christ. You spergy bunch, stop going on and on about it. It's always been a feature its simply disabled for this part of the beta.

My point wasn't that they wouldn't ever add it ever, just that if there aren't parachutes yet, don't baby us by disabling the function altogether.

If you don't like getting e-mail updates from this thread, just block them, don't throw a hissy tantrum and call names.

If you think about it this is supposed to be a simulation and realistic to real life and I was in the military and guess what they don't carry on a helicopter or the crewmembers themselves.... Parachutes.. ride it till its down and if your lucky and survive you get out or swim out!!! That is why they practice autorotations to help with landing a damaged aircraft..

I don't think this ticket is invalid.
Even if actually their intention is to prevent people from suiciding only in alpha, it's a mere speculation for now.

Also, inability to do insertions while hovering over rooftops, and the ground, is pretty annoying.

I think common sense says "they will implement it in time, as it is in ARMA2". Almost duplicate with poster that said "add parachutes".

tpworld is correct. Military helicopter crews do not carry parachutes. The ability for passengers to jump out over water or opt to carry parachutes for HAHO/HALO options should be maintained as those are practiced in real life and I think ARMA is trying to go for realism.

One does not simply "eject" from a helicopter, lest they wish to become diced meat.

Even in the case of an engine failure you can still perform an auto rotation.

Assuming that most of the up voters aren't idiots who think pilots should bail but rather the example above with divers jumping out or a fast which case said feature would need to be available in hover only or relatively slow speed.

I think there should only be the possibility to eject out of a chopper if:
You are in the back with a parachute item, and would actually be able to get out the door in real life too.
You are either pilot or co-pilot while wearing a parachute, but not flying the chopper at the moment.
The chopper has an ejection seat, such as the KA50 in real life.

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divers need this vote up

As long as you are not in control of the chopper, you should be able to jump out at any moment in time, at any location. I don't care if you need 2 seconds to open the door, or you don't carry a parachute.
It is really stupid when the chopper is moving at 15km/h and 2m above ground, and people just cant simply jump out, except the copilot who can eject.

So ATM the copilot seat is the safest seat on a helicopter :)

Hi. I have the same issue.
I am unable to eject from any speed and height.
Double V doesn't do anything.

Can we stop using the term "Eject" and use the term "get out" or "Leap out".

"Eject" is the verb that comes from the use of "Ejection Seat" also from the term Ejecta 'Ejecta(from the Latin: "things thrown", singular "ejectum") - Which is something you don't have on a Helicopter. You aren't thrown from it (Unless it crashes and you could potentially be), you voluntarily drop/leap out of a Helicopter.

I would be happy to allow Soldiers / Passengers to do stupid things like leap out of Helicopters as they see fit with or without Parachutes. I don't want to see Co-pilots and Pilots doing it however.

Also I don't know any helicopter Pilot who has a Parachute, in over a decade of Military service. It isn't done, they will always try and autorotate, or crash land, they aren't even issued parachutes so it isn't an option!

Same with most troops, only special forces and display teams Parachute from a Helicopter. Most Helicopters act as a highly mobile Battle Taxi.

This is why Fast Roping and other techniques were invented, to get the troops exactly where you need them fast, Parachuting is not that precise especially when troops are jumping weighing 300lbs.

Helicopters are much more constrained by weight than Winged Aircraft.

Divers do this..they can kill themselves if their head connects with the Tank / on their back, and they can break their own neck so they don't normally jump with Diving gear as well as Parachute gear.

Notice how they don't have CDBA or SCUBA Gear?

These guys are the ultimate - Royal Navy SPAG - Submarine Parachute Advisory Group.

If a Sub goes down in shallow enough water e.g Less then Continental Shelf, these boys drop in from the Sky, Parachute to the position, and then dive down to try and rescue them. Seriously Dangerous, serious skill sets!

They recover the gear on the surface rather than jump with it all on their back and kill themselves upon impact.

See a pattern Guys....Divers don't jump in gear. I know the Navy Seals train for it, but it's still massively risky.

They can deploy from a Submarine or from a Chariot or even a small ship or Boat.

FYI: Parachutes are now available within the Beta release.

They seem to be only provided within the transport chopper internal supplies bay. (I have personally tested the gold looking passenger helicopter this morning, but was told the other transport chopper also has parachutes.)

Here are the required steps, from memory, to use the parachute.

  1. Go to the outside of the chopper and walker towards the rear of the sliding door, to acquire the "Internal" option within the middle mouse button for looking at the internal supplies bay.
  1. Select it and you'll get around ten parachutes. Place one of them on as your back pack item.
  1. Get into the rear of the chopper. Can't eject from pilot or copilot seats.
  1. Have the pilot fly you to height and select middle mouse menu item "Eject".
  1. Once out, select middle mouse menu item "Parachute", and you'll be gliding using your shiny new steerable parachute!

As of the beta, the eject option is available for passengers, but it's not available for the pilot, copilot and crew members(door gunners)

It should be made available for the flight crew because:

  1. There's no physical reason why a pilot can't open the door and get out of his chopper in air, although it's dangerous and result in him/his parachute being ripped by the rotor blades and be smashed by the falling chopper, players should have the choice to eject in midair.
  1. The eject option does not turn off the engine, this is useful when a pilot needs to get out of his chopper momentarily and keep the engines on, for a fast takeoff.

I agree with nmdanny's point 2, but not so much with point 1.

Pilots are not supposed to eject form their helicopter, and ejecting supposedly takes more time than just teleporting the character outside.
In real life, the Ka-50 features an ejection seat, but I don't think any other pilots have parachutes.

I think pilots should be able to eject from a helicopter, I suppose they should be the last ones to eject though, but I really cant see any pilot willfully go down in flames and die with the helicopter without a chance.

Besides, when pilots eject, dont helicopters rotors eject first before the pilot's seat ejects? I am sure the Ka50 features this?


One helicopter in the world has this feature of ejection, no other.

"but I really cant see any pilot willfully go down in flames and die with the helicopter without a chance."

Hate to break this to you, but that's exactly how it is. Rotors don't come with explosive bolts, so you cannot jettison your blades, also you don't have a parachute. Helicopter crews stay in their helicopter and will always attempt to land it, unless it's a Catastrophic Incident and then well, they scream all the way down.

Don't believe me, watch these..

To many people on this tracker say "I cannot see / I don't think" for their unqualified opinions when "I don't Know" is more appropriate.

Yeah Ive seen that vid, now thats all pretty fine because those crashes are things going wrong not so high above ground, if they even had the option to eject, it would probably crash before they even get to eject. Besides those choppers all were in working condition to which pilots are trained to crash land, and survive it most of the time.

The circumstances I am referring to is losing all functionality at high altitudes, like getting shot down, if your instruments, and rotors and engine are all dead, you are essentially a hunk metal falling from the sky, nothing you can do to improve your chances of surviving that crash, and in instances like this, I am sure ejection can be an option.

Unfortunately though I have never actually flown a real chopper nor am I really so clued up with choppers without googling about it, I just go based on what I have actually seen, hence the knowledge on the Ka50 being able to eject. So forgive my unqualified opinion about these things, but I still am alowed to have an opinion on the matter.

That said, the Ka50 in game should feature this then. But may be a problem with "balancing" among the other factions, This is the near future though, it could be implimented on other attack heli's in future. so I would imagine all attack heli's in the future could have a similar system, since they generally go into the AO and stand a higher risk of being shot down, where as the transport heli's arent really intendid to get too close to the AO.

But as danny mentioned above, it should be an option at least. Because shit happens, and so If there are spare chutes in the chopper for the pilot to equip, and they can grab one, they can jump out, and for the sake of avoiding pilots trolling the passangers, (which we all know will become a huge hit on youtube) lets just say they can not jump until everyone else has jumped, meaning the co-pilot is second last to jump and primary pilot the last. I believe that can work in the best interest of everyone yeah?

Well that may make sense in an Abstract James Bond fashion.

But I'll tell you straight, that Helicopters do not have parachutes whatever height they fly at.

When you talk about Ejection Seats, they are exceptionally damaging to aircrew, especially as they are Zero / Zero Ejection seats (zero height, zero speed) so you can eject on the deck and have 2-3 seconds to deploy a parachute before you hit the ground. It will still probably kill you.

In the Military you can only eject once, if eject more than once you won't be allowed to fly, this is due to the Spinal Damage done during an ejection. In the RAF you'll find pilots that have ejected have spinal damage and some are even 1/2 an inch shorter.

Secondly ejecting from a Fast moving Aircraft is one thing, from a helicopter quite another.

If you are low, below 500ft, you are very likely to land on the crashing helicopter, especially as Attack Helicopters tend to hug the Contours of the land so called "Knap of the Earth flying". In recent years in Afghanistan we have seen them at higher altitudes in Overwatch, but that increases the risk from Ground fire and SAMs.

Landing on a crashing burning helicopter is not good, equally the up draft of heat from the crash can seriously screw up your landing, and if there is a fireball, you are in it. An aircraft will generally be doing above 200kts so you will be well away from the Crash, helicopters fly much slower.

I follow your logic, but unfortunately this is supposed to be a Mil-Sim type realism game and as this isn't done in real life, it doesn't fit to change reality to the game, rather than the game reflecting reality.

I am not sure you should be able to eject from a helicopter while in flight. I am unaware of any helicopter with an ejection seat or any helicopter pilots that fly while wearing a parachute (with the exception of test pilots). Helicopters have the unique ability to auto-rotate allowing the pilot to try and cushion the landing/crash upon engine failure. (that's if the dev team ever fixes the helicopter flight model/physics)

Edit: this comment only applies to the helicopter crew, not passengers who wish to parachute/dive.

Yes... I hate -HATE- heli missions where I do good, but my engine is shot to pieces, i barely crashland so I can take the fight to my enemies until my dying breath... but... can't get... out.. of my heli.. am.. glued to the seat! ...ach Hans! +1

izaiak added a subscriber: izaiak.May 7 2016, 11:02 AM

this is realistic to not be able to eject from an helicopter when you are pilot or gunner.

But it is unrealistic to eject from an helicopter which do an emergency landing on water when you are pilot or gunner ! So i voted "NO" for normal ejection.

But I say YES for ejection from emergency landing helicopter in water !

Yes to ejection for people in back (even if they aren't wearing parachutes, this allows divers to jump out at low heights and anyone in the back to jump out be it to safety with a chute or to their death without.

Also allowing pilots to eject while on the ground would be fine, just not in air.

The cause for this inflamed problem is mostly due to the way damage is handled on helicopters, it seems as though engine and rotor damages are tied and when one has maxed the same thing happens IE blades instantly lock as opposed to the engines no longer providing power but the blades still free to move like arma 2.

@NodUnit : it is already possible for people in back of the helicopter.

But not yet for pilot after emergency landing ( not in the air because all pilot of helicopter have 0 possibilty to jump from their helicopter in real life XD )

Edit : Everything is ok now with helicopter !!

AI pilots/co-pilots usually take the heli too low to jump out...

Anyway, this issue has annoyed me a lot, upvoted.

can't be too low to go out ? don't understand, eject people in the back of your heli, you have to bee low and slow !

Try ditching, your pilot will get out as in the reality :)

hladas added a subscriber: hladas.May 7 2016, 11:02 AM

Blackfoot helicopter:

  • it is intention as this helicopter does not support eject while flying
  • eject in water is already enabled

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